Her Dragons Heart Dragon Guard #75 PDF ò Heart Dragon

Her Dragons Heart Dragon Guard #75 PDF ò Heart Dragon

Her Dragons Heart Dragon Guard #75 ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Her Dragons Heart Dragon Guard #75 By Julia Mills ❤ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Book 8 in the Dragon Guard series The books can be read as stand alone stories but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series What do you get when you combine one Book in the Dragon Guard series Heart Dragon ePUB ↠ The books can be read as stand alone stories but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series What do you get when you combine one head strong dragon shifter with a young woman whose past won’t stay hidden Then add a coven of demon raising wizards and a Fate that will not be denied The perfect recipe Her Dragons MOBI :Ú for sizzling romance spine tingling intrigue sword swinging action and swoon worthy love Enter the world of the Dragon GuardForever be changed This book contains explicit sexual material and violence It is only suited for mature readers years of age and older.

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  1. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    3 Her Dragon Heart Stars Her Dragon’s Heart is book eight in the Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills It was a fairly good read in the series We get dragons witches and shifters I always have a good time returning to this world with its sexy dragons and the one woman whom the Universe has created for them I like that the books are uick reads Her Dragon’s Heart was an enjoyable book The romance is an insta loveattraction so everything happens uickly My main issue was that for most of the book our couple was apart and it just did not feel like they had the time they need to get to know one and other The author does indicate at the begging of the story that our couple has spent a lot of time together a few months but something felt off to me When they do get together the sensual scenes are steamy This was a nice installment and even though it was not my favorite I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book If you enjoy dragons then I recommend giving this series a try

  2. Ana Ana says:

    Melanie Whelan has been hiding her true self from the world in the guise of her passion for helping people as a nurse She has hidden her gifts for fear of being discovered by the one person you would never imagine could hurt you Granddaughter to one of the strongest men in Black Magic the leader of Dorcha But the closeness of ones true love can make your shields go down and 20 years are lost in that moment of weakness even if only in thoughtJace Macuaid has been paralyzed by the knowledge that his one true mate has appeared to him by magic The young Guardsman is so paralyzed that he can't even talk to her and he knows that she must feel it too Only the danger she falls into now spurs him into action to save the woman he is destined to spend the rest of his life with and it matters not who she isThis is a wonderful story full of love action and determination

  3. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis says:

    DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Title Her Dragon's HeartSeries Dragon GuardDesignation Book Eight of Series Can Be Read As StandaloneAuthor Julia MillsReading Platform Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating FIVE DRAGO LICIOUS STARSWow The very talented Julia Mills has stolen our hearts once again with Her Dragon's Heart the eighth riveting release in her bestselling mega hit Dragon Guard Series Like many of her other loyal fans I have followed this series since the very beginning and can't seem to get enough of the wonderful adventures of the super sexy Dragon Guard I love it Although this book can be read as a standalone I would highly recommend reading the books in order You'll never regret it but you may just find that you also have become a die hard Julia Mills fan The story is exciting thrilling fast paced action packed suspenseful romantic and seductive And did I say sexy? No? Well it's seriously sexy The dialogue flows effortlessly and the narrative is exceptionally well written in the third person with multiple points of view There were a few errors that could be easily corrected with a good edit but nothing that detracted from the story The characters are fascinating captivating engaging and endearing The heroes are brave loyal swoon worthy alpha males and the heroines are beautiful intelligent courageous and fiercely independent females Each book features a different dragon guardsman finding his true mate the one woman the universe made just for him In this story we have handsome dragon shifter Jace Macuaid of the Golden Fire Clan and his destined mate lovely nurse and white witch Melanie Rose Whelan who just happens to be the granddaughter of the Grand Draoi of the Dorcha a coven of wizards and witches who worship demons Oh my Jace first met Melanie four months ago when he was first assigned to guard duty at the hospital but was hesitant to pull the trigger on a relationship with the beautiful nurse and now he may be too late Oh no Jace had no clue of Melanie's true identity until now and she's just been abducted by her malevolent grandfather and he has some very evil plans for his only granddaughter Oh my goodness Now Jace will have to find and rescue her before he can propose That is after he tells her he's a dragon Will Jace be able to find Melanie before it's too late??? I wonder??? What's a little magic mayhem and a plot to rule the world among enemies??? Buckle up my lovelies Here we go again Handsome dragon shifter check Beautiful inexperienced white witch check Evil grandfather and coven of demon worshipers check Danger drama action adventure magic and evil machinations check Sweet romance and fated love you bet That and a whole lot Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read

  4. Anna Salamatin Anna Salamatin says:

    This is Jace and Melanie's StoryJace Macuad is an amazing bronze dragon and also the youngest of the dragon's He has found his mate Melanie Whelan is a nurse and works at the hospital She has a past that she ran from 20 years ago and a secret she keeps a tight lid on but all of that is about to change and all hell is about to break loose when Jace finally gets up the nerve to go and speak to Melanie and with any luck get her to see that they are mates Her past has caught up with her and she is kidnapped The whole Dragon Guard with Kyra's help in locating Melanie is beside Jace as he goes to get the one the universe has made just for him AfterallFate Will Not Be Denied

  5. T.M. Payne T.M. Payne says:

    Book Her Dragon's Heart Dragon Guards #8Author Julia MillsPublication Date 7102015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW In this story we get the youngest of the guards Jace and his soon to be mate Melanie Well that is not happening so fast as Melanie has been kidnapped Melanie has hidden her magic for many years but now her grandfather the King of Dark Magic and of witches has found her and had her brought to him Now its up to the Dragon Guard men to save her Melanie and Jace already have a very strong bond and they are not even mated yet so its with hope this bond will help the guard find her Another fantastic book in this seriesJulia Mills

  6. April ♥"LOS" ♥ April ♥"LOS" ♥ says:

    I really enjoyed watching the dragons find their mates throughout the series So I was excited to see that Julia Mills wrote books about some of the other dragon clans

  7. donna donna says:

    Enter a dragon guardsman they fight to protect all from evil He found his mate while recovering from injuries at the hospital He was a chicken and kept waiting for the right time to talk to her He kept watch over her and their bond grew Then one night he didn't hear or feel anything through their growing bond She didn't know what it was about him that drew her but she couldn't let him get too close especially with her past Do they make it? What's her past?

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    Each story seems to be similar but yet there is a enough difference to be enjoyable I am loving how all the past stories are included This way you keep seeing new guards find their mates but you still see the other characters grow but still can be stand alone books Jade is the youngest of the Dragon Guard and Meli Rose is pure with an evil background Can't wait for the next

  9. Monica Monica says:

    This was much shorter than the other Dragon Guard series However that doesnt take away from the story at all I've loved Jace's character from the other books He's started out small and had gotten a bigger role as the books go along He's the youngest of the Dragon Guards He's a bronze dragon and is oh so sweet Too cute and sexywaitcan they be both cute and sexy? Oh yes they can He's known who his mate is for awhile and has watched over her and has gotten to know Melanie Whelan a nurse who works at the hospital She appears human but she is nothing but She's a witch in hiding and has wanted to live a normal life after living a horrific life with her Grandfather He's NOT a nice man Craves powerthing is he's not always been that way He's been the loving Grandfather years ago when she was little and just craved power and it changed him Jace and Melanie are very drawn to each otherhe knows why but he's wanting to give her time and also trying to get up the nerve to tell her everything However before he can do that she is kidnapped by her Grandfathers minions HaI said minions which thats what they are He wants her power sooo bad but has come up with a detestable way of getting it without sacrificing her which is whats hes done previously with others Now that his mate has been kidnapped he calls on his fellow guardsmen and Kyra to help find her Love love Kyra LOL Melanie has sensed Jace but not sure what it means but tries to talk to him durng her captivity hoping he hears her Which he does as he gets closer to her Once she finds out he's a dragonshe passed out lol Not so much because of that but after everything its taken its toll and hello the man she loves is a dragon It was a bit much for her He he Anywaystheir love wont be denied and neither will these wonderful mates Jace and Melanie He's so romantic and sweet Loved the book Guess who finds their mate???????? Oh yeah Liam I feel so bad for Melanie's childhood best friend Hannah Her Grandfather put something so very evil in her I cant WAIT for the next book I also can't wait to see mates for the Blue dragons Rian and Rorythey are so funny and hot Secondary characters once again are so awesome and just make the books better in this series Loved it

  10. Betty Betty says:

    Jace Macuaid has met his mate Melanie Rose Whelan a nurse and white witch who has been hiding from her evil coven There is such a strong bond between them because they are in love with each other Jace can feel her emotions and some of her thoughts All of a sudden he can't get anything from her and knows something is terribly wrong He goes to her apartment and sees there was a struggle Her grandfather who is the head of her coven has had her kidnapped He needs a relative Melanie is the only one left to sacrifice so he can gain her powers and strengthen his again He's head of the Dorcha Coven and he's evil and uses black magic That was why Melanie ran away from the coven and didn't use her magic so he wouldn't find her but he finally did Jace and his friends track Melanie to where she is being held Can they save her and get her away from her grandfather? Will they have their happy ending? There is plenty of mayhem and action Liked all the other stories in the Dragon Guard Series this was a fantastic one too Can't stop reading it until you are finished

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