The Silver Kings The Silver Kings #3 PDF/EPUB ¶

The Silver Kings The Silver Kings #3 PDF/EPUB ¶

The Silver Kings The Silver Kings #3 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Silver Kings The Silver Kings #3 By Stephen Deas ✩ – Praised by the likes of Joe Abercrombie and Brent Weeks Stephen Deas has made dragons his own The Silver King half god legend and myth is returning Once he fought his brother the Black Moon and his dr Praised by the likes Kings The PDF/EPUB ½ of Joe Abercrombie and Brent Weeks Stephen Deas has made dragons his own The Silver King half god legend and myth is returning Once he fought his brother the Black Moon and his dragons and was defeated But the Black Moon was also weakened and a millennia has passed Humanity has The Silver PDF/EPUB ² grown used to a world without gods a world where they were masters of all including the terrifying dragons But the dragons have awakened the hole in reality is expanding and the shackles that kept the half gods controlled have been broken The Black Moon lives on in the body of Berren Crowntaker and has taken Silver Kings The PDF/EPUB ä control With an army behind him the dragons above and the Dragon ueen at his side he goes to war with his brother The worlds are turning and only one thing is sure there will be an ending THE SILVER KING is the triumphant conclusion to one Silver Kings The Silver Kings PDF/EPUB or of the most brutal and wide ranging fantasy series Silver Kings The Silver Kings PDF/EPUB or of recent years.

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  1. Lance Lance says:

    ‘I want to show you what I think this means’ she said ‘The story of the Black Moon and the Silver King’ A second moon dark and unholy chasing the sun across the sky a little closer with every dawn until the Splintering comes and rips the world apart and the other moon the dark moon of the dead goddess shatters and its pieces fall across the earth This final instalment in Stephen Deas' epic Memory of Flames series was also the most difficult to rate The prose has been steadily improving with each book in a similar manner to Joe Abercrombie's writing style throughout The First Law although Deas may now have surpassed him There were some beautifully bleak turns of phrase such as here where screams were furniture and Dragons Left no space for anything but black and white But like the once great Glaurung in his thrashing immensity beneath Turin's sword in the Sillmarilion the series appears to picked up a lot of wounds along the wayThe pacing didn't make much sense to me The first third of the book details Zafir Tuuran and the Black Moon's return to the dragon realms switching back six months in alternate chapters during the middle third to a fruitless foray in the Sun King's Dominion From the beginning it's not clear what they were doing in the Merizikat or if this six month aside actually contributed in any way to the plot The letter was short and to the point A flying mountain had come out of the storm dark It had come across the ocean to Merizikat and sacked the city I don't know if this decision was made to inject excitement into the beginning of the book but any gradual character development during the Marizikat arc was wiped out by showing the characters post development at the beginning of the book It was a nice idea the mellowing of Zafir and Tuuran in a peaceful unambitious tribal setting They were crap but they weren’t nothing They’d built something all of them together and he felt it deep in his chest hot and pure a future full of possibility but the structure took the potency out of it There is also the author's reticence to redeem Zafir by having her abolish the Black Moon's slavery as the whole Merizikat arc from the two doe eyed handmaids to the wights is too reminiscent of Daenarys from A Song of Ice and Fire a real shame in a series which is otherwise highly original in all aspectsI would really like to explore the Dominion of the Sun and to understand what on earth is going on with the all powerful Ice Witch of Aria but I don't think that this character focused conclusion driven novel was the right place to broaden the worlds Also much as I enjoyed Baros Tsen no longer T'Varr and Red Lin Feyn sort of no longer Arbiter and their narratives in The Splintered Gods I felt that there roles in the narrative had come to a natural end and that continuing to follow their perspectives didn't really add anything And I'm not just going to complain about the Taiytakei I'm not racist The Adamantine Council was made again and its first act was to kill I was disappointed in the abject stubbornness of the survivors of the dragon realms when confronted by the Apocalypse Their fixation on irrelevant gripes against Zafir from before dragons took the realm is probably uite realistic but I found that it reduced dynamic characters like Kataros Jaasan and Lystra to spiteful breezes glancing off a dragon's wing 'We carved ourselves in what we thought was his image and climbed into shoes we could not begin to fill He ate us all our Isul Aieha’ Hubris Stupid arrogant pride They were belittled so far that I would have rather remembered them at their best Through Diamond Eye Zafir felt a melange of fear and hostility over a crushing undertow of apathy and despair Even Tuuran becomes a moping hulk whose obsessive clinging to his lost friend should have some erotic overtones to explain the intensity of his feelings for Berren watching from a shrinking corner of his own mindAnd yet a three star ratingWhy? I could have charged her down and hurled us both to our end and yet I didn’t because I am not worthless I'm still reeling from the rise of Zafir to my favourite character and the redeeming grace of the Silver King trilogy But here she is compelling Made brittle and vicious by a traumatic past men had promised her many things and in the end none had ever become than a translucent shadow a feeble ghost of the hope she’d held inside her Zafir takes the pain within her arming herself in the burning sufferance of her own survival The Black Moon might have looked into her soul in Takei’Tarr but there were things there now that hadn’t existed to be seen back then The fear is gone A monumental resolve in its place She has forged herself in the image of the beautiful shattered mind of Lancelot from The Ill0Made Knite She owns her past ‘I was raised in a tomb' She owns the animosity the world directs towards her She was so much dust to him like everyone else Only a god stands in her way ‘I am better than you now’ she whispered ‘and you cannot have me’Pity the half god I held the Silver King’s Adamantine Spear the very spear with which the Isul Aieha slew the Black Moon a thousand years ago the same Black Moon who stands beside me now With that blow the Isul Aieha splintered the world though he never meant such an end nor foresaw itThe Black Moon thinks he owns all mankind his cold immortal intelligence cannot comprehend motivations in mortal men other than to survive and prosper Not that he think about them much he wouldn’t actually do anything until the very end when out would come the knife to cut slaves to his will Harvesting the survivors He made the dragons from the Silver Kings his own half god brothers and let them forget they did not belong to the mortal world ‘The Black Moon And the dragon’s not dead He’s bringing it to life He’s killing other half gods and making them into dragons Half gods and dragons' He doesn't see the significance of allowing his broken tool Zafir to grow She forgives her old enemies Jaslyn Jeiros Lystra It was hard to really hate someone when you could see into their soul Diamond Eye draws her mind out of herself filling her with a thousand year old soul Diamond Eye laughed at her He did that now and then when he thought she was a little too much like a tiny flaring dragon Diamond Eye is the last to believe in her less and than human without empathy and a warped rage for justice brightened by millennia It was a strange old spear that was true sharp as the sun on glacier ice metal through and through with four long blades that ran almost half its length and it had always struck her as a lance than a spearOf course I knew she would do it But the build as the other characters realise that unfettered by her past Zafir is the greatest of the last survivors is touching She never compromised herself to the Black Moon She might have existed as a rag to swaddle the Adamantine Spear but now she is so much than that ‘Tell her the same as I told you’ he called back ‘Tell her to look after the little ones’ Tuuran's faith in her is absolutely heart wrenching It seems false that anything could come between them ‘Then do not lose Holiness for if you do I will follow you to Xibaiya and hunt you down and stand by your side against death itself' ‘When I thought of you at all I imagined you grown powerful and beautiful a dragon rider with a heart full of righteous fury the scourge of every man like him I thought of you doing as I had done a hundredfold You had to be to make it not matter to make it worthwhile that I was a slave because of that night And I was right Holiness I was right' I knew Zafir would conuer the Black Moon I knew that when she named her pain instead hiding it bound by pride She is a human flame The last dragon to land was colossal a real monster as big as a dragon got Its scales were red and gold; its wounds were deep and terrible and it wore them with a fierce and ghastly pride A rider sat on his back Dressed in fractured glass and battered gold and shreds of dragonscale She carried a spearI'd like to close with the wisdom of Bellephoros a character who seems although worlds apart to share so much with me 'It’s probably wind It’s always wind' Wise words alchemist Wise words

  2. Claire Claire says:

    This is going to be a review of both this book this series and the previous books I'll try and avoid spoilers as I don't like to retread plot details but give of an impression and how I feel about the booksFirst off Dragons dragons and dragons If you love dragons then Stephen Deas is the author for you; please give him a go as we need him to carry on writing of these booksThe Silver Kings is book 3 in this series but draws heavily on the Black Mausoleum the Memory of Flames trilogy and the Thief Taker books If I were you I'd start with Dragon ueen then maybe the older books I say this because I struggled with the earlier series which were full of extremely unlikeable characters interspersed with just enough dragon mayhem and hints of mysterious past to keep me going Some of these characters are straight out of grim dark and I do like to have at least one person I can root for The Thief Taker books are also a bit young adult but have a tie in character so provide some good background It is in Dragon ueen that I feel that Deas really starts to hit his stride and there is some great black humour lots of world building and mysterious past which I really love and characters getting their comeuppance Plus a dragon vs city finale with total mayhem which left me breathless; might need to go and re read itThe Silver Kings picks up elements from the Black Mausoleum and takes us back to the world of a Memory of Flames largely tying the ends up but not all which is why we need to keep Deas writing in a very satisfying conclusion It is reflective than previous books although there is still plently of dragon action with some meditation on whether people can change or not and how that change is perceived by those who have earlier knowledge of those people or who were affected by their actions It also makes a subtle comment on learning to explore what cultural blindspots people might be affected by Above all by this series Deas is writing a variety of very believable not always likeable women who might have sex but aren't defined by it or by their powerlack of power or strengthlack of strength The male characters are still often big burly and into fighting but are uite rounded characters who just like to hit things And of course there are dragons and dragon flame

  3. Shane Kiely Shane Kiely says:

    Very satisfying to the Silver Kings series as well the related Memory of Flames Thief Takers Apprentice trilogies ideally you've read about 9 books to fully understand what's going on Won't go into the details about the plot because to those unfamiliar with the series it'll honestly sound like gibberish I've read them all I wasn't fully sure what was going on at times throughout the series that seems to be by design though as everything is uite clearly set down in this installment Plays around with chronology which can be a little confusing initially there are constant references to things I could not remember from previous books I actually briefly thought I'd somehow missed an intervening title Occasional confusion aside it's a very enjoyable read There's a healthy dose of action the revelation of the specifics of the mythology plays out like a sort of fantasy detective story the book features one of the best examples of character development I've read there's a scene here that mirrors a confrontation from the Memory of Flames series but in the interim my sympathies have shifted completely from one character to the other All all it wraps up the various interrelated series very nicely for the most part there is a potential book or series in a lesser plot thread that's left hanging but it wraps up the big stuff really well

  4. Voyne Voyne says:

    Well so much for a happy ever after ending

  5. ELC ELC says:

    I bought Draon ueen The Silver Kings #1 not realizing it was actually also The Memory of Flames #5 thus a bit overwhelm at first by all the things that have been going on but i have no problems enjoying it Book #1 till book #3 wow what a ride Love it view spoiler But why oh why does Turan have to leave? Black Moon have made the 3 cuts on him what can Zafir do? hide spoiler

  6. Flow In Flow In says:

    How disappointingThe first 3 dragon novels were novel fast paced involving complexThe black mausoleum was a little different but still fittedThen things went wrong or at least that's how i feel about it Stephen introduced an odd style cutting back and forwards in time leaving the novels dis ordered The black mausoleum belongs after the dragon ueen for example A sense of deja vu evolved as we already knew the outcomes of various situationsIn this book Stephen takes it to extremes chopping back and forwards chapter by chapter I'm not sure if it is an attempt to add tension or simply a result of rushing a number of sketched out concepts to print Perhaps Stephen felt that the story would be too linear and obvious and tried to hide it with unnecessary stylistic tricks? I don't want to add any spoilers so i'm going to limit what i say I was disappointed in the sheer decentness of some of the characters who seemed to dissolve from complex and unlikable into soft focus heroes Somehow the scope of the series shrank in this final book shrivelling and rolling over playing deadI'm glad i read it the series needed an end It is just a shame that it was such an empty unfulfilling end

  7. Raymond Just Raymond Just says:

    Wow okay the end of a 10 book odyssey is upon me The four stars here really relate to the series as a whole as well as The Silver Kings Though perhaps in need of a bit of slimming downediting the Memory of Flames series leaves one with a very satisfied feeling Deas has created a rich and varied world worlds really full of memorable characters Many are one note though in a very genuine way The masterstroke of the series however turns out to be the Dragon ueen Zafir and her dragon Diamond Eye In Zafir Stephen accomplishes that very rare feat of creating a truly memorable character one who you'll remember years after reading the last line of her story Both villain and hero Zafir is on full display in this final installment the core and the most welcome aspect of TSK I will miss her and Diamond Eye And to me that's really the biggest complement you can give an author And it's uite deserved here

  8. Scott Scott says:

    Very well thought out Ties everything up really nicely Again Zafir goes through some serious changes and I mean serious changes Turaan is the man Diamond Eye kicks assBellepheros is a rock Chay Liang very cool chic IMOMany explanations are given resolutions are provided This is a MUST read if you have ALL the other books in this worldThe plot evolves the characters eveolve Even the dragons evolve READ THIS

  9. Aaron Anderson Aaron Anderson says:

    Somehow this book didn't uite do it for me with the pseudo ending of the story Pseudo because he left a ton of loose ends I didn't hate this book or anything but it didn't live up to my expectations The last two in this trilogy seemed much better

  10. Lovisa Styrenius Lovisa Styrenius says:

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