Pawn Shop PDF Ú Paperback

Pawn Shop PDF Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 100 pages
  • Pawn Shop
  • Joey Esposito
  • English
  • 11 August 2016
  • 9781940878041

10 thoughts on “Pawn Shop

  1. C.J. Cummings C.J. Cummings says:

    ARC received from Netgalley and Publisher in return for an honest reviewPawn Shop by Joey Esposito is a book I hadn't heard anything about prior to receiving it for review from Netgalley I liked the sound of it and when I started reading it I found that I couldn't put it down The story of this book follows four chapters each about a different person We see their lives and what they are going through day to day as they work live love and try to keep on keeping on The thing that links each story is a pawn shop and it works brilliantly This is a very moving poignant and beautiful tale of family love and caring for people in that real deep way that human beings can care I loved the writing and the art work sketchy and flawed felt real and wreckless in the best way working well with the plot and the dialogue between the characters we meetI would have liked little glimpses into the city itself and the pawn shop that links the people we are reading about but this is surely only a first volume I hope so anyway so maybe we will be given these things later This is a small thing though I really enjoyed this book and was eager to keep reading when I reached the final page which is always a good thing For fans of comic books that deal with lives of normal people snapshots of life and all its good and bad moments this is for you4 out of 5

  2. Travis Duke Travis Duke says:

    A very touching story that intersects four peoples lives in New York We meet 4 individuals who are all dealing with their own struggle but happen to cross each others path over the coarse of a few days The story is really well done its humanistic and very emotional but not in a sad or desperate way I thought the writing was wonderful and sweet it resonated with me in a way most graphic novels only try to attempt Highly recommended Some of my favorite lines I guess I moved to try and leave the ghosts of this city behind Funny I never realized I was the one haunting it all alongGrowing up in t he city you ride trains your entire life On a rail from one place to the next At a certain point you realize that those tracks aren't going ever going to change Ride them forever and you'll stop at the same places I think of New York as a giant pinball machineWe're all our own metal ball and everyone else is a bumper You start out on a narrow track headed in one direction but the people you meetthey spin you in a different direction that you never planned on going my favorite

  3. Killian Killian says:

    I love stories that capture the idea of multiple lives overlapping Not just a group of friends or family but those random encounters that you have on a daily basis They might not mean much to you but those other people have their own stories and things they are going through that you won't even know about Love it Pawn Shop perfectly captures that idea and tells several stories with a common theme of living for yourself and the way that will bring you happiness Would definitely recommend picking this one up Copy courtesy of Diamond Book DistributorsZ2 Comics via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  4. Yzabel Ginsberg Yzabel Ginsberg says:

    I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFour people in New York whose lives intersect briefly connect are or less related to each other through a common denominator a simple pawn shop in which old memories come to life long lost items surface again from one hand to the other for various reasons Some honest some not Some out of need some just by chanceHarold Arthur Jen and Samantha all live different lives coming from different backgrounds but all marred with regrets Regrets about not proposing sooner to a wife who died too soon after the wedding About not daring confessing to the person who matters most About letting someone else control your life because of just one bit of leverage About trying to do what's best for your family to the point of neglecting your own life—yet you cannot let go and if you do guilt is only waiting at the cornerI didn't enjoy the art I admit but the stories were interesting as well as the way they connected through just enough little coincidences but not enough to look as if they were too many or too unbelievable For instance it wasn't illogical for Samantha to meet or at least see those people who always travelled the same subway line at the same time every day For Arthur to see her since he worked as a nurse to help her ailing brother Or even for Jen to bump into Harold upon exiting the pawn shopI may have liked to see a little about their lives especially Jen's as her boyfriend implied that one word from him could destroy her life in the end we won't know if he did or not Or maybe there'll be a second volume to tell us about these characters? I don't know It both feels pretty complete as is it with this want a whim on my part than out of any fault of the bookFairly interesting in any case and very touching when it came to human feelings and how even little things can cause a lot of changes to happen Changes that are life altering though not necessarily in a grand way subtlety can have just as much weight after all35 stars

  5. Sara J. (kefuwa) Sara J. (kefuwa) says:

    Pretty cool book with four different stories all connected via a Pawn Shop And an accompanying Spotify playlist too Would be great to have background on the Pawn Shop in uestion

  6. Althea J. Althea J. says:

    Any story that starts out with a playlist of its own soundtrack will immediately endear itself to me It demonstrates an author's attention to detail in creating an experience for his or her reader A purposefulness that rounds out the visual storytelling with a distinct sense of time and placeAnd the songs picked by Joey Esposito to accompany his book Pawn Shop served to heighten the feelings of reflection and nostalgia and connectedness that are so lovingly woven into the story itself It seems to be such a simple story of individuals whose paths cross within the hustle and bustle of New York City But in its simplicity Esposito creates real people who are at turning points in their lives The story captures the intersection of lives in the city whose comings and goings are well embodied in the physicality of the Pawn Shop and is imbued with meaning as we see the impact a simple conversation with a stranger can have on one another's lives if we are present in the moment A great reading experience that made my heart happyI originally encountered this graphic novel through NetGalley who gave me a copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was AMAZING I won't be surprised if it wins some awards next year Told in four chapters each chapter is from the perspective of a different person in NYC and while the four characters are strangers well two of them know each other but that's it they all cross paths with each other and all of the stories can be tied to a single Pawn Shop It was absolutely beautifully written and I couldn't put it down The characters had amazing backstories and it was all just so real I could easily imagine this happening in NYC you just never know what's going on with that old man you bump into on the subwayThe other piece I found brilliant was the playlist listed at the beginning that is meant to be played while you read While I didn't get the chance to do that I read this at work I'll have to re read in the future with the musical selections I recognized a few of the songs listed and I can just imagine how the music will take the experience to the next level

  8. Sam Sam says:

    I received a copy of Pawn Shop from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewPawn Shop is an absolutely beautiful book It tells the story of four different people and how those stories intertwine There's so much meaning to every story and so much depth to every character that I was just in love with every page of this graphic novelAt first I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it because the description was just very dull sounding In fact I had very little hope of liking it especially because the art didn't explode off the page and wow me But I am so glad I gave it a chance anywaysWithout giving too much away this is easily one of my favorite reads this year even without any major action or adventure I think it will go well with any audience too because it's one of those universal heart warming books Please give this one a chance and pick it up

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Pawn Shop is a deceptively simple story the loosely intertwined lives of four New Yorkers that brings on a lot of feels in such sparse content Although I didn't love the art style others probably find it too cartooney and diffuse the facial expressions body language and pacing communicate the poignancy of the stories than sufficiently Pawn Shop doesn't try too hard like many other similarly structured stories I admit that when I read that it was about intertwined lives I rolled my eyes remembering when this became all the rage not too long ago Instead of being too coincidental the contacts among the characters are brief yet still convey the feelings of human melancholy loneliness and hope Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC

  10. Katy Hill Katy Hill says:

    I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was really really good I thought being a graphic novel that it would be campy or superficial but I was really really shocked at how moved I got from reading it and I'll admit there were a few happy tears starting to form I am a big fan of media that have interconnecting stories and while this one was focused on brief stranger encountersconnections than people who really know one another I think it worked out really wellEven if you aren't a fan of graphic novels which I normally am not I would most definitely recommend this one I hope to read by Joey Esposito in the future

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Pawn Shop❴Reading❵ ➶ Pawn Shop Author Joey Esposito – Pawn Shop is an original graphic novel about the intertwining lives of four strangers in the ecosystem of New York City connected by the streets they walk on and the people they touch Following a lone Pawn Shop is an original graphic novel about the intertwining lives of four strangers in the ecosystem of New York City connected by the streets they walk on and the people they touch Following a lonely widower a struggling Long Island Railroad employee a timid hospice nurse and a drug addled punk Pawn Shop explores the big things that separate us and the little moments that inexplicably unite us Written by Joey Esposito Footprints and drawn by Sean Von Gorman Toe Tag Riot Pawn Shop is a slice of life tale that weaves together separate lives to celebrate the ever changing nature of New York City and the people that make it the greatest city in the world.

About the Author: Joey Esposito

Joey Esposito is a writer and hoarder of things from New England living in Los Angeles with his wife He thinks Cheers is the greatest television show ever made so it’s a good thing he works at CBS Interactive as a Senior Editor where he can watch it all day long He writes comics like FOOTPRINTS CAPTAIN ULTIMATE and PAWN SHOP and his work has appeared at DC Comics Image Comics Archie Comic.