Orochi: Blood PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Orochi: Blood PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

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  1. Abby Abby says:

    REVIEW FOR THE WHOLE SERIESThis manga has 4 volumes on it Before you decide to read the whole series it only contains 9 chapters but each chapter is long It contains around 80 100 pagesSo here goes I give this manga 35 stars I actually like the series of events here It's interesting and will make you reading for What I don't like about this is Orochi herself Her attitude somewhat Being too much on putting her nose on someone else's business but I guess we won't have this manga if she didn't Lol Anyway all the 9 stories in this manga is actually good My personal favorites are Hometown Key and Blood I think this is the 3rd manga that I read from this author I want to try his other mangas if there are

  2. Yuna Lee Yuna Lee says:

    35 for ‘Blood’ but 25 for entire Orochi series 4 volumes 9 long ass chapters

  3. George Filippakis George Filippakis says:

    This is a review of the whole mangaOne of the first and lesser known works from horror master Kazuo Umezu Orochi consists of 9 tales linked between them by the eponymous narrator; Orochi has the appearance of a beautiful girl and is a keen observer of humans she deems interesting Sometimes she will even exit the shadows and intervene with the lives of those she observes altering their fates using her array of supernatural powersUnlike famous Umezu works like Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu The Drifting Classroom or Kami no Hidarite Akuma no Migite Left Hand of God Right Hand of the Devil horror; gore; and the supernatural have to backpedal to a lesser role and allow the humans to take the spotlight; this is a series of dark secrets revenge and accumulated hate With Orochi as our guide we get to witness the corruption of our human hearts with little to no aid from the traditional supernatural scapegoats There is a variety of themes explored and some stories will better suit your tastes than others I found some of them lacking especially compared to Blood the last one All the stories are pretty long for manga ones averaging well into 100 pages meaning that characters and plot are well developed The psychological focus may alienate some readers who were maybe expecting a mainstream horror setting I have to admit that sometimes I myself hoped for a sinister turn of events The artwork is superb Umezo puts to shame today's computer aided mangaka Each panel is masterfully drawn; the women are especially beautiful and the depth of the details of the backgrounds seems to draw the reader inside the storyThis is an important manga because it can be clearly seen how it influenced Ito Junji arguably Umezo's successor and a horror master in his own right; we have the beautiful women the existential dread and the heavy panels Although Ito always opts for the most sinister of turns it is obvious that this manga was a big inspiration for himOrochi is a good manga although the uality of the stories is uneven If you find Blood at some bookstore's shelves do not hesitate the great story and even greater artwork will make it a great buy 7510

  4. Charles Dee Mitchell Charles Dee Mitchell says:

    Masters of the Horror Manga keep coming out of the woodwork First there was Hideshi Hino master of the horror manga with his strangely sweet gorefests Then the genuinely creepy Uzumaki by Jinjo Ito master of the horror manga And now along comes Kazuo Umezu you guessed it the Master of the Horror MangaAs much as I have enjoyed the others I might have to go with Umezu This sets up as a typical good sisterbad sister story set in a mansion so large there are rooms no one has ever explored When it seems that bad sister may be planning good sister's death out from behind a curtain steps another little girl She too lives in the house but no one is aware of her She watches the family but is basically helpless to intervene Twenty years pass the sisters marry still Orochi the kid from behind the curtain travels back and forth between them to watch their disintegrating marriagesBut Orochi gets sleepy and may sleep for a century She doesn't and then things get really strangeUmezu designs better pages than Hino or Ito and tells a pretty scary story without a lot of shock effects This is of course part of a series which implies that perhaps Orochi's first entrance from behind the curtain is not so unexpected to Umezu's devoted followers

  5. Orrin Grey Orrin Grey says:

    Honestly this is probably better than 3 stars but I'll go with my gut this timeAnyway this is apparently the sixth and final volume of a series of stories that all feature the ghostly character Orochi but as far as I know this is the only one that's been translated into English It's also one of Kazuo Umezu's famous works and with pretty good reasonCloser to the power of The Drifting Classroom than the goofy gruesomeness of Cat Eyed Boy Orochi Blood is really uite its own thing and if nothing else reading the three of them shows why Umezu is regarded as a master of horror manga because they're all very good showings of their very different approaches to horror Orochi Blood is very much a Gothic story story complete with family secrets and big spooky mansions and the whole nine yards It's uiet slow horror but its very nicely told especially toward the beginning with a lot of very careful artwork full page panels and interesting use of black space

  6. Mara Cee Mara Cee says:

    Kazuo Umezu is one of my favorite manga artists in the horror genre Despite most of the stories in here being uite easy to figure out the Orochi series is one of my favorites Orochi's ability to blend with ease into each new situation and to protect herself and her charges if need be gives her ample room to navigate the often sinister incidents that seem to play out wherever she goesLike Umezu's other work the Cat Eyed Boy Orochi is a non human being who observes the horrors of human nature Each story is a stand alone episode and deal with themes including envy spite and revenge A good start for anyone looking to get into Umezu's work and also for any fan of his as well as it deals with many of his most commonly used themes

  7. Neven Neven says:

    This isn't a perfect comic some of the twists are a bit hoaky some of the dialogue is a bit awkward probably a translation artifact But there's so much to like about it the story is genuinely surprising; the horror is both built up nicely and delivered freuently; the moral complexity is rich and gets you into an uncomfortable state of mind Always a plus with horror stories And best of all Umezu's art is beautifully gothic From the heavily inked shadows to the spookily matter of fact isometric rooms to the psychedelic touches it's all a notch above similar manga and very appropriate for the story

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I love this comic since it reminds me so much of an old fashioned Hollywood horror like something similar to The Haunting The story has a very universal idea two sisters one is good and the other evil The story is written by a Japanese artist but the characters live a very 'western' life living in a luxurious mansion I also was very excited when I first bought the book since I heard so much about Umezu's legacy and how important he was to Japan's horror comics Umezu comics may not create a completely new idea but he executes them in a way that is fresh

  9. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Part of a longer series Orochi Blood chronicles the dysfunctional relationship between two sisters one viewed as perfect the other constantly in her shadow Orochi is a mysterious ghostspirit; I'm not sure what exactly But I do like her The art in this was very anime esue wide eyes and tiny mouths on all the faces but it's the story and not the art that propels the graphic novel forward

  10. Jenna Jenna says:

    If you're into gore strange meddling characters and watching people go insane this is for you I was fascinated at first but I only read up to Vol 2 Ch 5

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Orochi: Blood ➵ [Read] ➯ Orochi: Blood By Kazuo Umezu ✤ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Orochi Blood is a tale of two sisters Kazusa the older perfect sister and Lisa her supposed inferior Following a car accident Lisa is saved by a girl named Orochi who then mysteriously falls asleep fo Orochi Blood is a tale of two sisters Kazusa the older perfect sister and Lisa her supposed inferior Following a car accident Lisa is saved by a girl named Orochi who then mysteriously falls asleep for several decades When Orochi awakens she's being taken to a mansion where the two women live Lisa is now caring for the ill Kazusa What strange secret binds the sisters to each other and Orochi to both of them.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Orochi: Blood
  • Kazuo Umezu
  • English
  • 02 March 2016

About the Author: Kazuo Umezu

楳図 かずお birth name 楳図一雄 is an author of Japanese horror and other manga as well as a musician and actorHe had his first book of manga published while still in high school and made manga his career immediately upon graduation After moving to Tokyo in he developed his detailed horror manga style and has since published his comics in every genre from horror fiction to science fiction to humour He won the th Shogakukan Manga Award in for The Drifting Classroom.