Kindle Edition ✓ Bohemian Gospel Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ Bohemian Gospel Epub Ú

Bohemian Gospel (Bohemian Trilogy #1) [Epub] ➝ Bohemian Gospel (Bohemian Trilogy #1) By Dana Chamblee Carpenter – Set against the historical reign of the Golden and Iron King Bohemian Gospel is the remarkable tale of a bold and unusual girl on a uest to uncover her past and define her destinyThirteenth century Bo Set against the historical reign of the Golden and Iron King Bohemian Gospel is the remarkable tale of a bold and unusual girl on a uest to uncover her past and define her destinyThirteenth century Bohemia is a dangerous place for a girl especially one as odd as Mouse born with unnatural senses and an uncanny intellect Some call her a witch Others call her an angel Even Mouse doesn’t know who—or what—she is But she means to find outWhen young King Ottakar shows up at the Abbey wounded by a traitor's arrow Mouse breaks church law to save him and then agrees to accompany him back to Prague as his personal healer Caught in the undertow of court politics at the castle Ottakar and Mouse find themselves drawn to each other as they work to uncover the threat against him and to unravel the mystery of her past But when Mouse's unusual gifts give rise to a violence and strength that surprise everyone—especially herself—she is forced to ask herself Will she be prepared for the future that awaits herA heart thumping highly original tale in the vein of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian Bohemian Gospel heralds the arrival of a fresh new voice for historical fiction.

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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamber Carpenter and narrated by Justine Eyre is a fascinating and riveting story of love magic and the paranormal The characters are so interesting A girl called Mouse that has supernatural abilities during a time of witch hunts A monk that cares for the orphan Mouse and hides her gifts A young king that falls in love with Mouse Crazy adventure and action with uniue creatures and creepy scenes The plot goes sideways and keeps the reader on their toes The endingblew me away Did not see that coming at all Wow I need the next book now The narration was excellent Perfect emotions timing and voices

  2. Iris Blasi Iris Blasi says:

    Granted I'm biased as I edited this book but Bohemian Gospel is AMAZING I was absolutely bowled over within the first few pages of the book The world was so rich the characters were so vivid and the writing was so captivating that I could hardly believe the book was a debut But indeed it was and I feel so lucky that I got to work with Dana to polish it into a finished book Every one who has read it so far has been absolutely mesmerized by the book — from the Killer Nashville committee who honored it with the 2014 Clay Award for best unpublished manuscript to our editorial assistants who simply couldn't put it down to our subrights agent who had worked on Elizabeth Kostova's blockbuster THE HISTORIAN and was the first of many readers to make that comparison to our kind early blurbers including New York Times bestselling author JT Ellison who called it a majestic historical novel — one of the most intriguing novels you'll read this year”I can't wait for the rest of the world to get to meet the main character the enigmatic Mouse She's special for sure and this is a very special book

  3. Vicki Vicki says:

    I love Mouse the young girl at the center of this absorbing novel set in 13th century Bohemia An orphan living in a monastery Mouse has a sharp mind a big heart and powers that defy explanation Many are afraid and call her a witch but in the monastery she is kept relatively safe until the day she saves the life of the Young King Suddenly her life is turned upside down Mouse is a fully developed and fascinating creation and this book kept me up late nights as I raced through it to see what would happen to her If you like character driven historical fiction set in a uniue place and time don't miss this one

  4. Anna Anna says:

    Bohemian Gospel is my American Beauty of books What I mean by this is that the first time I saw the movie American Beauty with some friends as soon as it ended I said I REALLY didn't like that It was a super depressing f'ed up movie and made me feel weird Then a few days went by and I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it It was always on my mind And by the end of the week I sent my friends a text that said Guys I think I liked 'American Beauty'That experience was pretty close to my experience with this book I started it and there was a young medieval misunderstood girl in Bohemia who saved the life of the crown prince the basis for some interesting historical fiction Then as I read the subject matter got darker and darker as well as weirder and weirder There was raving madness scary demon children unreuited love domestic abuse Then the events at the end happen in uick succession and as soon as I finished all I could think was What the f was that and rated it 3 stars It barely escaped two because I liked the setting and some of the characters before the craziness set in Then I thought about it And thought about what happened in it And I thought about the ending and wondered if even though the story was weird and violent whether it wasn't also pretty cool And rated it a star higher to 4 stars And thought about it all the next day And now it sits at 5 stars on my rating and I am seriously considering buying myself a copy Guys I think I liked Bohemian GospelAny of my Goodreads friends who want to dive into this and let me know their ratingsthoughts at the end would be much appreciated maybe the demon children from the story are invading my mind and making me rate the book higher But maybe it was also super awesome I don't even know what happened here

  5. Alison Alison says:

    Ugg This book was so different from the jacket description What a total let down I was expecting historical intrigue with some mystical elements Instead it was about SPOILER ALERT demonic demons The plot was all over the place she's with the king she's in the forest suddenly it's fifteen years later and it's about her love for a dog In the end she's the devil incarnate Makes me want to go back to the library I could have returned it I really only finished because I purchased it for thirteen whole dollars Yuck

  6. SmartBitches SmartBitches says:

    Lightning review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksFirst of all Bohemian Gospel needs to come with a trigger warning for EVERYTHING rape and attempted rape domestic violence scenes of torture and violence to animals and children The last one was especially hard for me and I had to skim some scenes A lot of historical fiction can get pretty gritty history is not pretty ya’ll but this book was just goddamned depressingSo this book pissed me off because Mouse is incredibly powerful When we get the big reveal as to why it’s a Big Reveal This book could easily have been Mouse coming into her power wrecking shit and finding her agencyIt wasn’tMouse largely refuses to use her power because clearly this kind of power is evil and she wants to be good and for God to love her The theme of God abandoning Mouse and her powers being bad came up over and over and over again I’m so sick of the trope of Woman Has Incredible Power But Must Suppress It Because Powerful Women EvilFuck ThatI wanted Mouse to reach her breaking point at some point and just destroy stuff and be powerful and magical and awesome Instead she remains a victim up to the last page I’m not sure if she was supposed to be a tragic character but it was so exhausting There’s a scene where a man rapes Mouse and she lets him because using her power would be evil I would have vastly preferred she turn him inside outThe reason this book didn’t get a F was that I did find the time period and history of 13th century Bohemia interesting and something that I hadn’t read much about but that didn’t make up for all the awful in the story Elyse

  7. Dale Dale says:

    Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamblee CarpenterI wasn’t at all sure I’d like this novel when Pegasus Books sent it to me for review It just didn’t seem to be the type of novel I usually read But I was extremely surprised I couldn’t put the book down and finished it in one readingMouse the heroine of the story has been raised in Teplà Abbey However; although it is the only home she has ever known she is not allowed into the church She has never been officially baptized and never even given a name Mouse being what she is called nicknamed by her wet nurse The Abbot refers to her as his andílek or angelIt is Mouse’s strange abilities that cause the sisters and brothers of the abbey to fear her All of her senses are heightened so that she can see hear touch taste and smell than any normal human should For example she can smell truffles under the ground or hear an arrow the moment it is released at a distanceThere are other powers she possesses but it would spoil the story to mention them But she is haunted by dark spirits and spends many nights sitting in a ring of lit candles to keep them at bay although they do find other ways to torment herAs the story begins the young King of Bohemia Ottokar called The Younger King because his father Vaclav also claims the throne has been wounded by an arrow Brought to the Abbey Mouse who has learned the arts of a healer knowledgeable in the uses of herbs teas poultices and sewing wounds saves his lifeAnd thus begins an adventure that will take Mouse far from her home at the abbey She will travel with the King who names her Lady Emma She will have adventures with the supernatural translate an almost untranslatable codex be in danger from the warring factions of Ottkar and Vaclav understand about her powers and live in solitude at times She will have joy and sorrow good times and bad; and through it all survive with the uestions she most wants answers to forbade her time and againThe book that she writes The Bohemian Gospel of the book title is known by another name which I will allow the reader to discover for him or herself The novel reveals much about the history of the time stated finally at the end of the book to be 700 years before the present The daily life of the people their superstitions and the battle their clerics face against the Church in Rome all add spice to a story already rich with fantasy and glazed with a touch of horrorI highly recommend this book to people who enjoy The Sister Fidelma Brother Cadfael and Dame Frevisse novels While this is not a religious crime solver novel the same type of tidbits of information and historical research can be found in this volumeI congratulate Ms Carpenter on a job well done Encore I give the book an easy five stars plusuoth the Raven

  8. Rana Rana says:

    This was floating along three ish stars and pretty good but nothing wowzers And then at about the 300 mark it took a much darker turn and got really really good And the last ten pages or so Heart breaking And the last two pages Boom That my friends is how you end a mother fucking book With a boomUpdate on the re read I bumped this up a star I love this book

  9. Marie Z. Johansen Marie Z. Johansen says:

    Disclosure first The editor suggested that I might enjoy reading this book and sent me a copy This person seems to be able to intuit what I will like though and so I was uite pleased to have the chance to read this bookShe thought that since I had gone 'gaga' over Hild this book would be of interestad it was The 5 stars are all my own decision though this is a great readWhen I turned the last page I began trying to think about how I would describe this book It is light and dark sweet and bitter tangled and clear There is one scene towards the end that reminds me of a verbal rendering of the Hieronymus Bosch's painting The Fall Of The Damned Into Hell This book grabbed my attentopn from the first page and that does not happen all that oftenSynopted This book tells the story of 'Mouse' She is a 13th century Bohemian girl with who has no history no family not even a name Mouse feels that she does not belong anywhere she feels unloved and unwanted Her parents are unnamed and all she has to tell her story is a bracelet that was her mothers that is marked with a sparrow sigil Her adoptive 'parents' are Mother Kizi and Father Lucas who brought her to their abbey as an infant so that she can be brought up in safety She is nothowever allowed to share in mass or to become a member of the church but she is well trained as a healer She has unusual abilities; highly sensitive to her environment and able to hear and see things that others cannot as well as possessing the gift of eidetic memory and the ability to heal herself uickly from any wounds or illness The young king of Bohemia Ottaker is grievously wounded and in the absense of the regular physicians at the abbey Mouse tends to him healing a 'through and through ' arrow wound Of course he wants her to remain with him when he ready to leave Mouse hesitates but accompanies him to follow her greater destiny Of course romantic feelings begin to grow between the pair and for a time Mouse envisions a perfect life of belonging and family as the young kings wife but she and Father Lucas have greater dragons to slay erhhh I mean evil to conuer and they travel to a dark place to bind the evil forces Meanwhile back at the castle the young kings nasty father returns from his travels and uickly imprisons his son and his men Mouse intuits his need and returns to engineer a plan to save Ottaker The elder evil king is found to be insane and Mouses' plan includes holding the elder king in his rooms as Ottaker assumes the reigns of power and heals his countries wounds Part of that plan reuires him to make peace with Austria and marry the princess Margaret dashing Mouses' happy dreams of belongoing and family The youn king marries her to his trusted friend but not before Mouse seduces him for one night of passion before her marriage to Lord Rozemberk Of course this results in a pregnancy which leads her husband to become unbelieveable cruel The twisty plot continues until the last pages and a very dramatic unexpected end This book is very well done; complex well written characters a plot that twists and turns Historically based facts that refect the darkness of the 13th century and a bit of the history of Bohemia For a very uick look to check some yhe historical facts Wikipedia has a decent albeit short entry about Bohemia at coulld easily read this as an allegorial book; good and bad right and wrong saints and sinners dark and light that addresses feelings that most of us experience at one point or another in lives belonging or not frustrated love being captured by darkness depression and the choices that we make to choose good over evil It is a bit of cautionary tale Perhaps that is too deep an interpretation but it did cross my mind and I tend to read fiction for pleasure and don't generally over anaylze what I readv so perhaps you might find these elements as you read as wellI am not sure that I would class this as YA read but of course that would depend on both the youth as well as the parents sensibilities It has a very dark edge and there is uite a bit of cruelty but at least no overt sexual content I will be eager to read the next book from this talented author For a debut novel this really does get 5 stars

  10. Susan Susan says:

    This book belongs in the fantasy or horror categories I like supernatural elements in books but in this book they were overt and to my mind overdone What I didn't like about the story It is dark dark dark There is no light no beauty not even in the characters Perhaps the only good characters in the story were Fr Lucas Gitta and Luka although we can't know for sure because we never learn anything about them even though Fr Lucas raised Mouse and Gitta was Mouse's maid in Prague It is unrelentingly disgusting and gory I was most excited about the setting of this tale but the filth and gore obscured any natural beauty of the place which unfortunately was not well drawn It felt like the author started with an idea a good idea and began writing without any clear plan or direction The story meanders strangely into areas that are never fully developed I'm talking about Houska; Mouse's and Ottakar's relationships with his father; the weird fifteen years in the wilderness and Mouse's rescue by the old woman; the whole wolf thing; etc etc and fail to move the story and characters forward meaningfully The two big reveals were both enormous let downs The first was Mouse's parentage I think I actually said aloud Oh for heaven's sake when her father's identity was given To me it was a very poorly imagined explanation for Mouse's abilities As a reader I found it insulting and incompatible with Mouse's character The second was the identity of Ottakar's assassin No surprise there And then there was the ending Which I won't go intoI really wanted to love this book I pre ordered it I will say that the book's design is very nice the cover art is lovely and the typeface easy to read Unfortunately the story itself is sloppy and in the end without hope or point

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