Expand Social Security Now Epub ï Expand Social MOBI

Expand Social Security Now Epub ï Expand Social MOBI

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  1. Jonni Jones Jonni Jones says:

    In the interest of full disclosure I received this book in exchange for a review I also receive Social Security payments through survivors’widow benefits and having turned 65 this year I am now receiving Medicare benefits Yes this undoubtedly influences my feelings about Social Security and its future but I have tried as best I can to consider Hill’s arguments objectively Obviously to many Steven Hill’s views are controversial but the issues he raises aren’t necessarily new and opinions are many on the subject What I found interesting about this book isn’t what Hill believes to be a solution to an issue almost every American faces at one time or another What I find interesting and valuable as an informed citizen is the back story about the history of Social Security the politics behind the program and what our elected representatives have done or voted on in response to special interest lobbies corporations and individuals In fact I found myself reaching for my tablet so I could Google many of the names and ideas he wrote aboutThe first 80% of the book covers this range of detail and information I found it the most interesting The sheer amount of historical social and political information was fascinating Hill goes into great detail; naming names and explaining what a particular politician corporation or private citizen has done to defend Social Security or what they have done to weaken and ultimately do away with itThe last part of the book is where he details his proposals with arguments on why he feels the way he does While I doubt that many of his proposals would ever be implemented it’s thought provoking and interesting to think about his ideasI recommend this book if only for the education afforded on what these publicly named politicians and other special interest groups believe and vote for It’s like taking an interesting class in Political Science

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    According to the author despite an estimated unfunded liability of 134 TRILLION 1 social security is not broken and benefits should be DOUBLEDWho are the rich? You are if you contribute to a 401k The author would eliminate you ability to do so Do you own a home with a mortgage where you deduct your interest? Congratulations You're rich too And if the author has his way you won't be able to deduct your interest Do you own any stocks? Guess what? You are not paying your fair share and you will lose your capital gains tax loophole as well as the reduced dividend tax rate Do you contribute to an IRA? Kiss it goodbye Do your parents have any investments? Heaven forbid do they own a small business? Do you help run it and are you in line to inherit it? Forget about any step up in basis More to come but in the meantime don't waste your money on this book Full disclosure I won a free copy of this booklet in a Librarything giveaway I was overcharged 1

  3. Sue Sue says:

    I received this book from Good ReadsEvery American should read this book; too many falsehoods are being spread by the Right about Social Security and this book puts many of those falsehoods to restHill starts out with a comprehensive history of Social Security and how too many hard working people were living on the street without any savings Thanks FDR Today especially corporate pensions are disappearing and working people especially women are living in povertyThe housing bubble created by lack of government control thanks George W Bush added to the disarray of the middle class Too few taxes on the truly wealthy and falling incomes cause a huge recession that this country is finally slowing recovering fromHighly recommended

  4. Michael Michael says:

    uite a captivating read Love he author's proposals They make such good sense therefore Washington will never consider them I hope somebody in Washington will take this material and run with it How great it would be for our country I won this book on GoodReads I love the insights it provided

  5. Steven Schaedel Steven Schaedel says:

    Great ideas in readable form

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Expand Social Security Now ❰Reading❯ ➷ Expand Social Security Now Author Steven Hill – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Why Social Security is not only sustainable but should be substantially expandedSocial Security is bankrupting us It’s outdated It’s a Ponzi scheme It’s stealing from young people These are some Why Social Security is not only sustainable but should be substantially expandedSocial Security is bankrupting us It’s outdated It’s a Ponzi scheme It’s stealing from young people These are some of the biggest myths and lies about one of the most successful programs in our nation’s history Three uarters of Americans depend heavily on Social Expand Social MOBI :Ú Security in their elderly years and nearly half would be living in poverty without it But as important and popular as it is Social Security has become a political football A well financed campaign—supported by conservatives special interest groups and even leading Democrats—has lobbied for cuts and significant “entitlement reform” falsely proclaiming that Social Security is going broke Policy expert Steven Hill argues that Social Security should not only be defended it should be substantially expanded Here he proposes how we can double the monthly benefit and how to pay for it by closing many of the tax loopholes and deductions that disproportionately favor the wealthy few.