Kindle Edition ↠ Porn Star MOBI Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Porn Star MOBI Ú

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  1. Spoiler Whore-Momoa Spoiler Whore-Momoa says:

    When I see porn in a title I want porn All I got was insta lovewhich I'm okay with but didn't feel the connection a little soft porn and a story line that was just okay Purchased

  2. ~ Cariad ~ ~ Cariad ~ says:

    25meh stars for me

  3. Brandi Brandi says:

    25 starsRushed unbelievable Those two words describe this book perfectly for me So yea rushed I liked the idea of this story porn star Hero falls for sweet baker size 16 heroine but it fell flat for me because it just wasn't fleshed out enough From the very beginning it was like a sprint to the finish for the Hero the heroine I'm ALL for insta love but I didn't uite feel their intense attraction to one another I know she caught his eye first that he adored the fact that she fell for him not his on screen persona but I wasn't really sold on why she fell for him It was like BOOM insta sex BOOM we're in an exclusive relationship BOOM a bunch of inner strugglesguilt for the Hero BOOM couple fight BOOM couple make up BOOM major life event takes place BOOM epilogue You get the picture I would've loved details a little less insta forgiveness maybe a run in with a co star or some type of outside conflict then a little groveling on his part And then the unbelievable I know it's fiction and I love fiction I know the unbelievable makes things interesting BUT c'mon There is NO way in hell the heroine would have accepted his career choice had he chosen not to retire NO way should she have been the one to show up on his doorstep first Again NO way she would've been okay with jumping into bed with him without a condom after a long day of work NO way he would've done what he did so fast And the biggest never in a million years moment for me her becoming good friends with some of the women he fed for business I just don't buy it There was also a lot of what I felt was repetitive conversation between the Hero the heroine In one scene she would say something like I want you to meet my sister then she'd repeat herself on the next page And I can't even begin to count how many times she asked him if she was missing something or what was going on Drove me bonkers I will probably read books by this author but this particular one will not be a re read for me

  4. Shari Shari says:

    This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader The DelightThis was an interesting concept that had me wondering how could a porn star have a normal relationship? I felt compassion for the lead character Jason as he was becoming disinterested in the life he had created over the last ten years The heroine Sydney wasn't anything great in my mind I liked her but she wasn't a stand out character I debated for a while about buying this book Overpriced I just couldn't make up my mind if it was worth the money for such a small book I had some ARe bucks left over from a rebate and decided it was worth a try While I enjoyed the story I can't say it was worth the full price 399 for basically 100 pages is double my target of 200 per 100 pagesSo onto the storyJason Bone Harder Bone is a famous porn star but not everything glitters when you are a star While most guys would love to do 2 3 scenes a day with multiple women it is just a job to him Nothing arouses him the women aren't even aroused to be with him Jason starts to realize this isn't the life he wants for the future He wants a woman who wants him for him A family that he can love and adore So when he goes out to a club one night he meets a woman who has no clue who he is or what he does for a living It's refreshing and exciting but he tells a lie right away about what he does for a livingSydney is beyond a break up she had a year ago but being a little curvier than the stick figures men tend to go to she doesn't think she will ever find anyone Out at a nightclub with her sister she meets Jason who is uite rude to her at first but later apologizes and takes her out for burgers The two hit it off highly attracted to each other Sydney works in a deli where they make up hampers  picnic type meals and bakesThe two start to fall head over heels in love with each other and it feels authentic Jason has someone who likes him as a person and hey the sex is wonderful too He falls hard and the harder he falls the agonizing it becomes that he lied about his career Sydney starts to pick up that something isn't right but she is fine with him being a PA to Rick Fuk Jason's best friend and fellow porn starThe conflict comes hard and fast but is resolved extremely easily and uickly This was disappointing Agonizing so much over it being revealed I wanted to see about how they would work it outI was glad we didn't spend much time actually going through a porn scene That just doesn't do a thing for me I wanted about the conflict how do you move on from a porn star life I don't know what goes into a porn movie not a porn fan so when they say they aren't aroused I guess that is true and I guess I really don't want to know What do you think about porn stars finding love? Can normal people accept someone as their significant other as a porn star?  This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader

  5. Shelly Shelly says:

    Don't let the name fool you it's not all about ccks and pussy It's actually a wanna be sweet story about a guy who happens to have a 10 inch penis and is a porn star and the girl who falls in love with them both Jason 'Bone Harder' Bone don't get that confused with Jason Bourne is tired of having sex 2 3 times a day for his job He and his 10 inches have been satisfying their audiences for the last ten years and he's grown weary On a random night after a movie shoot Jason and his best friend Richard 'Rich Fuk' not sure of his last name randomly go to a club where Sydney Marshall and her sister Dawn have decided to go Sydney's last relationship was over a year prior and she's starting to feel the itch just a little bit When she meets Jason it's initially not great but Jason promptly wins Sydney over and they end up having dinner and great conversation that same night This is a novella and it's a uick fun read that I expected to be completely raunchy and just slightly ludicrous but that wasn't the case I'll admit that I had to suspend some of my beliefs about the porn world and the people who do them Jason was a nice ‘porn star’ guy who decided to tell a lie and then ran into trouble when he got caught up in that lie He knows that Sydney is special but if he admits to something other than the lie well thenyou reap what you sew and all that Sydney's in her mid 20's with a few relationships in her past; and even if she's not a watcher of porn she's appreciative of Jason's 10 and actually not too much attention was place on said 10 Jason’s character was surprising emotionally driven and uite enjoyable I enjoyed both of their personalities There's not a lot of character growth here but what there was was enough to keep me vested in Jason and Sydney's relationship The only thing I thought was lacking was that all the conflict resolved way too uickly The pain and suffering wasn't nearly long enoughYes the sex was good but nearly not anything close to the fiery blaze that I expected Happy Reading FolksRating CPosted at wwwredhotbookscom

  6. Saskia & Saskia & says:

    I have given this 25 stars because it is a book that had SO MUCH POTENTIAL it was a fantastic story line idea but it was rushed literally things move to fast to the point where depth and emotion are missed and the reader is left with voids in the story It can get confusing I also found it repetitive its such a shame as they are good characters and ive not read a book like this My only suggestion to the writer is next time give it some depth make the book lengthy i read it in 1hr 30 mins The shortness of thr storyline made the whole story unbelievable from the sex to his sudden change in the porn industry

  7. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Jason has grown tired of the usual woman and has a deep desire for something He meets Sydney who has no clue who bone Harder is and isn't impressed by money or fame They uickly fall in love but there is a teensy weensy bit of info he hasn't told her and that may just ruin everythingFantastic story loved every minute of the spicy and sweet love storyI won an ARC and am giving my honest review

  8. Tina Tina says:

    Good uick little read This book is about a porn star who falls in love with an every day plain and simple girl next door kinda girl She has no idea who he is or what he does for a living When he falls for her he can no longer perform at work and to top it all off he has to tell her what he does for work and risk the love she has for him

  9. Booklover Booklover says:

    Why would you write this in 3rd person? It could have been a good story which delved into what's like to be a pornstar and then to walk away from that career An inside perspective would have been great Next time stick with 1st person it adds a personal touch to a plot like this I also want some porn some hot sex when the title is called 'pornstar'

  10. Stories in Review Stories in Review says:

    I really liked this one even with the H being a porn star It was safe for me

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Porn Star ❴KINDLE❵ ❂ Porn Star Author Sam Crescent – Jason is known as “Bone Harder” a porn star with a ten inch dick and he’s very successful Still after ten years in the business he’s finding himself wanting For once he wants to be with a woma Jason is known as “Bone Harder” a Porn Star with a ten inch dick and he’s very successful Still after ten years in the business he’s finding himself wanting For once he wants to be with a woman who doesn’t know what he does When he meets Sydney all of his prayers are answered He lies about who he is but he never expected to fall in love Sydney doesn’t care that Jason is a PA for a Porn Star She loves being around him and in a short time their feelings for each other develop and grow However what will happen when the truth is revealed Can Sydney accept Jason as a Porn Star Can she ever trust him again Will Jason give up the Porn Star life to take a chance with Sydney.