New Jerusalem News PDF/EPUB ´ New Jerusalem eBook

New Jerusalem News PDF/EPUB ´ New Jerusalem eBook

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  1. Shorty Shorty says:

    This novel was seriously great Some on gr liken it to a tragi comedy and I like the sound of this Especially how things unravel and play out throughout the novel Enright had me spellbound to this novel and I spent the most of this stormy day recuperating drinking tea and reading this novel I’m so glad I picked it up recently While there is some sex in this novel it shouldn’t be too shocking for other readers on gr I’d think Nothing too much or anything exciting than fellatio lol And luckily this novel doesn’t revolve around these characters sex lives thank goodnessI highly recommend this novel and give it 5 stars

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Dominick is the central character in this tragicomedy He is a polite and self sufficient free loader that travels from place to place staying as a house guest here and there This story finds him up in the Cape Cod area staying mostly with a geriatric couple Atticus and Lydia As things get odd he tries again and again to leave the area heading for sunnier climes But the dramadie keeps pulling him back inLord Witherspoon a minor British noble is Dominick’s alternate identity He finds it opens doors for him and he sees no harm in the little white lies he uses to bolster up this fake persona Dominick’s past remains mostly shrouded though we get a little bit about his parentage and perhaps a little psychology as to why he drifts from place to place He’s a man in the second half of his life with no attachments – no kids no spouse no siblings His mother is still alive but he doesn’t prefer to be reminded of that fact Sometimes he uses a little ruse making an offer on a place in order to gain access to it and stay as a house guest He’s a free loader when it comes to lodging but has enough means to cover food and funRight away I was interested in Dominick and where this story would take him The life he has chosen to live is so very different that I was caught up in why he was doing it Apparently mostly just for the experience of it Pretty soon he is hanging out with Atticus on his boat helping out as a kind of thank you for staying at Mount Sinai the affectionate name for the house on the Old Grofton island near New Jerusalem city Next thing Dominick knows there’s been a bombing and the Bay Savers group which Atticus is part of is the chief suspectWhat follows is part comedy and part drama as the FBI Homeland Security and a group called ICE swoop down upon the area to investigate Atticus and Lydia are at the center of this Of course Dominick’s fictitious Lord Witherspoon gets caught up in it as well and it’s way interest than Dominick likes He tries again and again to leave the area but keeps getting sucked back in by these friendships he has accidentally madeAdmittedly the plot does kind of ramble It started off strong building a kind of mystery to be solved Well that mostly petered out and only at the very near end does it come back into play My attention wandered in the middle because there wasn’t anything particularly significant happening that related to the bombing mystery There were some funny scenes mostly to do with the women who end up in Dominick’s bedThere’s a ton of interesting characters in this book Ms Arnold lives in New Jerusalem proper and often folks stay over at her place if they miss the last ferry I like her no nonsense attitude Brenda and Charlie are present at the start of the story but swiftly disappear though Dominick thinks of them often Charlie is into the bible and Fox news so some of his views are eyebrow raising or simply amusing Lydia and Atticus have twin grown daughters and we meet Angie She’s technically in charge of selling the house and Lord Witherspoon has made an offer on it Lydia herself is probably suffering from Alzheimer’s so sometimes she is argumentative sometimes amusing burnt toast nailed to the wall anyone? and sometimes lucid and well aware that she is losing it Mr Starks runs a local museum and is into photography ueen Emma is a local native american celebrity with fiery passion Each of these characters was well written and I uite enjoyed meeting them even if they had nothing to do with the central plotThe ending wasn’t at all what I was expecting but it was fitting It was poignant and a bit sad but also satisfying In the end this book is just about what Dominick experienced in Cape Cod over a winter It’s simply a little slice of his lifeI received a copy of this audiobook at no cost via iReads Book Tour company in exchange for an honest reviewNarration J Paul Guimont was a good choice for this book He had a steady easy to listen to voice and a good character voice for Dominick His female character voices were also very good being believable He also performed regional accents uite nicely

  3. Cathy Cole Cathy Cole says:

    I first became hooked on John Enright's writing when I read his four book Jungle Beat mystery series set in American Samoa so when I stumbled across New Jerusalem News I didn't hesitate to buy it At first I wasn't sure I'd like the story of a professional houseguest because to me that's synonymous with freeloader but Dominick isn't a freeloader The illegitimate son of a rich man he has an independent income and can pay his own way but the circumstances of his birth seem to have cast him in the role of the outsider looking inDuring the summer he and two friends enjoyed themselves by Dominick taking on the persona of Lord Witherspoon so they could have all the local realtors take them on tours of the mansions that were for sale It's only when he decides to stay during the offseason that Dominick's life begins to change An elderly couple Atticus and Lydia have a lot to do with that Atticus and Lydia have two grown daughters and in an attempt to make everything simpler when they die they signed over everything to them One of the daughters lives in London and ignores them The other lives in Boston and wants to shuffle her parents off to a condo in Florida so she can sell the property and make a fortune New Jerusalem News may seem a bit vague in its direction but so is Dominick This is a book to savor for its poetic descriptions of land and sea and for its marvelous character studies Dominick wants to live a life of non involvement a life in which he's merely an observer but reality has fun with him He can't abandon Atticus and Lydia and he can't help making friends with Emma and John Starks two of the locals And he certainly can't help getting involved when the FBI and Department of Homeland Security decide he's a terrorist This terrorist plotline has some pointed things to say about those two government agencies and it really pulls in the reader Enright had me genuinely concerned about the fate of his charactersThere's another book in the Dominick Chronicles Some People Talk With God I look forward to reading it John Enright has a poet's way with words and he certainly knows how to tell a story I'm looking forward to seeing what Dominick does next

  4. Jan P Jan P says:

    A very uniue delightful book about a man Dominick who lives his life freeloading off people having done so for years And he is a very pleasant guest who has people and places he stays with in many places all on a rotating basis His past is mysterious at first but becomes clearer as the story unfolds As does the reason for living the way he does especially as he has adeuate means to have a nice lifestyle Dominick presents a pleasant facade but does not want to be responsible for anyone nor have anyone depend on him What happens in this novel threatens his way of life Dominick is endearing in his own way and all the characters are engaging and it was a great story

  5. David Dobzelecki David Dobzelecki says:

    InterestingDone by someone who had experienced being disconnected by life purposefully or by accident Grew up near there and there are certainly the locals and the Summer people Thrown together or dissected for other purposes in another manner Again interesting characters and a semi believable plot line Escapism

  6. summer61 summer61 says:

    The development of the characters especially Dominick's is what kept me reading this but the plot such that it was meandered and kept petering out

  7. Sherrey Sherrey says:

    New Jerusalem News catchy title catchy cover Both intrigued me I'm so glad they did Why? Because I met the uirkiest group of people living between the pages of this book and in a town called New Jerusalem on Cape CodHowever you might know I'd land in the middle of this at the end of summer season Let it never be said the winters in New Jerusalem aren't fun and filled with mischief of various sorts Take a group of retired folks who are already uirky and place them in close proximity to one another and life is anything but dull Ah sweet New JerusalemEnright has drawn characters who come alive and you begin to feel they live next door I especially enjoyed Dominiue and when engaged in conversation and meals with Starks I enjoyed them as a pair of history loving bibliophilesA spark of perceived terrorism comes to New Jerusalem in the form of a group of people attempting to save their local waters from the efforts of big business and the government but to tell you would spoil it for you And you are going to read it aren't you?On a scale of 1 5 stars New Jerusalem gets 4 stars I don't ordinarily share my star ratings here; I leave those for other venues but this one I want to make sure you're at least interested inThe loss of one star was based on the author's own rating of this book as an R rating for two explicit sex scenes both rather matter of fact However there is no violence or bad languageFTC Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author via iRead Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review Opinions expressed are mine

  8. Marilyn Wilson Marilyn Wilson says:

    New Jerusalem News is a work of fiction set on an island in New England Reading the synopsis is a bit misleading at the start The plot sounds like high intrigue and fast action Nothing could be further from the truth But the statement that the book is all about the characters is bang on and to focus on the characters means a slower pace to the story telling This presents a challenge for writers How do you keep the reader turning the page when there isn't constant action? Enright manages beautifully in this well written bookThe main character Dominick is a professional house guest who uncharacteristically ends up spending winter months on a uiet island in the home of an elderly couple Atticus and Lydia While he tries his best to never get involved in the lives of those he bunks with he finds himself slowly and increasingly entwined in their struggles an environmental protest gone bad health issues a difficult daughter and He also finds himself in the spotlight as the main suspect at the center of a government investigationOver the course of the story we are introduced to several other interesting locals Each comes alive as we listen to them speak and watch them interact with other And fun is made of bureaucracy how single minded the focus can be and how once wrong decisions are made the cover up begins Truth and history are written as you go along I thoroughly enjoyed this book and consumed it cover to cover

  9. Teresa Teresa says:

    I would really love to visit New Jerusalem It sounds like one of those uirky small towns Where every one knows everything If you sneeze today your neighbor will say bless you tomorrow when you see him The books main character is Dominiue who is a professional house guest He drifts from lace to place and always has a place to stay He starts our staying with one Couple then ends of moving to another couples home Where he ends up deciding to stay the winter in a New Jerusalem instead of his normal routine of going south like the birds for the winter Dominiue never gets involved with the goings on in the towns he stays or in the lives of the people he stays with But this winter he will He tries not to but try as he might he gets dragged in to the plight of his host Then the fun really begins in the story There is a environmental protest going on and Dominiue ends of being suspected in terroristic bombings John Enright really drags you into this book Not only does he introduce you to his characters but you really feel like you get to know these people personally There is never a truly dull moment in this book I usually rad romance and paranormal books and skip right over this type of book but I am very glad I chose to read this book I really enjoyed it I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

  10. Dawn Dawn says:

    I received a free copy of the audiobook for an honest reviewNew Jerusalem News is a different kind of book It’s about a drifter who lives off of the guilt money from his deceased always absent father He has many friends and is a professional houseguest When he starts to feel like a burden or starts to get too close or gets bored he moves on The characters are well developed They are older dealing with the problems of the elderly whether it is their health their memory or their children I liked how complex they are For example Dominick tells himself that he won’t get too close to anyone but every time he decides to leave something comes up and he has to help someone out He also has some interesting thoughts about sex Another example is Lydia She loves her husband and is usually pleasant to everyone but she can’t stand her twin daughtersThe narrator had a clear voice that was easy to understand He did fairly well at the different voicesAlthough the FBI and ICE show up and Dominick is considered a suspect in possible terrorist attacks New Jerusalem News isn’t suspenseful like you would think It’s interesting even includes a little history and is often funny It did get a little slow at times but I enjoyed it overall

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New Jerusalem News ➽ [Reading] ➿ New Jerusalem News By John Enright ➲ – The summer season on Cape Cod is over—now it’s time for the real fun to beginDominick is always just passing through He is a professional house guest who follows the sun and the leisure class from The summer season on Cape Cod is over—now it’s time for the New Jerusalem eBook Ü real fun to beginDominick is always just passing through He is a professional house guest who follows the sun and the leisure class from resort to resort But this winter he lingers on a uaint New England island and in spite of his best intentions becomes involved in the travails of his eccentric geriatric hosts An environmental protest against a proposed liuid natural gas terminal turns ugly and by accident and happenstance Dominick becomes a mistaken suspect in terrorist bombingsBut New Jerusalem News is really about its characters—the plot is just to keep them busy as we get to know them None of them are young—white bearded men and blue coiffed women busy with aging dementia and ungrateful children But Dominick strives to float above it all in a life of itinerant escape A New England comedy of sorts on another level New Jerusalem News is an extended meditation on history identity and what it means to drift.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • New Jerusalem News
  • John Enright
  • English
  • 01 May 2016

About the Author: John Enright

John Enright was born in Buffalo New York in After serving New Jerusalem eBook Ü stints in semi pro baseball and the Lackawanna steel mills he earned his degree from City College of New York while working full time at Fortune Time and Newsweek magazines He later completed a master’s degree in folklore at UC Berkeley before devoting the s to the publishing industry in New York San Francisco and Hong K.