Blossom Time eBook Ú Mass Market Paperback

Blossom Time eBook Ú Mass Market Paperback

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Blossom Time (Regency Romance)
  • Joan Smith
  • English
  • 12 July 2016
  • 9780449287934

10 thoughts on “Blossom Time (Regency Romance)

  1. Mela Mela says:

    Joan Smith is underestimated I adore her Regency romances With this one I can't decide four or five stars I can't find any weak point I would have changed nothing in the story The meetings conversations between the hero and the heroine were simply perfect you know this wit banter sparkling ; Rosalind and Harwell are one of my favorite couples from Regency romances And although it was a rather short novel this time Joan Smith developed the love story with a perfect pace Perhaps because there wasn't much than a romance It was a charming exemplary Regency romance for a nice day Fast reading so pick it when you need a short pause from intense worldbooksOne remark some introductions mislead The best one is this Rosalind Lovelace had finally had poems accepted by a literary magazine but she wasn’t about to tell Lord Harwell her neighbor friend and a notorious rake Then her publisher Lord Sylvester paid a surprise visit to Apple Hill and her secret came out Practical woman that she was could she talk herself into caring for a fop when her heart was already spoken for?PS I decide for four stars because I have looked at my other ratings of Smith's books I think Aunt Sophie's Diamonds Imprudent Lady Escapade Lady Madeline's Folly Talk of the Town were a bit better because they had complex levelbackground about those times and the society But I stress it out comparing to most of Regency romances excluding J Smith M Chesney G Heyer C Darcy it deserved five stars

  2. Seema Khan Seema Khan says:

    The beginning was entertaining and a cute plotline The heroine was bit of a scold but still likeable Hero is what makes me give the ratings uick read on a rainy day

  3. LuvGirl LuvGirl says:

    25 stars The book started off good with great teasing banter between the hero and heroine The chemistry was very prominent at first but it just didn't keep the pace There wasn't enough uality time spent with the true lovers of the story to build on the romantic play that was glimpsed at the start The other male love interest Sylvester overshadowed the hero and the budding romance between the protagonists The courtship between the leads became stalled and utterly boring due to everything that was going on with the secondary characters Some cute moments though

  4. Elen Elen says:

    This is the second time reading this but I could only remember very vague details It is a uite forgettable sort of book Not that I didn't enjoy reading it but I wasn't particularly thrilled either

  5. Meanne Meanne says:

    This is everything I wanted from a book penned by Joan Smith I'm a huge fan

  6. Mandi Ellsworth Mandi Ellsworth says:

    Evidently I had read this book before but I didn't remember it at all Memory of a sieve But I liked it the second time It's a fun story There are no surprises You know what will happen from the beginning and it doesn't disappoint

  7. The UHQ Nasanta The UHQ Nasanta says:

    25 3 stars

  8. Mayu Mayu says:

    I really likes Joan Smith's witty writing and specially in this book I did love that they went from best confidents friends to be madly in love

  9. Joyce Joyce says:

    uick fun read Light with some intrigue Classic fairy tale ending and almost predictable I will read Joan Smith novels

  10. Anne Glover Anne Glover says:

    Blossom Time is a traditional Reg Rom filled with lots of characters This generates some great laughs and helps keep the pace kicking alongas well as the romance

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Blossom Time (Regency Romance)[Ebook] ➧ Blossom Time (Regency Romance) ➭ Joan Smith – A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAMEOne of those dashing rogues too attractive to ignore Lord Harwell featured largely in Rosalind Lovelace's fantasies But she had too much common sense to let dreams color her re A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAMEOne of those dashing rogues too attractive to ignore Lord Harwell featured largely in Rosalind Lovelace's fantasies But she had too much common sense to let dreams color her reality Harwell was a friend and neighbor and destined to marry some IncomparableHowever she was uite aware of his budding interest in her now that her poetry had won the attention of literary lion Lord Sylvester whose own presence bestowed a grand dose of spring fever on Apple Hill Love was in bloom Most passionately in the heart of a rake who never fully appreciated the rose that had blossomed uite literally under his nose.