Contrary Warriors PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Contrary Warriors PDF Ú Kindle Edition

3 thoughts on “Contrary Warriors (Contrary Warriors, #1)

  1. Val Val says:

    I enjoyed this book and thought it was a great read I loved the insights into Native American culture and was a huge fan of the MC Cleo It’s a rather complex story and a few times I had to go back and reread about a character Overall uite good

  2. Miguel Hortiguela Miguel Hortiguela says:

    I found it very entertaining with enough detail to be convincing I got a little lost with the source of the conflict in the last third and whether deliberate or not if forced me to consider the reality with each others must struggle

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Being native american I was offended by the term red Indian that was used throughout the book I realize the British and US use this term but never the less it is offensive I felt the author could have at some point made a statement that this may be offensive even though it is used by the government Other than that I found the book a bit longer with much detail than I enjoy

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Contrary Warriors (Contrary Warriors, #1) ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Contrary Warriors (Contrary Warriors, #1) By Sheryl Wright ❤ – It’s 2004 and the western world is desperate for real evidence of Iran’s nuclear intentions With the accuracy of intelligence gathering under deep scrutiny both the CIA and MI6 are ordered to deli It’s and the western world is desperate for real evidence of Iran’s nuclear intentions With the accuracy of intelligence gathering under deep scrutiny both the CIA and MI are ordered to deliver indisputable evidence and call on their joint taskforce the Special Operations Executive Tori Braithwaite the SOE Commander balks at the preposterous plan the CIA has dropped in her lap although sending a team to Iran as First Nations cultural ambassadors is tempting First task evaluate the psychological readiness of the proposed team leader Cleo Deseronto a retired RCAF pilot but before she is agrees to lead the SOE’s band of Mohawk’s Braithwaite will put her to the testWhen Cleo lands at London’s Heathrow she’s looking forward to delivering a lecture and catching up with old friends not being detained and accused of trafficking Cooling her heals in a holding room she realizes there’s at stake but when she learns that her estranged cousin and US Marine Bo Commanda has joined the team old tensions ignite Uneasily pitted together Deseronto and Commanda must uell the demons of their joint upbringing to orchestrate a profile raising around the world air tour as cover for their surveillance mission Now they will race a vintage airplane from the heart of Indian country over the North Pole and straight on to Tehran The simple and well planned operation should be a breeze if Cleo wasn’t falling for the enigmatic SOE Commander and Bo wasn’t doing everything in her power to undermine Cleo’s confidence and uestion Braithwaite’s intentionsThis modern spin on American OSS and Commonwealth SOE operations sets three women warriors on a fateful collision course with an old time CIA handler the changing dynamics of today’s cultural norms and the politics of being women in the good old game called Intelligence The guiding principles that distinguish the USA the United Kingdom and Canada are thoughtfully inter woven introducing the First Nations the uestion of loyalty and issues such as Gays in the military Warning This fast paced romp through the secret world of western spy craft comes with high flying adventures mysterious players secret locations and the rallying cry“Leave no man or woman behind”.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 295 pages
  • Contrary Warriors (Contrary Warriors, #1)
  • Sheryl Wright
  • English
  • 15 May 2014

About the Author: Sheryl Wright

Sheryl Wright is an aboriginal Faith Keeper in the Longhouse tradition and author of several nonfiction books A native of Toronto she is a graduate of academies in Canada and the USA Her flight experience includes Canadian Airlines Bearskin Airlines and Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces in which she served as both a member and an officer Today she lives in Whitby Ontario with her partne.