Kindle Edition ↠ Heart's Desire Kindle Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Heart's Desire Kindle Ú

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  1. Jen Jen says:

    This is book two of the Lost Lords of Radcliffe series and I found it even better than the first There is even sex adventure and love in this one This installment is about Matthew; who is the twin of our last hero Keep in mind that Matthew is still lost and hasn't met his lost family yet so that mystery is still alive for him Matthew is a military man who has been given an estate because he saved many important people on a sinking ship He is considered a hero in England and on top of all his metals they decided to give him a home too The thing with the Estate though is the family who has originally owned it is in severe debt Of course the Uncle that is in charge has not let everyone know that their home is lost to them and most have nowhere to go This includes our feisty heroine who also has lost her family and has stayed with this family since she was ten years old She was treated terribly through out the years yet still remains loyal When she first meets Matthew; she despises him on the spot The Captain has other plans thoughthis includes marriageI loved the relationship that developed between Clarissa and Matthew My only dislike was that Clarissa was frustrating me with some of her decisions at the beginning; but when she finally behaved like she should then that is when the true story really began for meCheryl Holt again weaves a great tale and it brings me back to my love of Historical Romances I am very happy to have found this series and I will absolutely be continuing on with this series soon

  2. Literati Literature Lovers Literati Literature Lovers says:

    Karen's Two Cents I can't abide a cheater Once the hero has met the heroine all 'other' dalliances are off the table but not in Heart's Desire by Cheryl Holt which is book two of The Lost Lords of RadcliffeDid you have carnal relations?'No he scoffed and it was mostly the truth It all depended on what a person would consider carnalWith this statement Matthew slide down into the muck of cheaters  Let's not split hairs Captain If you touch another intimately then it is carnal He had come to London and hurt his wife  He was a Captain a commander of men for him to just not foresee conseuences makes me think he was horrid commanding officer in the armyAs book one of The Lords of Radcliffe had Matthew's brother Micheal treating his lady love as a paid whore  It wasn't even the modern dialect or the fact the time period was never fleshed out that made me scream it was the horrid way that the hero treats a woman he pretty much forces into marriage  Let's take her to London and rub her nose in that I have a mistress  Then she will forgive me and we will ride off into the sunset together after I have 'cheated' on her with my mistress even if it is cheating by omission When there misunderstanding in the marriage Clarissa his wife is a silly goose and nothing is ever his faultThe secondary romance between Edwina Edwards and Private Rafe Harlow has a unsatifyinh ending  Both Harlow brothers were asses and users they saw woman as chattel to be used and discarded  Plus the attitude in this book and the previous one that the heroes never listen to woman is just so condescending at best I don't know why any woman would want to sleep with any Harlow or Blair maleNow to the writing of Holt's she does write a very engaging tale; but the fact that she has written the book as historical romance and riddles the text with language that is not period makes me wonder why she does not just is change the setting to contemporary romance  Why write historical if you aren't going to attempt to fit into the genreThis review was originally posted on Literati Literature Lovers

  3. Lillie Lillie says:

    I honestly wasn't that excited reading this book mostly because I think it's ridiculous to assume that someone with charisma and courage can't just be that way because it's who he is What is to account for his extraordinary courage and valor? He an orphan can't possibly be courageous and fearless and brave all on his own No he just has to be of noble or prestigious birth Right cause personality is determined via bloodlines But I digressI liked the first book in this series to a point and i had some free time so I went for it anywayI kinda wish I hadn'tDon't get me wrong the writing was good and it didn't seem SO bad if you didn't nit pick at small stuff like how the author seemed to give us a shit ton of background or past information with only a small amount of actual present day ACTION happening No the main problem I had with this book is If you've read the first book in the Lost Lords of Radcliffe series then you might as well say you've read this one The elements were the same as the first and there were even a few scenes that almost exactly mirrored scenes from the first book There were times I thought she just changed the names and tweaked a few things and I was right I had no high expectations for this book and I wasn't that excited to read it On that note I didn't HATE this book but neither did I enjoy it I could finish it but only because it wasn't so bad as to be classified as a DNF Would I recommend it to other readers? Maybe If you haven't read the first book this book will probably be a bit enjoyable for you If you HAVE read the first book just skip this one If didn't really contribute much to the series

  4. Jayne Jayne says:

    I really enjoyed the story of Matthew and Clarissa BUT there was too much that sounded like the first book I realise Michael and Matthew are twins uite identical in nearly every way and I expect references to the twins What I really disliked were reading the same phrases from Book 1 in Book 2 describing countryside events or thoughts Such a phrase can be easily changed and still retain its meaning These were word for word phrases AND THAT is lazyDespite that flaw this was an incredibly good and enjoyable story I am now reading the third in the trilogy

  5. Debbie Dodd Debbie Dodd says:

    I enjoyed reading

  6. Aléxia Aléxia says:

    It was good and a fast read BUT it's not a book I'd recommend or read again The story happens too fast and has too many coincidences It was entertaining though

  7. Susan Susan says:

    I have enjoyed this book very much The characters were just amazing and enjoyable I would recommend this and the other books that are part of the story to my friends that read

  8. kate kate says:

    The heroine Clarissa is TSTL The hero Matthew was obnoxious and maybe psychotic His younger brother Rafe a conceited ass who thinks he is gods gift to women Edwina also TSTL is one of those young woman that goes deaf when a man talks to her so no matter how many times he says 'I DON'T WANT TO MARRY YOU' keeps pushing herself into his bed because if they have sex he will be obligated Even when he say 'NO I WON'TClarissa at 25 with zero prospects is holding out for true love and refuses to marry Matthew By about chapter 12 her cousin who hates her finally tries to wake her up by explaining it's him or the poor house Seriously The real poor house Not that I would have wanted to marry him but then I would like to think I would have looked for a governess or companion job or even an acting job like my parents rather then live with relatives that hated me with a passion and were being thrown in the street themselvesThe story is filled with unlikable characters dumb plots and modern phrases like get over yourself I'm over the book Certainly done with the series

  9. Danette Danette says:

    Great 2nd book in the series The only thing I would've changed would've been to have less repetition of the family history Being book 2 I felt like readers should already know or go to the 1st if you needed to get caught up Otherwise fantastic story

  10. Wendy Plummer Wendy Plummer says:

    Michael Radcliffe 's storyI enjoyed the story of Michael and Clarissa even though at times Clarissa was a whining pain and I didn't like her character much I enjoyed book 1 so much Always been a big Cheryl Holt fan so looking forward to Blair's story in book 3

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Heart's Desire ❰Ebook❯ ➦ Heart's Desire Author Cheryl Holt – CHERYL HOLT continues to dazzle readers with the second book in her new trilogy The Lost Lords of Radcliffe MATTHEW HARLOW is England’s hero After almost single handedly rescuing passengers from a f CHERYL HOLT continues to dazzle readers with the second book in her new trilogy The Lost Lords of Radcliffe MATTHEW HARLOW is England’s hero After almost single handedly rescuing passengers from a foundering ship—including a trio of royal cousins—he’s being lauded throughout the kingdom But at heart he’s just a soldier a captain in the King’s army and he finds the spotlight a great nuisance Yet he’s dashing and dynamic a natural leader of men and heroics rest well on his broad shoulders As an orphan with no memory of his parents or past he often wonders where he came by his penchant for fearlessness and daring What is to account for his extraordinary courage and valor CLARISSA MERRICK is a poor relative and spinster who lives with her cruel cousins at their bucolic Greystone estate Even in her small corner of rural England everyone has heard of brave remarkable Captain Harlow When he arrives at Greystone he shoots through her world like a blazing comet and nothing will ever be the same Who is Matthew Harlow What is his true history How could a lowly orphan be possessed of such a forceful character and potent charisma Can Clarissa help him find answers to the mystery that has plagued him all his life Cheryl Holt delivers another dramatic story of love family heartbreak and betrayal As the truth about the “lost” lords is gradually revealed readers will be breathlessly turning the pages and cheering all the way to the stunning thrilling conclusion.