The Governor's Ladies PDF/EPUB Ç The Governor's PDF

The Governor's Ladies PDF/EPUB Ç The Governor's PDF

The Governor's Ladies ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Governor's Ladies By Deryn Lake ➲ – 1775 Boston MassachusettsThe town is seething with unrest as it stands on the brink between war and peace With loyalties and love stretched to their limits the lives of Thomas Gage his wife Margaret a Boston MassachusettsThe town is seething with unrest as it stands on the brink between war and peace With loyalties and love stretched to their limits the lives of Thomas Gage his wife Margaret and his exotic young slave Sara become inexorably intertwinedFor many years Thomas believed he did not have the time or the inclination for romance but everything changed when he met The Governor's PDF \ and fell in love with the vivacious Margaret Kemble whose hand he eventually won in marriage Years of happiness ensued in which he rose to become the British Governor of MassachusettsBut in the ever building tensions in the troubled state suddenly erupt into violence Having risen through the Army ranks before meeting Margaret Thomas has known many battles in his time But this one the War of Independence is different; there are personal passions and beliefs involved Being a British Governor living in America means that Thomas's allegiances and those of his American wife are sharply dividedIn this anxious time Thomas seeks solace through teaching his pretty black slave Sara the simple pleasures of reading and writing But with conflict heartbreak and death close at hand threatening to engulf all involved can true love and happiness ever prevail for the Governor and his ladyA remarkable and thoroughly researched historical novel ‘The Governor's Ladies’ explores the complexities of human nature amidst the turmoil of love loss betrayal and revenge'Ingenious and highly readable' The Times 'She has a strong sense of history and an uncanny ability to bring it to life' Daily MailDeryn Lake started to write stories at the age of five then graduated to novels but destroyed all her early work because she says it was hopeless A chance meeting with one of the Getty family took her to Sutton Place and her first serious novel was born Deryn was married to a journalist and writer the late L F Lampitt has two grown up children and lives in Mayfield Sussex with two large cats She is also the author of ‘Sutton Place’ ‘To Sleep No More’ ‘The King’s Women’ and ‘Pour The Dark Wine’.

6 thoughts on “The Governor's Ladies

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    Read the for the Fourth of July Didn't know much about Thomas Gage other than he was a British general during the Revolutionary War Not the best historical fiction of ever read but certainly not the worse One problem with this book I read this on Kindle but the editing was poorly done Lots of typos etc

  2. Bluejay44 Bluejay44 says:

    35 stars I found this an interesting read set in a place and period that was unfamiliar to me And seeing life from the other side American rather than English Especially for those with torn loyalties

  3. Ageliki Ageliki says:

    Despite all the horrific reviews for this book I didnt think it was that bad The King's Women by Deryn Lake by far is a much better book but The Governor's Ladies isnt the worst book Ive ever read I finished it that's a start I found the problem with this book is that it doesnt pick up pace become interesting and actually get going until about 200 pages in which yes takes it's toll The first 200 pages are primarily based on detailing the few years before the American Independence War and it's all very military based uite manly and gruff with only a few details of the main character Tom Gage's personal life After the first half of the book though it does become very page turning stuff The plot begins to focus on the personal elements of the Independence War including relationships and family life and how this effects both the British side and the Americans Dr Joseph Warren who becomes the lover of Tom Gage's wife Margaret at this stage was my favourite character of the whole book and is involved heavily in the later part of it Both Margaret and Joseph are key characters in the twist of the whole plot which actually happened in real life another fact I liked about this book that it is fiction based on historical events inclusive of real characters times dates and locations rather than just a true period of history with totally fictional charactersNot a bad book all in all give it a go

  4. JackieB JackieB says:

    I was really surprised that Deryn Lake started this book with a prologue which revealed a critical event which happened late on in the book I suspect it was intended to make the reader intrigued about how the situation arose but it just seemed to be a massive plot spoiler as far as I was concerned Perhaps that should have given me the hint that this author and I were not going to be on the same wavelength as each other but it didn't I found the book harder and harder going The historical period it covered was interesting but the characters were not developed so I lost interest to a certain amount it was only my interest in the historical setting which caused me to read to the end

  5. Cate Cate says:

    good story based on the life of Governor General Thomas Gage and the night of April 18 1775 What if the rebels' knowledge of redcoats marching to Lexington and Concord came from a source within the Governor's household? The story moves uickly and centers around the governor his wife and another woman in his household a young slave It also focuses on Dr Joseph Warren a leader in the patriot movement Well written and thoughtful I found it to be a well paced provoking and intriguing story I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or the Revolutionary War period

  6. Jilly Lind Jilly Lind says:

    Historical fiction Interesting period of American history but apart from that the plot was shamelessly trashy

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