Present A Techies Guide to Public Speaking PDF/EPUB Ï

Present A Techies Guide to Public Speaking PDF/EPUB Ï

8 thoughts on “Present A Techies Guide to Public Speaking

  1. Heather Heather says:

    I've given a few talks already and I've previously struggled to find one specific resource for tips and tricks on public speaking This book answers so many of the uestions that I've had and so many of the uestions I didn't even know to ask There are so many personal anecdotes and examples that really help me to understand how to implement the strategiesI breezed through it uickly and am looking forward to rereading it as I put together a talk from scratch using the activities in this bookThank you to Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin for this great resource I'll be recommending it to everyone I know that is even remotely interested in public speaking

  2. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    Strong 4 stars maybe even 425 On the PROs side content is very clear easy to understand there are some R L examples provided as well; Formatting editing is very professional it's not always the case when book's not published by a 'big' pub house; Proposed advices practices suggestions are indeed useful they all make a lot of sense they are intended mainly for someone who's just starting or trying to convince herhimself to start public speaking adventure such a person would benefit mostWhy not 5 stars then? CONS side I've expected far advices regarding talk composition not overall composition but neat situational tricks that are useful in particular scenarios For instance when do you keep chronological order when to start by the end of the story; or 5 smart ways to get the full attention of your audience in the first 2 minutes; or how to navigate a non linear story when you're starting with the overview then dive in particular sections by enriching them with the details etcSo it's actually good news there's still a room for improvement for authors And I still think it's a good book I don't regret either time or money spent on it

  3. Emma Emma says:

    Present is an awesome tool for all techies who want to speak with confidence It is filled with Poornima and Karen's personal stories which give honest context to the book's teachings Their anecdotes also made it relatable and helped me to visualize how I might apply the learnings to my life experiences In addition each chapter includes useful exercises which enrich the content and help you on your journey to become a better speaker

  4. Mary Ann Mary Ann says:

    I wish I'd had this book earlier in my career It’s packed with invaluable advice on giving technical presentations from concept to delivery The authors' personal anecdotes are priceless Karen and Poornima make a convincing case that it's crucial to engage your audience with storytelling and they teach you how to do it with entertaining stories of their own Covering everything from getting over stage fright to crafting slides this is a must read for anyone serious about growing their public speaking career

  5. Qianqian Pan Qianqian Pan says:

    I love this book very much This book is perfect to guide me in public speech and career I learned many useful skills for interview suggestions of pitching myself techniues to design stunning slides and methods of dealing with feedback It helps me a lot

  6. kat kat says:

    Very readable with plenty of practical tips homework assignments and personal anecdotes Would recommend this to anyone looking to get comfortable with speaking

  7. Andrea Hill Andrea Hill says:

    Disclaimer I'm currently enrolled in a Confident Communicator course that Poornima and Karen teach so I'm obviously a fan of their approach I've done some public speaking in the past but this is the first resource I've come across that really guided me through the process of planning pitching and presenting a talk The conversational tone of the book makes it an enjoyable read while the chapter recaps make it a resource I know I'll turn back to again and again over time

  8. Matheus Bigo Matheus Bigo says:


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