Barbarian Alien Part 6 eBook Ø Barbarian Alien

Barbarian Alien Part 6 eBook Ø Barbarian Alien

Barbarian Alien Part 6 ➳ [Reading] ➶ Barbarian Alien Part 6 By Ruby Dixon ➩ – Everything seems to be piling on at once I'm pregnant the aliens are revolting against my mate and not even my human friends have my back It's time for me to buck the system to get what I want But can Everything seems to be piling on at once I'm pregnant the aliens are revolting against my mate and not even my human friends have Barbarian Alien Kindle - my back It's time for me to buck the system to get what I want But can I go against everything to claim the guy as mineEven if it means exile with himBARBARIAN ALIEN is a seuel to ICE PLANET BARBARIANS You do not have to read both in order to understand the plot but the story will be richer if you do.

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  1. Penny Penny says:

    This is a Review of The Complete Series Awww I loved it That settled it I am addicted to this series now I want the next book yesterday And the next one tooJust like the first book this is a silly read hello aliens with silly situations aliens but is a silly I like a lot so give me sillyLiz was pretty funny not that her main worries and attitude were very believable according to the circumstances but hell who cares? I liked it all Raahosh is the best so sweet and innocent The sex was pretty cool tooOne writer for my Guilty Pleasure's list

  2. ♥️Victoria ♥️ ♥️love books♥️ ♥️Victoria ♥️ ♥️love books♥️ says:

    I'm starting to fall in love with these blue weird looking alien men LOL

  3. Mare Mare says:

    Awww how beautiful ending but I want I want Kira's and Aekos story pleaseeeI have love this series since I read Ice Planet Ruby Dixon I am glad I found your books

  4. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis says:

    WHO KNEW SCI FI COULD BE SO DELICIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY FUNNY ??Book Barbarian Alien Part Six ForeverDesignation Part Six of Six A Sci Fi Alien Romance Multi Installment SerialAuthor Ruby DixonSeries Ice Planet BarbariansMy Rating FIVE FABULOUSLY ENTERTAINING STARS Oh my lordy What a fabulously fun filled rip roaring great read I absolutely love it I began reading Ruby Dixon's work almost three months ago when she introduced her first foray into the science fiction genre with her Ice Planet Barbarian SeriesI uickly gobbled up all six books and still craved So when I learned she was releasing Barbarian Alien a second season of her amazingly popular Ice Planet Barbarian project I eagerly yelled sign me up now And please take my word for it folks she does not disappoint It is well worth the wait As in her previous release the serial consists of six books with the first two installments being released simultaneously on June 24 the third releasing on July 3 and the remaining three installments releasing weekly thereafter with Book Six concluding on July 24 2015 The complete bundle will be available for purchase on July 24 as well and that's today Although the author does a brilliant job of explaining the premise and back story from the original story I would still highly recommend reading the first six books I immediately fell in love with Dixon's boundless imagination her ingenious originality and especially her sassy prose And my love for her books is still going strong Who knew science fiction could be so romantic so seductive and so hilariously funny as well as exciting thrilling and so full of adventure??? Obviously no one ever told Ruby Dixon she couldn't include a little of everything including some exceptionally well written and hot as haydees dialogue along with some smoking hot characters and some steamy dreamy sex Yowza And what a wild ride it is Buckle up my lovelies Here we go againThe premise of the story Ice Planet BarbariansThree weeks ago fifteen women were abducted from earth by vicious cruel aliens Six of the women were placed in stasis but nine were imprisoned in a cage in the cargo hold The ship experienced mechanical problems reuiring the aliens to jettison the cargo hold to the nearest plant hoping they would soon be able to return for their bounty Three of the women died in the crash to the harsh ice planet leaving six in stasis and six awake but slowly freezing to death with no clothes no shoes no way to stay warm and no food to eat One of the women ventured out to find help and eventually returned with her huge new alien mate and the available men from his tribe And did I mention that they were huge? Yeah well did I also mention they were really huge blue had a tail and horns??? And they wanted to mate the women??? What? And to complicate an already very complicated situation to survive on this ice planet each inhabitant must be implanted with a symbiont a khui or they will die What the heck??? Georgie the woman who ventured out for help and returned with an alien mate was featured in the first serial along with her alien lover Vektal chief of his tribe This story features Liz Cramer who is best described as sidekick Robyn to Georgie's Batman Yeah those are Liz's words not mine So here we goBarbarian Alien Parts One through Six The exciting conclusion to Raahosh and Liz's storyTwenty two year old Liz Cramer was not only having a bad day she was having a bad month Three weeks ago she had been abducted by little green men and her then data entry clerk job had certainly not prepared her for this experience One thing for sure her Dad had taught her how to hunt and how to be a survivor She'll do just about anything to survive long enough to return to Earth if that's even possible but there are just some lines even she's not prepared to cross First she's not prepared for Raahosh the big blue alien who won't take his eyes off her and is lurking way too close for comfort all the darn time and second there's no freaking way she's going to allow one of those symbiont 'cooties' to be implanted in her body Nope she's not mating with that creepy blue dude and certainly not letting that parasite take up residence in her body Never gonna happen Or will it??? Oh my Big blue alien Raahosh has always felt alone He's never had a mate Heck he's never even had sex but his khui is demanding that he mate with the human woman Liz Why couldn't he have resonated for one of his own people??? They're are too small and too fragile Besides he doesn't even like the way they lookWell maybe he does just a littleespecially after he gets a sneak peak He's determined to have her and won't allow anyone to take her including Vektal the chief of his tribe His human mate has accepted him so he doesn't understand What's an alien to do??? Why throw the human over his shoulder and spirit her away to his secret cave of course But will she still hate him when she awakens to discover she has been kidnapped again?? Oh my Apparently not It seems there's a lot to Liz than Raahosh ever dreamed She seems to think that she can hunt like a male Huh? Females don't hunt they are too precious But try telling that to Liz Raahosh is than a little surprised to discover that Liz truly can hunt and is proficient with a weapon she made something called a bow Color him surprised but when a promising excursion turns into a encounter with dangerous creatures Raahosh and Liz must defend themselves and Raahosh is left seriously injured and near death Liz is all alone so how will she manage to transport Raahosh back to their cave with no one to help her? He will surely die from his injuries or freeze to death if left out in the cold Will Liz be able to save Raahosh from certain death?? Liz is finally beginning to realize that she has real feelings for the big blue one horn lug but has she come to her realization too late??? Let's hope not because Liz and Raahosh have been found by the tribe and are now being escorted home but Liz has no idea what lies in store for her fierce warrior There are severe conseuences for kidnapping a female Unfortunately as chief of the tribe Vektal must dole out punishment to his friend Raahosh for disobeying tribal law and that means banishment from the tribe Will Liz manage to save her fierce blue alien lover again??? Or will Liz's unorthodox antics earn her severe punishment as well??? I wonder??? No spoilers from me but I will say thisBeautiful stubborn spunky earth woman with a seemingly big chip on her shoulder is determined to go down fighting and now has a sex crazed khui cootie demanding its mate check Big blue alien with horns ridges and a tail whose khui has already chosen Liz and is resonating full speed ahead for the small lovely human check Danger adventure laugh out loud humor and a ton of fun hijinks check Heated attraction fiery passion a lust fueled mating call two determined khuiscooties sweet romance and some steamy dreamy sex you bet That and a whole lot And it just gets better and better I can hardly wait to see what Ruby Dixon has in store for us next Deliciously cute seriously sexy and delightfully entertainingComplimentary copy received in exchange for an honest review

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