The New Savants eBook ß The New Epub /

The New Savants eBook ß The New Epub /

  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • The New Savants
  • Tim Flanagan
  • English
  • 04 January 2016
  • 9781514759530

10 thoughts on “The New Savants

  1. Tim Flanagan Tim Flanagan says:

    Well slightly biased but I would say it is a pretty good book Book 2 is in the planning stage and I'm looking forward to starting it

  2. Leserling /Belana Leserling /Belana says:

    This is a great start to a series and I hope the seuels will soon available because I'd love to know how the story goes on True this is completed but there is potential for at least one seuel It's a wonderful YA story with magic and children and youths who are different from what is generally accepted as 'normal' The idea is great and I was hooked from the first to the last sentence and I'm way past the YA age I imagine this could be a great hit with boys and girls there's young people who don't belong who have to hide their special gifts and suddenly they realize that they are not alone that there are others just like them and that their various skills are useful even needed to protect the society that doesn't want themMartin Hillier did a fantastic job narrating the story he's certainly a narrator to look out forThe story is fast paced and much too short I could have gone on listening yet there's some character development at the end of the book you have a clear idea of who is who and what the protagonists' strengths and weaknesses are I really hope there'll be seuelsI was voluntarily provided this free review copy audio book by the author narrator or publisher

  3. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    I could be biased because I grew up anxiously waiting for the next Harry Potter book to come out but this book was heavily influenced by Harry Potter There were way too many things for my taste I prefer a bit originality which is why I fell in love with Harry Potter in the first place I also felt like the descriptions of certain things were TOO detailed For example I can't for the life of me picture what the school looks like or what the pipes look like The author described them definitely in detail but I just can't form a picture of them in my mind I feel like there was too much detail for my brain to focus on if that makes sense I also read this digitally and I know some books like this have pictures at the beginning of the chapters in the printed version so maybe that's the same way I don't know I did like how it was college students and not younger like with Harry Potter It's relatable to me since I am an adult and I also went through college I will definitely keep reading because the story line is intriguing I just am not a fan of how so much is like the Harry Potter series the count being resurrected Bay a lot like Hagrid how the pipes match with the students the kid in the beginning is a lot like both Draco and Dudley especially always having the two lackeys the way the bad savants the counts followers forgot their names off the top of my head were dressed in the end etcOh and I do love how there are so many different students working together and how they each have a mentor I am bummed though that they are the only students I feel like with so little students there might now be as much conflict but we'll see what the author can throw at us readers

  4. Linda Linda says:

    I really enjoyed this book It tells the story of a uiet university student who tries hard not to be noticed He doesn't want anyone to know that he's different He spends his time outside of school washing dishes in a restaurant and trying to avoid the bullies who torment him each dayAll of this changes when he gets noticed for his special abilities Then he is invited to join a special group of people who have abilities similar to his own He receives training on how to use his abilities and becomes a part of a team to fight against an evil that is returning to England I found this to be uite enjoyable and look forward to reading about Louis and his friends I am recommending this to my kids I know they will love reading about Louis and his adventures

  5. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    Straight up fun with a side of adventure I highly enjoyed the read and am glad I was offered the chance to read and review by Tim Flanagan I enjoyed it a lot I liked how the story flowers and how it was handled I liked how it had some action and a lot of thought behind it I liked that there were several surprises in the storyThe author is straightforward in his writing and his adventure but doesn't allow you to make the call for the entire story too early Can't wait to see where he will go next with LouisI would suggest this read for tweens teens and young adult It has a perfect combo of adventure and fantasy for any reader

  6. Jeff Dunaway Jeff Dunaway says:

    I just finished reading Tim Flanagan's The New Savants Surge of the Red Plague The world that Tim Flanagan has created is excellent It is a place where a person who feels less than ordinary turns out to be extraordinary and is appreciated for the gifts and talents they have The character are being well developed and I cannot wait to see what happens to them next I highly recommend this book

  7. Suzie Suzie says:

    Excellent storyI would recommend this book to any reader over the age of 7 The Savants are people with extraordinary powers The main character can move faster than light His whole childhood he has been trying to hide that power because it frightens the people around him Found out what happens when he is found by a school that trains him to use his power for good What an adventure

  8. Heath Heath says:

    This is the first book in the series of The New Savants where the lead character is introduced with a puzzle to solve which leads him to a new life The book does introduces the cast of the story and the hidden history of what we thought was a normal world The book was entertaining read and I am looking forward to the next book

  9. Kristine Kristine says:

    I enjoyed this bookThis is a story about a student who has been hiding his powers and feeling like an outcast He manages to join others and as his new community grows he and his friends face the forces of darkness seeking to control the world The tale is well told and interesting All in all this is a good choice for younger readers maybe for ages ten and up? as there is no objectionable content And I liked it too

  10. John Stone John Stone says:

    Begins like the Alpha's TV show with savant humans recruited for a Hogwarts like London University Instead of sticking to enhanced senses like sight hearing touch reaction time it add mind reading pre cognition and the Voldemort like villain being raised from the dead The author needs to decide if this is an enhanced humans story or supernatural powers story Well written but I don't think I will read book 2 or recommend it to anyone else

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The New Savants[PDF] ✎ The New Savants Author Tim Flanagan – In London lies an underground ghost station—empty and unused Trains don't stop there any but if you look closely on the tunnel walls you might just spot a grime covered sign for Brompton Road Statio In London lies an underground ghost station—empty and unused Trains don't stop there any but if you look closely on the tunnel The New Epub / walls you might just spot a grime covered sign for Brompton Road Station Tucked away from the hustle of London streets the station holds a secret—a government training facility for those select few who are unusual After eighteen years the Wicks Wakefield and Lynch Institute for the Gifted has started recruiting once againFrom an early age Louis Edwards realized that society couldn't accept what it was unable to explain And no one could explain what Louis was able to do Forced to repress his gift and hide it from others Louis successfully manages to lead an introverted life until the day he finds an unusual metal puzzle The key to a training facility for people just like him.

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