Fall on Your Knees ePUB ´ Fall on MOBI :Ú

Fall on Your Knees ePUB ´ Fall on MOBI :Ú

Fall on Your Knees ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Fall on Your Knees Author Ann-Marie MacDonald – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Sur la liste des incontournables de Radio Canada « 100 livres d’ici à lire une fois dans sa vie » Choix du Oprah's Book Club Prix du Gouverneur général pour la traduction de Lori Saint Martin e Sur la liste des incontournables de Radio Canada « livres d’ici à lire une fois dans sa vie » Choix du Oprah's Book Club Prix du Gouverneur général pour la traduction de Lori Saint Martin et Paul Gagné « Un roman envoûtant » Moniue Roy Châtelaine « Le roman de MacDonald allie remaruablement bien le mélodrame et un rythme Fall on MOBI :Ú endiablé à une profondeur de recherche historiue Ici on a affaire pas seulement à une conteuse habile mais à une romancière ui sait utiliser le passé » David Homel La Presse « Un roman ui m’a laissé une impression de coup de cœur et de coup de poing » Sophie Andrée Blondin Radio Canada La liste des livres d’ici incontournablesUne famille hors du commun mère morte trop jeune ne laissant derrière elle u’un tenace parfum de cèdre père conduit aux pires excès par un amour débordant et uatre enfants de la sainte nitouche à la fille perdue liées entre elles par des secrets ui se dévoileront un à un Ce roman est aussi le portrait inoubliable de l’île du Cap Breton en Nouvelle Écosse durant les premières décennies du XXe siècleComédienne et dramaturge à succès Ann Marie MacDonald possède à fond l’art des dialogues ui sonnent juste et des rebondissements spectaculaires Son roman renferme la vie tout entière de l’horreur à la douceur de l’humour à la poésie de l’opéra au jazz Tantôt endiablée tantôt lyriue son écriture nous étonne et nous émeut sans finSaga familiale chroniue sociale ode à la passion et à tous les autres visages u’emprunte l’amour Un parfum de cèdre a valu à son auteur de nombreuses récompenses et a recueilli un concert d’éloges Dès les premières phrases on comprend pouruoiLes traducteurs LORI SAINT MARTIN et PAUL GAGNÉ.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 633 pages
  • Fall on Your Knees
  • Ann-Marie MacDonald
  • French
  • 07 August 2016

About the Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann Marie MacDonald is a Canadian playwright novelist actor and broadcast journalist who lives in Toronto Ontario The daughter of a member of Canada's military she was born at an air force base near Baden Baden West GermanyMacDonald won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for her first novel Fall on Your Knees which was also named to Oprah Winfrey's Book ClubShe Fall on MOBI :Ú received the Governor General'.

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  1. Greg Greg says:

    Stupid people read books because Oprah says so Other stupid people won't read a book just because Oprah picked it to be part of her club The second group of stupid people think they are very smart though and they are usually pretentious windbags who say very stupid shit but with big words that people are supposed to be impressed with The people in the second group will never read this awesome book and I don't feel sorry for them because they don't deserve it A note Of the second group they will also whine when a book from Oprah Book Club 21 ie the second incarnation of the book club which began with John Steinbeck's East of Eden and was in it's 20 manifestation only going to be for dead authors but then morphed into 21 to include such titles as The Road and Measure of a Man they want to buy is now affixed with the Oprah wrapper or sticker They will now whine about the little blemish in the same way they whine when the book they now want to read has just been made into a movie and only comes with a movie cover In both cases these people are bandwagon jumpers but don't want to seem like bandwagon jumpers and by buying the new edition of the book they will be seen as no different from the ignorant masses they so deeply despise Again they deserve what they get especially since everyone knows that you can goto a used bookstore and buy an old cover and if you really need to lie to yourself and everyone around you you can claim that the 1960's beat up mass market copy of Steinbeck you bought was really bought by you in a much better condition when you were thirteen and now you have worn the book down by your constant reading of it and because of that you know the book soooooo much better than anyone else alive

  2. Liberty Abbott-Sylvester Liberty Abbott-Sylvester says:

    OMG I hated this book It was painful to read I spent a good 3 hours trying to read this book and ended up skimming the rest of it so I could be done with it MacDonald covers just about every topic in her book racial tension isolation domestic abuse and forbidden love which leads to incest death and even murder but does it in a very complicated way that will turn many readers away I consider myself a strong reader one who has fantastic reading comprehension but this book tests even the strongest of readers I felt that I had to read for days in order to get the jest of what she wrote about 30 50 pages back It was ridiculousI consider myself pretty open to reading just about anything but this one just was too muchI think I'll stick to my VC Andrews for my abuse and incest stories She does them so much better than MacDonald didand that's not saying much is it?I'll give it 1 star but to be honest I wish Zero stars was an optionmaybe even negative ones I will not be reading any of her booksupdated shelves June 2011 zero stars due to skimming and not fully reading

  3. Jaidee Jaidee says:

    25 stars Jaidee fell on his knees and screamedAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghHow can a book that is written well with many excellent elements cause such dire frustration and become a hodgepodge mess????Ms Macdonald is a very good writer with wonderful ideas that seem limitless but unfortunately she tried to fit them all in the span of one novel There are a thousand stories in here and none get developed She creates a number of interesting characters only to plaster them with and make up and gaudier and gaudier costumes that take them from being flesh and blood to Vaudeville players This book is like taking first rate ingredients and putting them all together in a stew without any thought to how they will taste togetherShe piles dysfunction on top of dysfunction on top of dysfunction so that something that is initially interesting becomes histrionic and then just plain tediousI will try another novel of hers at some point and see if she has been able to direct her talent into something cohesive whole and ultimately satisfying

  4. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    For 15 years 1996 2010 Oprah Winfrey picked books for her book club Out of the 69 titles that she chose only 13 19% have appeared in at least any of the three 2006 2008 2010 editions of Boxall’s 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die4 by TONI MORRISON Beloved The Bluest Eye Sula and Song of Solomon 2 by CHARLES DICKENS A Tale of the Two Cities and Great Expectations 2 by GABRIEL GARCIA MARUEZ One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera 1 each by LEO TOLSTOY Anna Karenina ALAN PATTON Cry My Beloved Country JONATHAN FRANZEN The Corrections BARBARA KINGSOLVER The Poisonwood Bible BERNARD SCHLINK The Reader and ANN MARIE MACDONALD Wait Ann Marie who?You see for me her name does not really ring a bell Similar to the names of others in the list like Pearl Cleage Sheri Reynolds Mary McGarry Morris Edwidge Danticat Billie Leats Bret Lott Melinda Haynes Breena Clarke Gwyn Hayman Rubio and Malika Oufkir I think they all became household names because their books were picked by Oprah What was being included in the Most Influential People lists for so many years if she could not rally people to read her chosen books I must admit that I read David Wroblewski’s The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth because of Oprah’s stamp However I have had no motivation to read right away her other choices including Fall on Your Knees because of what Jonathan Franzen said in the interview that Oprah’s picks catered for readers who were women than menOn the superficial level that still is my main comment for this book Fall on Your Knees by Ann Marie MacDonald The story of 3 sisters Kathleen the eldest She is beautiful a musical genius and an apple of the eye of his father; Mercedes may not be as pretty as her siblings but she stood as the mother for her sisters when their mother died; Frances is as beautiful as Kathleen and she suffered in the hands of their father when the latter came back from the war Joining them is Lily who is the daughter of Kathleen and a twin of the baby infant Ambrose who accidentally died in the hands of Frances when he and Lily were born The 3 sisters’ mother Materia completes the list of female characters She is the only daughter of a wealthy Lebanese businessman She defied her parents who wished that she would marry a dentist by eloping with her husband James So the only male main character is the father James who may be good intentioned and has big dreams for her children but he is weak to resist temptation and to overcome the psychological effects of warSo there you go 5 strong female characters versus 1 weak male character So the mostly female adorers of Oprah cheer and clap their hands when Oprah raises the book and says “Hail hail read this book as I could not keep my hands from flipping over the pages while reading this”However for me there are three saving graces for this book And this maybe the reason why Oprah just flipped and flipped the pages till the wee hours of the morning1 Brilliant first chapter that begins with “They are all dead now” then you follow the camera that zooms in to the things that the previous occupants of the house possessed and used2 Character driven plot Mac Donald’s characters are bigger than the old familiar themes family love sisterly love incest war etc that we have all seen in the movies and read in similar books Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres easily came to my mind For one MacDonald was never melodramatic and you don’t close the book feeling emotionally cheated3 Having said that the denouement is well handled The use of the family tree not only wraps up the whole story but it provides the symbolism of the book’s main theme family love that no matter what we do at the end of our lives what matters most is our family Then when you close the book you know who the narrator of the first chapter should be Well thought of novel Well organized Well written For a first time writer this is just amazing Now I no longer wonder why the Boxall’s 1001 editors chose this book over the popular Oprah titles like The Story of Edgar Sawtelle The Pillars of the Earth The Road The Heart is a Lonely Hunter East of Eden I Know This Much is True She’s Come Undone or The Deep End of the Ocean

  5. Carissa Rogers Carissa Rogers says:

    I was in a super geeky frame of mind when I read this book in early spring of 2012 I had been reading books about metaphors see I told you geeky And as fate would have it I picked up this book suggested probably via the stream of books suggested on after you look at a book title there—right after my nerdy metaphor phase I literally started writing down metaphors I came across in the prose of this book AMAZING Beautiful I'm not talking about similes or simple comparisons people I'm talking about brilliant metaphorsthat blow my mind the glass panes gloated the silvery sea flatters the mooncleanliness of steel born of sootShivering slightly at the unaccustomed breeze passing through the new spaces in her spineShe fell through a crack in time without spilling a drop When she returned the tea was still piping hotTeresa smiles at her Frances collects the moment and puts in in a safe place with 2 or 3 others other moments isn't that brilliant?The air New York is what the Gods live onSits down in train station serenaded by the noisy crowdScared It's autumn in her mouth and all her tongue can do is rustle Upon waking Light in eyes she buries her face in her pillow because the light is an eye operation in the scalpel lightKathleen is an abandoned mine after c sectiondeathknocking The door is thumping like a heart attackhappyHe was Aladdin in an orchard dripping with diamondsIt was all boarded up but he set to work prying planks off windows healing the blindHer hair smells like the raw edge of springhe was a Cucumber in a woollen suit vs cool as a cucumberA bookish girl plain as a rainy TuesdayAnd possibly my very mostest favorite est one of all enough merchandise to Mephistophelize a miner's wifeI didn't know that word could be a verb Oh the story? The Plot? Also fabulous WORTH READING Worth reading twice Follows a young man in Nova Scotia and his life in a mining town His young wife their children and later the story of the children's lives Epic Amazing Disgusting Compelling Sweet Horrible EVERYTHING a wonderful novel should be and is Okay just go read it already

  6. Louise Louise says:

    This book reminded me of a grown up VC Andrews except you can read it on the subway without feeling like a pervy 12 year old Very Gothic at times and the crazy family drama had me reading non stop despite all the main characters being unlikeable assholes in one way or another One thing that bugged me was that some of the writing didn't seem historically accurate Did people in the 1920s really say barf? Maybe they did I don't know Regardless I couldn't put this down and I blew through it in a couple days

  7. Matt Matt says:

    I have had this piece by Ann Marie MacDonald on my to read shelf for a significant amount of time but never found the time to read it When I took the plunge I kicked myself for waiting so long as there was a great deal to enjoy within it and seems worthy of the accolades it’s received New Waterford Nova Scotia is a small town on Cape Breton Island along Canada’s East Coast At the turn of the 20th century things were bustling and the population uite varied It was this that brought James Piper and Materia Mahmoud together in a union of forbidden love James who is without a strong religious morality did not sit well with the staunch Catholic Mahmouds whose Lebanese background left them little choice but to disown Materia Once married the Pipers began building the foundation of their family which included a slew of daughters Kathleen Mercedes Frances and much later on Lily What follows is a tale of drama and intrigue that pushes the Pipers to the brink In a family so apparently tightly woven is a pile of secrets both from the outside world and amongst themselves that no unit could be expected to come out of it without cracks With a skill all her own Kathleen heads to New York City to pursue a dream while James leaves to fight in the Great War for Canada and Britain By the end of the skirmish both of them would experience life altering events that would change the narrative forever Struck by a number of tragedies in short order the Pipers grow and evolve in a multi generational story that exemplifies how decisions are catalysts for familial metamorphosis As the years pass some of these secrets come to the surface while new and devastating ones emerge taking these Piper women to new depths as they try to define themselves against the backdrop of an ever changing small town Canada feel Brilliant in its delivery MacDonald holds the reader’s attention throughout Recommended to those who love familial sagas that build on themselves as well as the reader who prefers small town stories and their uniue narrative pathwaysI remember reading another of MacDonald’s novels years ago and being fully committed from the get go The story the style and the characters all came together nicely and left me wanting However I never found the push to reach for this book and actually read it until now This story sees many of the Pipers take the protagonist’s seat and so I won’t choose just one That being said I can admit that all of these characters come together effectively to complement one another and help thicken the plot while aiding in creating wonderful backstory and development for one another From the struggles of raising a family in the early 20th century to familial abandonment the shock of war to the loss of a loved one the confusion of one’s place in the family unit to finding a place in the world All these are struggles faced throughout this powerful book whose narrative never lets the reader take a breath MacDonald contrasts all these against a time when speaking out was less fashionable and the mighty hand came down on those who stepped out of line Using Nova Scotia as a setting was brilliant as it adds even to the story both for its wonderful scenery and less electrified feel McDonald is able to inject some big city moments in New York but there is something about the sheltered life on Cape Breton that spoke to me With detailed chapters that serve as family vignettes MacDonald paints a wonderful picture of events as they progress throughout history While this is a long book it is sure to grip the reader in such a way that the pages will flow easily and the plot will keep the story moving Patience is a virtue and MacDonald rewards that type of reader throughout this piece Kudos Madam MacDonald for this stunning piece that opened my eyes to so very much about the time the region and your writingLovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  8. Christine Christine says:

    An amazingly harsh view of the hardships of lifeThis book is most definitely one of my favorites It is absolutely amazing It's scandalous it's real it's intriguing it's just plain good MacDonald's writing style creates an interactive world that pulls you in to first person view of the characters' lives The story follows the Piper family a uniue little set up of father and four daughters Mr Piper's wife has passed leaving him to fend for himself in a home bursting to the seams with the drama of being a young girl growing up with three other sisters Kathleen the eldest of the girls has been sent away to live out her father's vision of fame and perfection with her glorious voice Left behind are Frances a fiesty middle child who lives by her own rules Lily the youngest of the four living with a crippled leg and a strong desire to please and do good and Mercedes the second eldest longing to take the place of their late mother and following her faith closely and fiercely Each girl has their own story which is brimming with secrets that are both outrageous and real Mystery is around every corner and controversy hides behind each one If I had to describe it in one word it would be intense Every story is intertwined in surprising and unexpected ways It's difficult to not fall in love with someone in the novel because there really is somebody for everyone to relate to If you can stomach some harsh dramatic reality with believable characters in a world covered with a dark veil of the unexpected then this book may be the right way to go

  9. BrokenTune BrokenTune says:

    Lily stays sitting “Frances What if Ambrose is the Devil?” “He’s not the Devil I know who the Devil is and it isn’t Ambrose” “Who’s the Devil?” Frances crouches down as if she were talking to Trixie “That’s something I’ll never tell you Lily no matter how old you get to be because the Devil is shy It makes him angry when someone recognizes him so once they do the Devil gets after them And I don’t want the Devil to get after you” “Is the Devil after you?”“Yes” This is Ann Marie MacDonald's debut novel I need to keep reminding myself about this fact that it's a debut novel because it is a polished work of complexity and beauty Fall on Your Knees set in Cape Breton at in the first half of the 20th century tells the story of Materia Kathleen Mercedes Frances and Lily ie all the women of the Piper family Each woman has a voice a distinct history a distinct outlook on life and a distinct fate So really this is a novel with five main characters not to mention James who dwells at the centre of all their lives This book has so many layers that it was easy to be sucked into the world of the Pipers But it is not a comfortable place Far from it it is a world full of harshness brutality and abuse where each of the characters is trying to escape the confines of what holds them Be it religion loyalty or something else each character has their own form of imprisonment God did not put me on this earth to stand by while my sister Frances is killed Beaten is one thing Wrongly touched is one thing Stabbed with a bayonet is another Push Be strong enough to carry the burden of sin that goes with doing the right thing There is only one saint in this family and I’m not it God has made Mercedes a judge No one loves you for that Not like a crippled child who’s prone to visions Whom Mercedes prizes Not like a fallen woman who makes people laugh Whom Mercedes loves When reading some of the reviews the aspect that I have picked up on most is that people have read this because it was an Oprah bookclub read I am usually hesitant to follow up hyped up books but sometimes just sometimes they are a exactly the type of book that will work their way into your soul Fall on Your Knees is a perfectly constructed family saga but it is also than this It is a beautifully sketched insight into the human condition Mercedes is neither a saint nor a sinner She is somewhere in between She is why purgatory was invented

  10. Mimi Mimi says:

    Okay this is the second Oprah's Book Club book that I've read and like DROWNING RUTHChristina Schwartz I disliked the story due to the disturbingly depressing plot In DROWNING RUTH the whole idea of a mentally ill and controlling aunt Amanda ruining the life of her little niece Ruth after the girl's mother Mathilda mysteriously fell through the ice and drowned one cold winter eve was merely depressing; in FALL ON YOUR KNEES howeverthe pervading theme of incest was than distressing it was just downright gross and this is from an open minded reader NOT easily shocked or bothered by sexual content Although I am always interested in reading books that deal with sensitive and even shocking topics sometimes this makes a book interesting I just don't find a need to experience incest in such poetic proseThere's one thing I don't get in the description on the back cover the story is called menacingly dark and hilariously funny and it is also called darkly humorous Maybe I'm missing something or perhaps I'm not sophisticated enough but I just don't see any humor at all in this distressing tale and like I said I'm a very open minded reader

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