Gold der Maori PDF/EPUB Ã Gold der PDF/EPUB or

Gold der Maori PDF/EPUB Ã Gold der PDF/EPUB or

Gold der Maori [Download] ➽ Gold der Maori ➺ Sarah Lark – In mid nineteenth century Ireland charming Kathleen and dashing Michael harbor secrets and dreams Imagining a life beyond the kitchen and fields of the wealthy family they both work for they plot to l In mid nineteenth century Ireland charming Kathleen and dashing Michael harbor secrets and dreams Imagining a life beyond Gold der PDF/EPUB or the kitchen and fields of the wealthy family they both work for they plot to leave their homeland marry and raise the child Kathleen is secretly carrying The luck of the Irish however is not on their sideSoon they find themselves swept up in circumstances they never could have fathomed Kathleen is forced to marry against her will and immigrate to New Zealand Michael is imprisoned for rebellion and exiled to Australia As time passes and their new lives march on they long for those stolen moments in the lush green fields of their native land And they both still dream of escape with no idea of how close fate will eventually bring them.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 556 pages
  • Gold der Maori
  • Sarah Lark
  • English
  • 27 March 2016

About the Author: Sarah Lark

Christiane Gohl in Bochum ist eine deutsche Autorin Gohl veröffentlicht ihre Romane auch unter den Pseudonymen Ricarda Gold der PDF/EPUB or Jordan Sarah Lark und Elisabeth Rotenberg Neben Kinder und Jugendbüchern rund um das Thema Pferde veröffentlicht Gohl auch Romane für ErwachseneSie studierte Pädagogik und arbeitete als Fachjournalistin und Werbetexterin Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als Autorin betreibt Gohl eine kleine Pferdezucht in Spanien.

10 thoughts on “Gold der Maori

  1. Maria Espadinha Maria Espadinha says:

    The Cloud in the Silver Lining Freedom and Sea — this couple of words in a book title had the effect of a magnet 🧲 in my neurons After meeting those two words in a title reading the corresponding book was not an option 😉However since in a book there’s than a title right now I’m supposed to tell you if the story has been eually pleasurableWell yes but not in that idyllic way I was dreaming aboutLet me just tell you that every silver lining frames a cloud and leaving the title to step into the story was like parting from the lining into the cloud ⛅️😉 But you can sweep all your worries cos the cloud I’m talking about although a bit darker it’s also silver

  2. Ann Ann says:

    This is Sarah Lark's most recent book about the settling of New Zealand As a New Zealander I appreciate the detailed research into our country's background with both the Maori and pakeha cultures One again there are strong female characters in her story line I wonder if I would have survived the hardships that families and women in particular found upon arrival in NZ during those times This book is set in time of the gold rush days in Otago I am a fan of Sarah Lark's books and have read all or most of them I enjoyed this one tremendously

  3. Terri Terri says:

    Mixed bag this one I very much enjoyed the vivid Australian and New Zealand historical setting and the obvious wealth of research The main characters though drove me to distraction I wanted to shake them all by the shoulders and tell them to grow up and move on

  4. Amy Amy says:

    It was a fortunate accident to run across this series while looking up the trees of New Zealand While the series is named after the kauri tree it’s actually a work of historical fiction by a German author It's about a couple who are separated during the Irish potato famine—the man ending up imprisoned on Van Dieman’s Land in Australia and the woman ending up in the middle of the New Zealand gold rush Throughout the book they move both closer and farther apart from each other and the reader keeps hoping for their reunion as much as they do I like how the author doesn’t sugar coat the reality of the poor at the time of the Irish potato famine There’s an interesting interplay in this book which constantly blurs the lines between what is good and what is bad It’s all contextual There are many things that you might not want to do that you have to do when you and your family are hungry “Your mother takes sin money?” Kathleen marveled Michael arched his eyebrows “Rather than burying her children”And when you’re comparing reasons for why you're both on a prison ship “I stole some bread” she admitted “I was hungry And you?” “Three sacks of grain” said Michael “Our whole village was hungry”I enjoyed the history storyline and characters of the novel The author hooks the reader from the first chapter and never really lets go There are some really harsh themes in the book but life can sometimes be harsh I like that the females in the novel are capable and self sufficient despite the negative situations thrust upon them I also love that the ending of the book is the ending that the reader needs even if it might not be the ending that the reader wants Whenever I’m in the mood again for historical fiction set in New Zealand I’ll definitely pick up the next book in the series

  5. Debby Debby says:

    This is the first book in the trilogy by Sara Lark Continuing with my series reads in the month of October I think I loved her Long White Cloud Saga betterThis is a very nice story spanning over time It is set in Ireland and England and is a story of a young girl Mary Kathleen who is very much a beautiful lass who falls in love with Michael who has all the words that makes her feel good and handsome to boot Although he has good intentions unfortunately he gets her pregnant and is arrested trying to make a living the best way he knowsone that would cost him his freedom He is given a 10 year sentence because of his refusal to participate with officials and the judge Before going to jail he leaves Mary Kathleen a some of money and promises to come back for her before he is put aboard a ship and is carted away to an afar off land Although they will be separated they both vow to love one another and hopefully one day find each other again Ashamed of their daughter her parents find the money given to her by Michael and they use it as a dowry to pay off the first man that would marry her Unfortunately due to her circumstances she is forced into a marriage with someone she distrusts and doesn't love and is taken away to New Zealand to start a new life He husband is a violent and ends up treating her like a whore and learns all too uickly how to carry herself in the presence of her husband when she is around other men Mary Kathleen is subjected to verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her new husbandLater in the story it introduces Lizzie a young prostitute in England who takes care of two children because their mother is unable to do so She finds out that her mother's boyfriend has taken the little bit of morsel that was to be breakfast for the children before she heads out to the docks to work for money to survive Her circumstances takes a turn when she is arrested for stealing When Hannah the children's mother comes to court to attest to her story she lies and Lizzie is sentence to 7 years in AustrailiaBecause they are both incarcerated Lizzie and Michael are somehow thrown together and escape to New Zealand Lizzie falls in love with him and hopes for a future however Michael does not return her affections and is only determined to earn enough money to go back to Ireland to get Mary Kathleen Although the pace moves a bit uickly it details a variety of scenes over the spand of 17 years Unfortunately the story does not end with a HEA for Michael and Mary Kathleen I think all the MCs have their share of hardships and being stuck somewhere in their lives where they can't move forwardThe author does a good job detailing the conditions of the times and the details of Ireland and England I was very impressed on her research and she managed to pull and tie all the story together The only drawback I had with this story was that is was too lengthy and could have been shortened thus my 3 Stars instead of 43 Stars

  6. MK MK says:

    WonderfulSigh Done Fabulous I am falling in love with New Zealand through the work of Sarah Lark historical novels and Rosalind James romance novels Truly it seems like a one of a kind fabulous place

  7. Mara Vernon Mara Vernon says:

    I thought this book had potential and also felt it could have been a lot shorter The flip flopping in behavioral and moral character of the characters in the book left me feeling like they were all bipolar The setting and history of the book I liked The character development and backsliding from deep to shallow I did not like

  8. phyllis piasecki phyllis piasecki says:

    Enjoyed itI liked this book because of all the places they went I liked all the different personalities Michael and Elizabeth I liked the best I will read another of Sarah Lark's books

  9. Lisa Hart Lisa Hart says:

    Interesting setting and history but it could have been about 150 pages shorter There were a few times I had to push myself through some sections

  10. Therese Therese says:

    sarah lark really just copied the fields of athenry and didn't even bother changing the names of the characters i love it

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