Orphan Black, Vol. 1 PDF/EPUB à Orphan Black, Epub /

Orphan Black, Vol. 1 PDF/EPUB à Orphan Black, Epub /

Orphan Black, Vol. 1 ➛ Orphan Black, Vol. 1 free download ➠ Author John Fawcett – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Sarah's life was changed dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looked just like her Sarah learned that not only were she and the woman clones but there were others just like them an Sarah's life was changed dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looked just like her Sarah learned that not only were she and the woman clones but there were others just like them and dangerous factions at work set on capturing them all Now the mysterious world of Orphan Black widens with new layers of the Orphan Black, Epub / conspiracy being peeled back in this series by co creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson Based on the hit BBC America TV Show.

  • Paperback
  • 124 pages
  • Orphan Black, Vol. 1
  • John Fawcett
  • English
  • 13 September 2016
  • 9781631404108

About the Author: John Fawcett

Avid enthusiast of complicated fantasy board games hobby scientist tv director and creator of Ginger Snaps and Orphan Black.

10 thoughts on “Orphan Black, Vol. 1

  1. Michelle Morrell Michelle Morrell says:

    Any time I read a book or comic that originated in another genre I am hoping for There is nothing disappointing than an adaptation that is a word for word replay of the show or movie I want insight perspective extras that I didn't get beforeHappily this filled the bill Glimpses big and small of clone life before and during the story I personally enjoyed watching the handlers play their partAnyway worth a read if you watch the show utterly incomprehensible if you don't

  2. Callie *Fights Censorship* Callie *Fights Censorship* says:

    I can't imagine anyone who hasn't seen the show picking this book up and making any sense out or it Each issue focuses on a different character Sarah Helena Allison Cosima and Rachel Much of what we see especially in the first 2 issues is basically a series of snapshots summarizing season 1 It jumps around with very little explanation so I would think that if you haven't seen the show it would be pretty confusion However on the other hand if you do watch the show it's gets a bit boring Much of the dialog seemed word for word it was almost like I was watching a string of previously on summariesIt does get better with backstory given to the characters still most of the flashbacks provide little insight into the characters We see Allison in College Cosima with her ex girlfriendmonitor and Rachel as a childIf you are a super fan or need a refresher on where we've already been this might be for you Otherwise

  3. Barb (Boxermommyreads) Barb (Boxermommyreads) says:

    I picked this up when I saw it at the local library because basically I am pretty obsessed with Orphan Black Sadly I wasn't as impressed with the graphic novel and do not see myself continuing the series In order to understand this volume you pretty much have to have seen the first season of the series and if you have then there is really no reason to read this book There were a few bits and pieces added in which aren't shown on TV but it's pretty jumpy and hard to follow and I didn't even enjoy the artwork that much I really think this is a case of where I love the television series so much there is no way this could ever hold up to it I am sure others will love this it just isn't for me

  4. Dan Dan says:


  5. Jessie Yeo Jessie Yeo says:

    lacks cohesiveness? Plot seems to target toward people who had already watched the TV series hence some backstory there and about with some lack of plot too thinking that the reader would fill in the missing gaps from the TV show? The portrayal method however character by character seems to target toward people who are new to OB hence the characters introductionOverall confusing Who were the intended audiences?

  6. Jenna Jenna says:

    Basically a recap of the show with a few hints here and there of the “new layers of the conspiracy being peeled back” but not enough to make it satisfying Because the focus was on the main cast they were easily recognizable as clones versus Orphan Black Helsinki It was successful in that now I want to rewatch the television showunsuccessful in that there were barely any revelations

  7. Milly Smith Milly Smith says:

    35 stars A must read for fans of the show but otherwise I feel it would be a bit flat and confusing I enjoyed this but it wasn't amazing so I am looking forward to reading future volumes to see where this goes Alison and Cosima's sections were my favourites

  8. Catarina Miranda Catarina Miranda says:

    I really liked it but if you haven't watched the tv show or if you are not aware of what happens you have no idea of what is going on here That's my main complain honestly The art was also a bit off sometimes but it's still great

  9. Erica McGillivray Erica McGillivray says:

    For a tie in the content was spot on But if you're a fan of the show there's not much new information except in the last 2 issues Looks like future comics will have new stories

  10. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    The writers of this comic should have been able to offer great insight into Orphan Black but instead they produced a compromise which by definition makes no one happyThese five issues focus on the five core clones Sarah Helena Alison Cosima and Rachel Unfortunately they introduce the by retreading extensive ground from the TV show The first two issues are the worse with many scenes being repeated word for wordThis is balanced with secret backstory on the characters but it's unfortunately uite shallow It picks up toward the end the background on Alison is amusing #3 and that on Rachel is actually insightful #5 But as a whole it's not enough to make these five issues worthwhile

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