The Brilliant World of Tom Gates ePUB Ã The Brilliant

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates ePUB Ã The Brilliant

  • Paperback
  • 254 pages
  • The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
  • Liz Pichon
  • Estonian
  • 28 July 2014

10 thoughts on “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

  1. Jennifer Rayment Jennifer Rayment says:

    Jake's Review A really funny book that is a lot like Diary of a Wimpy Kid except for the fact that Tom is a lot cooler of a kid The beginning of the book was lame but it got a lot better after about 20 pages It is a really easy book to read so kids like Brian who don't like to read will actually like to read a book The pictures make it fun to look at too I didn't understand some of the words but after mom showed me the glossary at the end I could figure them out I really think it would be a better idea for the glossary to be at the beginning though I hope there are going to be books in this series since I have already read all The Wimpy Kid books Could have been longer tooJake's Rating 9510Mom's Review Perfect book for the reluctant reader and also for fans of The Diary of A Wimpy Kids Dork Diaries and The Loser List The story is delightful and the artwork just adds to its charm This is one that both middle school boys AND girls will enjoy Tom is a character that everyone can relate to and the language and situations are very realistic Really enjoyed the relationship between Tom and his sister Delia its one that anyone with a sibling can relate to I will definitely be recommending this one to any of my customers with kids who really don't like to read Hope to see from this author Enjoyed the glossary at the end which gives the reader explanations into the English terms Published 2011 in the UKMom's Rating 910We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

  2. Sahal Sajeer Sahal Sajeer says:

    Meet Tom Gates He's an ordinary 10 year old who has deep passion in Art Music Excuses annoying sisters such as Delia and Amy Porterhis crush He dislikes Marcus Maldrew Delia Teachers and School But the thing is in order to impress Amy Porter and get those Dude3 his favorite band concert tickets he has to be on a good behavior and at the same time keep his school profile chill His Band the Dog Zombies play their first act and it turns out well I don't want to spoil it Follow Tom as he goes through 5th grade whether he makes it through or not and towards the final step to middle school Find out in The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon a book of Comedy Courage and Art

  3. Traci Traci says:

    Cute start to a series about Tom Gates a fifth year student who loves to draw has a crush on one of his classmates and is perpetually late to school and always blames his older sister Delia for his tardinessSomeone had said in an review that this was the British version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid I beg to differ I tried a few of the Wimpy Kid books and didn't care for them at all OK there are similarities here two boys of about the same age boys who have siblings who torment them in some way Greg's brother goes for the physical while Delia torments Tom with her mere existence and yes there are pictures and doodles in each series that look as if they were drawn by a young boy But those similarities are just that superficial similarities When you dig deeper you see the love in Tom's family Tom's teacher Mr Fullerman turns out to be a pretty cool dude The biggest difference? Tom Gates isn't a jerkYep I said it I stopped after reading the second Wimpy Kid book because I thought Greg Heffley was one of the meanest nastiest kids I'd ever read about He's cruel to his best friend not to mention his family personally I thought he tormented his brother rather than the other way around I just could not like Greg and had a hard time figuring out why the kids love that series so muchI'm hoping that I can steer some of my young library patrons to this series I thought the writing was just as good as Wimpy Kid and I think the overall story is much better As I said I also don't see the stereotypes in this first book like I did in Wimpy Kid Only time will tell if Tom stays the course or if he walks down the Wimpy Kid road to crueltyPS while British it's not so heavily written that way that kids won't figure it out Plus there's a nice glossary in the back that explains a few of the words

  4. Ella Ella says:

    I loved it I have read the book over and over again It never gets old I would defiantly recomend it

  5. Becky Becky says:

    This was another book on the list for 'Book Day' at work and another one that I wasn't looking forward to Last year I had to read 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' and I really didn't like it I can see the appeal for children it's uick and easy to read but to me there was no substance I was afraid this book would follow the trendWow was I wrong Tom Gates is instantly likeable he has a great sense of humour his drawings make me smile and the book just grabs your attentionThere is a storyline throughout it follows Tom through a term at school he is desperate to impress a girl he wants to see his favourite band 'Dudes 3' live and he wants to make his band Dog Zombies really good Follow his notes as he humiliates his teachers winds up his sister gets in and out of trouble and generally has a bot of mischief Although always seeming to be in trouble Tom does it the nicest way he always seems so innocent and I really liked him as a characterHis sister Delia is the main focus of his pranks but I could see so much of me and my brother in their relationship that it just made me laugh Altogether a fantastic book If your children like Wimpy Kid then they will love this And if they don't love Wimpy Kid well still give them this I'm sure they'll laugh just like I did The new generation of Diarynotebook writing has arrived

  6. Elsie Elsie says:

    If you are a dairy of a wimpy kid fan this is for you Great book filled with comedy courage and art and a very easy uick read Great for any of those who are young readers and any grown up I think I would give this book a 45

  7. Millie Hodgson Millie Hodgson says:

    I thought this book was hilarious

  8. Lisa Brunton Lisa Brunton says:

    These were so popular in my school library a couple years ago it was a race to this ‘pic’ section after the summer holidays Now i want to read the ones the school didn’t have

  9. Kimiya Roudgar Kimiya Roudgar says:

    I really enjoyed this bookI laughed a lot and despite the fact that the main character was a fifth grader I could really understand himI felt so connected and I really loved it when I felt that old feeling of worrying over childish stuffI found a lot of similarities between this book and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid seriesIt's obvious that they belong to the same genre and I think anyone who loves that series would love this series too but I also think that while Tom is younger than Greg the story of this book is mature and realistic than Jeff Kinney's masterpieceI still like that seriesI just like this series I admit itone of the best parts of this book was when Tom and Derek were fanboying over their favorite boyband cause I am a really really huge fan of One Direction and I spend a great amount of my time fangirling over them with my best friend and this was THE FIRST BOOK that I read that went into details about teenagers being a fan of the music bandsinger I really appreciate itI guess it's enough to say that I couldn't stop myself from putting this book in my favorites shelf

  10. Gabriela Kozhuharova Gabriela Kozhuharova says:

    Very cute and funny looking forward to reading the rest of the series

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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Brilliant World of Tom Gates By Liz Pichon ⚣ – Tom Gates on meistervabandaja ekspertjoonistaja vaimustav koomiksikirjutaja ja tõreda õpetaja hr Fullermani needus Ja tema toredas kritselduste ja rumaluste päevikus leiad kõiksugu koomilist trall Tom Gates on meistervabandaja World of MOBI · ekspertjoonistaja vaimustav koomiksikirjutaja ja tõreda õpetaja hr Fullermani needus Ja tema toredas kritselduste ja rumaluste päevikus leiad kõiksugu koomilist tralli mis paneb sind rõõmust oigama Kas Tom suudab kord esitada oma kodutöö õigeks ajaks vältida oma õpetaja pahameelt JA lisaks avaldada muljet enda kõrval istuvale Amy Porterile Ettevaatust Mitte lugeda avalikus kohas Hakkate kõva häälega itsitama.

About the Author: Liz Pichon

L Pichon says that World of MOBI · when she was little she loved to draw and her mom said she was very good at making a mess this is still true today She kept drawing went to art school became a designer and art director at Jive Records and began to publish children’s books After its publication in the UK The Brilliant World of Tom Gates won several prestigious awards including the Roald Dahl Funny.