Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17 eBook Æ Alder's World

Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17 eBook Æ Alder's World

Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17 [Reading] ➵ Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17 ➼ Joel Stottlemire – Pushing past the boundaries of chartered territory Lieutenant Commander Samuel Alder and the crew of the League of Planet's deep space research vessel The Duster encounter a mysterious protoplanetary Pushing past the boundaries of chartered territory Lieutenant Part 1 PDF ↠ Commander Samuel Alder and the crew of the League of Planet's deep space research vessel The Duster encounter a mysterious protoplanetary disc and become embroiled in a struggle for survival that challenges the role of humans in a universe wonderful spectacular and terrifying than they ever imagined.

  • Paperback
  • 108 pages
  • Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17
  • Joel Stottlemire
  • English
  • 22 April 2016
  • 9781942138112

6 thoughts on “Alder's World Part 1 Mass 17

  1. ☆Joycedale☆ ☆Joycedale☆ says:

    I don't really read alot of sci fi When I saw the author's post on fb it caught my eye Now since it's not my normal genre sometimes I don't understand what's being said but I didn't have that trouble with this Sometimes I didn't uite understand the terminology they were using but I got the gist of itSam Alder is a man on a deep space mission that should've ended yrs ago Thanks to their glory seeking captain they've been exploring almost 15 yrs When they come across a giant mass they decide to explore it which leads to catastrophic conseuences I really enjoyed the story and the characters I did find it a little weird that it took 60% of the book before we found out the relationship between 2 of them but I figure it was intentional for some reason I'm curious to see where this story goes and how they will adaptI did find some typos and wrong names being usedThis review can also be found on my page The Fiction Fanatics

  2. Don Van Don Van says:

    The first book in a long time that I read front to back in one sitting If you're looking for a good solid sci fi story that doesn't take a week to read then this for you As an added bonus for those of you who are authors or artists Joel has published this setting under a creative commons license No That doesn't mean it's free It means anyone who wants can use his setting to write their oen storiesIf you've ever dreamed of writing for Star Wars Star Trek or another established universe This is your shot to join in

  3. Pierrette Pierrette says:

    True exploration and not one battle in sight I have not read a science fiction book that did not have some kind of battle in it in ages This is one that deals with exploration only Getting the 2nd book immediately

  4. LiteratureIsLife LiteratureIsLife says:

    Read this review and others at ’s World came into my possession thanks to a Goodreads giveaway and seemed like a great way to fill up a little in between reading time after finishing one novel and waiting for the next to hit the hold shelf at the library Categorizing this book is somewhat difficult due to its length barely clearing 100 pages It is obviously a sci fi book but it feels too long for a short story and too short for a book Between those two it reads like a short story but author Joel Stottlemire put the term “Part 1” in Alder’s World’s title for a good reason The story overall feels like a preface of greater things to come Part 1 Mass 17 is the set up the background for the rest of a much larger storyThe premise is fairly simple; an exploration ship has been in deep space for significantly longer than initially planned because the captain is bull headed Morale is low the crew is homesick and people are starting to think that mutiny might be a good idea But before things can boil over the ship discovers a mysterious object which the captain decides to investigate The crew complies with this order figuring that after this they will finally turn the ship around for home and naturally that is when things begin to go horribly wrongThere were a few uirks with Alder’s World that made it a tricky read The story has a fair amount of characters and it can be a little difficult to keep them all straight when the story is so short and some of them only have a few snippets of dialogue here and there But the big thing that made the story tough was the typos Some of these were minor things that really do not affect readers that much like a comma being in the wrong place here and there Other things are noticeable; there are a notable number of instances throughout the story where uotation marks are missing or used incorrectly When readers have to backtrack in order to figure who is saying what it pulls you out of the immersion of the story At that point you are no longer reading a story you are trying to analyze a document and make sense of it Other errors do persist like characters being referred to as the wrong names but the uotation mark mistakes stuck out as the most significant problemMass 17 is told in a way where it does not feel like a full fledged story It is like someone took one of SyFy Channel’s made for TV movies and converted the raw script into book format Alder’s World is not a bad story but its short length you could read this in the same amount of time it takes to watch a made for TV SyFy movie coupled with its grammatical errors and somewhat generic sci fi plot are not exactly helping it to rise above the rest If the story was cleaned up a bit and polished off it could do a lot better; as is Alder’s World falls within the territory of “generic sci fi” but with typos

  5. Daniel Hunt Daniel Hunt says:

    It was a fast and enjoyable read I think I finished it in a couple hours It is a good commute not saying read while driving book because it is a fast read and easy to follow even when in a subway with all the jostling I will buy the second one too

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Not a usual story I would read but i found it very interesting to say the least I really felt for Sam though out this story Love the idea of find a new land area to make a home for future generations and dealing with a alien plant and the struggles to adapt in it knowing that its been so many years and help has not come yet I look forward to the reading the second book and what new adventures and struggles a wait them

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