The Ring Volume 1 Ring Graphic Novels Kindle í Volume

The Ring Volume 1 Ring Graphic Novels Kindle í Volume

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  1. Jewels Emily Jewels Emily says:

    I probably shouldn't have read this while home alone But I couldn't stop This book is a page turner and one of the first books to genuinely freak me out I wasn't all that familiar with The Ring until this

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I won't get too much into the plot of this story mostly because you probably aren't going to read this mangaever knew it existed in the first place without seeing either the Japanese or American version or have read RingAnd for those of you who don't know You must have been living under a rock to not know something of the francise view spoilerThe Ring is about a female reporter who is trying to uncover the mystery of a tape that apparently causes you to die within the week Having watched it herself her ex husband and son also see the tape and she and her ex strive to solve the mystery before she or her son meet an untimely demise hide spoiler

  3. Highness Atharva Highness Atharva says:

    This seemed mildly entertaining 3 star rating mostly for artwork and character development Did not scare me at all needed something sinister I like the movie better

  4. Alex S Alex S says:

    I should probably start off by saying that to say I'm familiar with the ring is an understatement I've seen all the films English; Japanese; even South Korean 'Ring Virus' and have read most of Koji Suzuki's other works with the exception of S as it is not yet in English check my good reads So I knew exactly what I was getting when I cracked open this oneIt's the same narrative you expect at a very good pace and with a beautiful unsettling feeling Perhaps there could be thematic exploration I'm hoping this is explored a little in the subseuent mangaAs its manga I should probably comment on the artwork Simply put its on point BW with beautiful attention to detailIt's easy to get absorbed in this one Limited to 4 stars because I would have loved it to be longer and contain theme exploration and proper investigate of each step of the tape eg We don't see the lighthouse now I can't remember if that's only in the film but also there are other omissions re the curse suffered by the characters over the 7 days also can't remember if that's film onlyRecommend without reservation

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    Melissa WickelhausGenre HorrorVolume one of The Ring a manga based on the novel by Koji Suzuki follow Reiko as she investigates the rumor about a video that once watched the viewer will die exactly one week from the time they watched the video Once she finds the video in uestion out of curiosity Reiko watches it and winds up in a race against time to find out the history behind the film and to stop her imminent death The art is very dark which works well with the tone of the story and the translation is well done Perhaps the scariest part of the story is the surprise ending It is definitely worth reading

  6. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Whether you prefer the 2002 English adaptation of the story or the 1998 Japanese one this graphic novel takes on the story from a whole new perspective adding illustrations and details to take the story even eerie

  7. Ashe Catlin Ashe Catlin says:

    This is the manga version of the movie which is a shame as I thought it was an adaption of the book If you’re curious about the difference here are some • Two male protagonists• One of which makes a copy which his wife and child watch• Sadako isn’t just thrown in the well stuff happens before it • She doesn’t come out of TV’s • Tomoko dies aloneAnyway you can always read the wiki page for differences or read the book RingGot a little side tracked there overall it's pretty good but nothing new Sadako's look is revealed in the insert pages so you don't get a nice surprise later on The tape has a nice addition at the end there is also a bit added to her origin I'm a huge fan of the Ring series and look forward to reading the rest of the manga

  8. Trevor Trevor says:

    Having watched almost every filmed iteration of this story this manga adaptation didn't offer too many surprises for me But it's still a fairly well done adaptation of the source material I feel like the artwork isn't really spooky enough to elicit the sort of dread and horror the story needs but I'm also aware that might be just a matter of cultural differences All in all as a big fan of the Ring franchise this was a fun uick read if only to see how the tale translates to yet another medium

  9. Daniel Daniel says:

    I'm a fan of the movie both the original and the American version which surprisingly wasn't too bad So I was looking forward to reading the manga and I wasn't disappointed Followed the movie well with maybe a little detail You could read the first volume as a stand alone as it ends roughly where the first movie ends Suitable for teens as it is not graphic If you like horror manga or either movie check it out

  10. Leila Anani Leila Anani says:

    I was uite disappointed with the Ring manga It follows the plot of the film uite closely but I wasn't overkeen on the artwork Ryuji in particular is very feminine looking and its just not scary There's not much emphasis on Sadako and I thought this was a big disappointment all round both as a Ring fan and as a fan of horror manga in general

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The Ring Volume 1 Ring Graphic Novels ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Ring Volume 1 Ring Graphic Novels By Misao Inagaki ➩ – The Ring a Japanese multi media frenzy based on the best selling horror novels by Koji Suzuki has already made its way to America in both a Western adaptation of the film and an eually popular dubbed The Ring a Volume 1 PDF/EPUB Ä Japanese multi media frenzy based on the best selling horror novels by Koji Suzuki has already made its way to America in both a Western adaptation of the film and an eually popular dubbed Japanese version of the film From Dark Horse Comics comes the eually fantastic manga and it will be published in the increasingly popular traditional Japanese style For those of you who love your media in comic book form you'll love seeing this creepy tidbit panel to panel and for those who love film step forward and find out why The Ring MOBI :Ú filmmakers idolize comics The pacing and art throughout the book work so well with the story you will be overwhelmed and frozen in fear.