Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self PDF/EPUB ↠ Advice

Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self PDF/EPUB ↠ Advice

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self
  • Susan OMalley
  • English
  • 20 January 2016
  • 9781452139937

10 thoughts on “Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self

  1. Darth J Darth J says:

    I'm disappoined guys This isn't an advice book It's a book with a bunch of colorful motivational posters Here's a sampling^This last one is obviously not about buying this book because you will be majorly let down I actually returned my copy which I preordered I wanted something deep and thoughtful I wanted actual paragraphs not some vague platitudes Further a lot of the sayings in this book are attributed to the wrong few people who sent them in to the author instead of the people who originally said themIf you want a shallow hang in there kitty kind of pick me up then this book is perfect for you

  2. Cindy Cindy says:

    A few gems in here It was interesting to see what people said their 80 year old self would say based on their current age It's sad that the author has passed away before this was finished I wonder if she would have added insight into the people she interviewed

  3. Kris Kris says:

    Basically a simplistic book of colorful motivational posters There’s just not much here although it is pretty

  4. L L says:

    A book of colorful uotes from people of different ages It is a well made and printed book but as other reviewers have said it doesn't have much content nor are all the uotes profound An interesting coffee table book for guests

  5. Cathy Young Cathy Young says:

    Though enjoyable it's not a typical book It's a collection of people's responses to the uestion what would your 80 year old self want to tell your self of today? Makes one smile think and great posters for framing if one chooses to do so

  6. Casey Casey says:

    Susan O’Malley started the project during a time of personal transition and asked her ailing mother the uestion her mom’s response is included in the book Susan herself passed away near full term with twins who did not survive before the book was published These facts bring poignant context to the project Some favorites “Be bad at something Perfection is overrated” Margaret 77“Your heart has reasons your head does not know” Rachel 24“Try new things It’s ok to make mistakes” Emilia 12My daughter Penny 7 said “Read books”A uick read but thoughtful and powerful

  7. Matt Matt says:

    This is a nice creative project by a social artist who passed away too soon I am using it to read aloud at a staff meeting before the summer arrives I'm also handing out notebooks with one of the pieces of advice on the cover as a visual reminder to enjoy the present and life in general

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    There are a lot of words of encouragement here for living a good life

  9. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    Wonderful words to spark your day Susan O'Malley had so much to offer with so little time

  10. Susie Susie says:

    Motivational statements would be good for work

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Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self❴KINDLE❵ ❄ Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self Author Susan OMalley – What advice would your 80 year old self give you That is the uestion artist Susan O'Malley who was herself to die far too young asked than a hundred ordinary people of every age from every walk of lif What advice would your year My 80-Year-Old Kindle ´ old self give you That is the uestion artist Susan O'Malley who was herself to die far too young asked than a hundred ordinary people of every age from every walk of life She then transformed their responses into vibrant text Advice from PDF \ based images From a prompt to do things that matter to your heart to a reminder that it's okay to have sugar in your tea these are calls to action and words to live by—heartfelt sometimes humorous and always fiercely compassionate This stirring celebration of our collective humanity from My 80-Year-Old PDF ´ unveils the wisdom we hold inside ourselves right now.

About the Author: Susan OMalley

Susan O'Malley – was an internationally My 80-Year-Old Kindle ´ exhibited artist and curator based in the San Francisco Bay Area As curator and print center director at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art she worked with hundreds of artists and organized than fifty exhibitions and public programs As an Advice from PDF \ artist she made work that brings a sense of interconnectedness into our lives from conversati.