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Sex with Shakespeare ✰ Sex with Shakespeare Epub ✶ Author Jillian Keenan – A provocative moving kinky and often absurdly funny memoir about Shakespeare love obsession and spankingWhen it came to understanding love a teenage Jillian Keenan had nothing to guide her—until a p A provocative moving kinky and often absurdly funny memoir about Shakespeare love obsession and spankingWhen it came to understanding love a teenage Jillian Keenan had nothing to guide her—until a production of The Tempest sent Shakespeare’s language flowing through her blood for the first time In Sex with Shakespeare she tells the story of how the Bard’s plays helped her embrace her unusual sexual identity and find a love story of her ownFour hundred years after Shakespeare’s death Keenan’s smart and passionate memoir brings new life to Sex with Epub / his work With fourteen of his plays as a springboard she explores the many facets of love and sexuality—from desire and communication to fetish and fantasy In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Keenan unmasks Helena as a sexual masochist—like Jillian herself In Macbeth she examines criminalized sexual identities and the dark side of “privacy” The Taming of the Shrew goes inside the secret world of bondage domination and sadomasochism while King Lear exposes the ill fated king as a possible sexual predator Moving through the canon Keenan makes it abundantly clear that literature is a conversation In Sex with Shakespeare words are loveAs Keenan wanders the world in search of connection from desert dictatorships to urban islands to disputed territories Shakespeare goes with her —and provokes complex surprising and wildly important conversations about sexuality consent and the secrets that simmer beneath our surfaces.

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  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is a modified version of the review that originally appeared on my blog Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books Time on to read list A few monthsReason for hesitating to pick up in the form of an internal monologue Ooh that interview was great I really want to read that on the list it goes Oh wait won't that make me look weird for wanting to read that? I don't know maybe it's all really narcissistic and stupid anyway I'll wait I'll wait Oh wait there it is at the bookstore No wait too embarrassed to pick it up Maybe next time Next timeReason for finally picking up Part II of monologue fuck it I'm getting it this time Gonna start reading it while I'm waiting to go to dinner half an hour passes Damn Oh man what time is it? I have to get this must finish Plans CANCELLED Not even the checkout lady's loud weirded out announcement of 'Sex with Shakespeare'?? is going to deter me nope nope but thanks for that anyway lady Taking this home now and reads for rest of the night obsessivelyVerdict This is why book shaming sucks This book was wonderful At least it was for me I hope below you can see if it might be for you tooCaveat Before I even start if you're here looking for just sexy Shakespeare roleplay or fanfic look elsewhere That's not what this book is so I'm going to save you some time and send you off in profitable directions right now Everyone else let's dive in Sex with Shakespeare is Jillian Keenan’s memoir of growing up and trying to form an identity and the deep external and most agonizingly the deep internal resistance she encounters in this attempt Keenan’s struggle however focuses especially on her sexual identity as what is commonly referred to as a “spanko” a person for whom being spanked is the highest possible sexual gratification if not the only sexual gratification possible She differentiates early and often between people who have a “kink” of liking to be spanked occasionally as part of generalized BDSM play and people who have a “fetish” for spanking which she defines as people for whom spanking comes first and sex comes a very very distant second Keenan calls sex a “dessert” an optional thing that is nice but as she says “if I had to give up sex all kinds of sex or spanking I’d flush sex like a drug smuggler ditching his stash in an airport bathroom My fetish isn’t something I do It’s something I am” As you might imagine Keenan encounters than a few problems growing up as she becomes and aware of her fetish and just how central it is to her core identity And she’s got a rough enough childhood situation to contend with without this situation to be honest But luckily she’s got a pal with her on this journey one she was lucky enough to meet early Will Shakespeare Each chapter focuses on how a different play of Shakespeare’s helps Keenan process a different moment in her life This can range from an academic discussion of ways to interpret Shakespeare's verse to wonderfully hallucinogenic personal conversations Keenan has with Shakespeare's characters who dispense advice to her like older sisters best friends demanding mentors bro tastic frat boyfriends or offer her ambiguous helplessly tempting words that could transform her or destroy her according to her interpretation of them This truly wonderful device should be recognizable to anyone who loves literature to this same obsessive degree It’s the most direct demonstration I’ve ever seen of one of my favorite passages by one of my favorite writers where he says “Sometimes I sensed that the books I read in rapid succession had set up some sort of murmur among themselves transforming my head into an orchestra pit where different musical instruments sounded out and I would realize that I could endure this life because of these musicales going on in my head” Keenan is able to get through each day because these characters swoop in and save her in a variety of pensive soul searching comedic tragic or tragi comedic circumstances Again and again these were my favorite parts of the book One example of her analysis comes with Macbeth as she processes through the nature of trying to develop an identity and fit within the fabric of life faced with someone in her life who is lying to himself in a way even extreme than she is a friend with a girlfriend who is against gay marriage that she finds unexpectedly in a gay bar in Singapore Macbeth is a play about doubles But there is a twistIn Shakespeare's tragedies the hero or antihero often has a double or a voice a secondary character who speaks for the main character linking him to the real world and to the audience Marjorie Garber describes these sidekicks as someone on the stage who encounters things and verifies that what seems impossible or unbearable is nonetheless true In Hamlet Horatio fills that role at the end of the play Horatio is the one who promises to tell Hamlet's story In King Lear that voice is EdgarMacbeth's obsession with euivocation speaks to this idea of double voices The word euivocation itself comes from the Latin oeuivocus which means of eual voice In Macbeth where even the fundamental premise of the play demands verification are the witches real or merely a product of Macbeth's imagination? that double voice is important than ever At first Banuo fills the the role of the double He links Macbeth to the audience We know Banuo saw the sisters too Unlike the dagger that Macbeth sees or imagines before he kills Duncan Banuo's voice verifies that these sisters do exist But Macbeth has a tragedy that sets it apart from every other Shakespeare tragedy Macbeth mrders his voice Mad with fear that Banuo's heirs will seize the throne Macbeth has Banuo killed After that our antihero is on his own There is no one left to verify what is real and what is not In fact the night after Banuo dies is the very last time we see Macbeth and Lady Macbeth who previously had the strongest marriage in Shakespeare canon speak to each other When Macbeth's voice dies everything else disappears too Macbeth is aloneHe can't survive that way No one canAnd the hallucinogenic voices beyond even the analysis come to her aid at even desperate times like when she doesn’t tries to process something beyond kink something even threatening to her that she can’t name Cleopatra was standing at the foot of the bed Where's David? I asked“I don’t know” she replied coollyI sat up and rubbed my eyes Why had David left? I sighed“Cleo is Antony’s love for you just an Oedipal thing?” I asked“That’s none of your business” Cleopatra snapped “If you want to know why David is attracted to you ask him yourself Stop displacing your fear onto us”I crossed my arms in front of my chest “I’m not ‘displacing’ my feelings onto you” I replied “I’m processing them through you That’s how people experience literature”Cleopatra scoffed “Are you sure there isn’t something ?” she asked “Something you’re unwilling to face?”I bristled “Hey” I said pointing my finger at her “I faced it I was honest with David about that shit from the beginning”Cleopatra’s lip curled in contempt “Good grief I’m not talking about your ‘kink’” she said “This incessant whining doesn’t impress me at all”There were angry shouts upstairs I slid off the bed “Is there a point to any of this?” Cleopatra pressed her voice rising to a yell “Or are you just wasting our time? And again and again at the most compelling moments of her life Shakespeare’s characters appear to offer her understanding judgment laughter and temptation The best one comes later and is too much of a climatic moment for me to reveal it but it’s a great and fitting crescendo The endless hours that Keenan has obviously spent studying Shakespeare until he became an extension of her thought and her body until she can reach for him without effort and feel his lines flowing through her body with such natural ease makes that it makes her use of him both touching and moving to watch in a way it wouldn't with someone who didn't really earn their use by feeling them in their bones She does not always reach for him but the way the story is set up maybe she should Each time something in him reflects her back to herself whether that mirror is flattering or not She finds as so many have found before her truth in Shakespeare For her that truth happens to include seeing kinky sex all over Shakespeare’s world The instinct of the reader is at first to of course be skeptical and even be thrown out of the narrative by what seem like at best highly selective interpretations of Shakespeare’s stories But that would be to miss the point entirely Nobody reading this by the end will care whether or not Keenan’s interpretations of Shakespeare are the most correct or convincing things you’ve heard Some definitely aren't Although a few of them like Helena’s situation in Midsummer like Kate and Petruchio of Taming of the Shrew like her particularly disturbing Lear reading are challenging enough that I think it would make for excellent debate material to throw them into the mix of any discussion on those plays But it doesn't matter Because if you can see anything at all it is that the knowledge fierce intelligence passion and care she puts into each interpretation is what matters most It is watching her take these pieces of the greatest playwright the world has ever seen and reshuffle them into their best of all possible uses self understanding acceptance love the breaking down of walls and the defeat of her worst impulses It is watching literature become the savior we all already knew it was allowing this clearly fierce woman to emerge from this place of seclusion and doubt she’s been imprisoning herself in for far too long It’s watching an uncertain child become a woman Not a perfect woman by any means but a woman who has figured out a path that feels true at long last and at great cost Yes there’s some sex and a few scenes of really sexy sex if you ask me Yes there’s some sad parts and some truly scary parts and some parts where you might cry or be enraged but what I left this book with was in the end however unlikely it seemed at the start a great feeling of joy I felt like I’d just watched Keenan climb the Himalayas and all I thought was You did it girl You did it Or precisely we did it If you’ve got any skin in this emotional game and no I don’t only mean the kinky one you’ll feel like you’ve gone through it with Keenan I found memories flying through my head as I read blending with what I was reading Sometimes I needed to stop and process it felt like all too much But like Keenan’s relationship with Shakespeare her memories allowed me to access my own opening up the hard to access path that only a few authors seem to really get to walk with each person the path you don’t always want to walk but the one that leads you ever so slowly to yourselfDisclaimer As I stated in the original review this is a personal five stars So lest you think I am totally blinded by my personal experience I should mention that Keenan's writing style perhaps doesn't appeal to all due to its highly personalized nature She can also of course be highly self centered as you might expect in a biography She can be melodramatic as you might expect in her teenage scenes and her surreal seuences may not appeal to everyone's sense of the ridiculous and enjoyment I didn't really care about any of this though and my bet is you won't either A word she despises and compares to “cans of spray cheese” but I’ll use it just this once for clarity’s sake and then not again since I happen to agree with her that even the sound the word is both hilarious and grossOrhan Pamuk The New Life He’s good guys Get on that Istanbul is by far his best book but My Name is Red is pretty brilliant too

  2. TK TK says:

    Not for the uptight or conservative So fine for me SEX WITH SHAKESPEARE is a rich and thought provoking read Jillian Keenan's writing is wonderful her spirit intelligent and funny What I enjoyed most of all about her memoir is how she shares her path towards vulnerability and intimacy with first herself and then with her romantic partners I appreciated this very much and found this part of her memoir was the universal message transcending her personal story of coming to terms with her kinky sexuality Her story alternates with literary criticism of several of Shakespeare's classic plays The plays she chooses to write about serve as guideposts for her as she matures into and accepts her kinky sexuality Keenan's lit crit is no joke she is steeped in her scholarship from way back; do NOT underestimate her depth of knowledge and understanding of the Bard's work The way that Shakespeare’s plays reinforced her journey towards truth honesty and love was seamlessly done Apart from all this the kink the lit crit Keenan reveals herself as a daring globetrotter pursuing stories in very remote undeveloped parts of the globe as a journalist If I didn't already admire her for being remarkably well adjusted and erudite her fearlessness and sense of adventure in her professional life would have won me over I think other readers will find Keenan just as impressive and maybe even as inspiring as I do

  3. Alex Alex says:

    And now someone's written a book analyzing her spanking fetish through Shakespeare It's like putting pie on cake

  4. Viktor Quinn Viktor Quinn says:

    This book is brilliant ReallyReading about how someone else thinks about sex and lives sex especially someone so unassumingly honest is touchingReading about how someone got over insecurity of the deepest kind is uplifingReading about how someone leared to live better by conversing 300 year old characters is the dream of every bookwormre sex I felt like when a good friend at the end of a long talk looks me straight in the eye and tells me exactly what she's about With only an outsider's perspective armed with nothing than half truths and prejudices BDSM feels weird and alien but after reading Keenan's account it just went into the 'apparently some people are into that sort of thing good for them' where it joined bungee jumping poppyseed brioche and Wagnerstill sex wasn't the most liberating of its themes I've never seen the idea that you can treat literary works as one side of a conversation beautifully laid out Talk to Shakespeare and you'll learn something about yourself and the same is true for many other pieces of great literature this book is going to test people test their openness to sex and to literature For your own sake read it

  5. Leanne Leanne says:

    I expected to enjoy this book I expected to laugh and to learn a lot from it I did not expect to completely fall in love with it Yet here we areMost of the other reviews have covered the ualities that make this book 5 star worthy It's funny It's touching It's unflinchingly honest It covers a lot of uncomfortable subjects with self awareness and grace And it taught me a lot about kink that I never knew before Bonus points for learning something newBut it's mostly about people And words This is a truly astounding work of literary analysis wrapped in a memoir wrapped in kink The things you think it is about it is not about Read it be amazed

  6. Emily Stearns Emily Stearns says:

    While not wholly for the conservative there are only a few scenes which were really out there well in a world where adults should be able to talk honestly about sex without blushingI loved this book Keenan beautifully mixes Shakespearean analyses into her own life sexually and not necessarily so She taught me much about the Bard and BDSM about life in general and love The writing is open honest and riddled with humor; the serious moments strike as relatable instead of far fetched as I personally find many biographical books to bePlease read this book

  7. Autumn Autumn says:

    I'll save you from reading my review if you're not feeling up to it don't waste your time on Sex With ShakespeareThis was weird Not for any prudish reasons but because the entire point of this book was completely unclear Was this supposed to be about Shakespeare? About kinks and fetishes? About MS?Or just a chance for the author to toot her own horn? I'm leaning towards the latter going on and on about your Ivy League education travels to exotic lands as an unaccompanied minor and several laundry lists of where you've been published grows tedious after awhileIt's also flat out contradictory The author spends so much time assuring her readers that her spanking fetish is NOT a result of any corporal punishment she received from her mother as a child only to reveal it is absolutely correlated and then she goes back to denying it all over again Throw in the Jiminy Cricket like conversations with characters from Shakespeare and the buddy like bard himself an amateur literary device at best and then her consensual? fictional assault on A Midsummer Night's Dream's Helena I'd say the issue is less her spanking fetish and some sort of delusional psychiatric issue There are far interesting works on fetishes and on the bawdiness of Shakespeare search them out and leave this one on the shelf

  8. Kiwi Carlisle Kiwi Carlisle says:

    I checked this book out because I had read an article by the author about sex and Shakespeare I have a slight acuaintance with folks who are into SM enough to know that it is emphatically not my kink Keenan's excellent writing in this book has broadened my understanding of it a bit What I truly love however is her relationship with Shakespeare how his writing informs and illuminates her life I can identify with that This is a passionate well crafted humorous and touching book and I am glad I read it

  9. Jim Jim says:

    Honest forthrightand tedious In a minor miracle the author combines Shakespeare with sexual kink and comes up with something tiresome

  10. Kent Winward Kent Winward says:

    So what do you call literary criticism that is done through the lens of your sexual fetish? Not sure but it is refreshing Spank the author if you disagree she'll enjoy it

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