Kindle Edition Þ The Hatch eBook Ú

Kindle Edition Þ The Hatch eBook Ú

The Hatch ❰EPUB❯ ✶ The Hatch Author Kelli Owen – Nick Kontis and his remaining family members have survived winter have outlived the threat of deadly infected flies and are heading toward presumed safety They uickly find all exit points blocked the Nick Kontis and his remaining family members have survived winter have outlived the threat of deadly infected flies and are heading toward presumed safety They uickly find all exit points blocked the perimeter burned and learn the flies were only the beginning as Mother Nature has stepped in to correct mankind's mistakes Her weapon of choice spiders With thick webs covering the spring landscape and lack of any communication leaving them on their own to guess whether or not the spiders are as lethal as the flies they're eating they make a new plan Fleeing in a new direction they run into another party of survivors And what was once a breakdown of society becomes an exercise in rebuilding They'll need to find common ground and bond with the others before winter arrives again Before the spiders declare victory.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 127 pages
  • The Hatch
  • Kelli Owen
  • English
  • 05 April 2014

About the Author: Kelli Owen

The author of than a dozen books—my fiction spans the genres from thriller and psychological horror to an occasional bloodbath and the even rarer happy ending I was an editor and reviewer for over a decade and have attended countless writing conventions participated on dozens of panels and spoken at the CIA Headuarters in Langley VA regarding both my writing and the field in general.

10 thoughts on “The Hatch

  1. Char Char says:

    Spiders I hate them Yet I couldn't resist reading this seuel to WAITING OUT WINTER I'm so glad I finally didWe're following Nick and his band of survivors as the government experiment gone wrong in WINTER has now morphed into a different problem altogether As with the best post apocalyptic stories this tale is about the survivors than it is about the creatures And even though there is a metric shit ton of spiders around in all of their different shapes sizes and venomous abilities we don't see a lot of gory spider action In fact we really don't see any only the after effects view spoiler Screw you Dennis You got what you deserved hide spoiler

  2. Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror says:

    If I had to choose between a plague of flies or spiders I would happily endure the flies I have arachnophobia It's no joke A single spider can send me into a full blown panic attack if it's big enough and hideously uglyTHE HATCH is a standalone seuel to WAITING OUT WINTER In WINTER Nick Kontis and his family barely survived nature's attack on humanity but it wasn't without its loses An outbreak of deadly infected flies forced people into their homes in order to avoid being infected with diseaseI recommend reading that novella first but you don't have to if spiders are threatening to you and you want to start with this one you can do that but there are references back to situational horrors from the first bookNow it's Spring and a new threat has emergedhatching Creeping CrawlingThe interesting thing about Kelli Owen's nature horror is that the real focus in on the people trying to survive THE HATCH reminded me of THE WALKING DEAD in the way that at some point the zombies were not as threatening as the other survivors the protagonists encounter In THE HATCH the spiders are amassing and they are threatening but people are managing to band together hunker down and surviveWhere WINTER focused on one family THE HATCH has our family on the road looking for a safe place a spider free zoneKelli introduces some new characters to engage with our family some we can love and some we love to hate It's my feeling that with the new characters there was storycharacter development reuired that we just don't get because of the length of the story WINTER zeroes in on one family surviving and while it felt concise and succinct I didn't find it lackingHowever in this story I needed time with the new characters More engagement and situational dramadialogrelationshipI did love that Owen gave us a resolved ending I feel like if she wanted to keep going and shoot for a trilogy the ending was open enough to do that I would love thatI recommend these two books to horror readers who enjoy character driven realistic emotional nature horror vs a creature feature gorefest I love Kelli Owen's storytelling voice and will continue reading her books in 2020

  3. Karl Karl says:

    This hardcover book is copy V of 36 signed and lettered copies signed by Kelli Owen

  4. Frank Errington Frank Errington says:

    Kelli Owen was born and raised in Wisconsin and now resides in Pennsylvania where she's written a number of novellas and a few of my favorite books including Live Specimens Six Days and White Picket PrisonsHer latest effort is a novella called The Hatch It's a stand alone seuel to Waiting Out Winter a wonderfully creepy story of killer flies In the seuel a family of survivors is doing their best to find a safe place away from a new infestation of spiders They are literally everywhere but it's unknown whether they are as deadly as the flies and no one wants to volunteer to find outIf I have any complaint about this piece it's the length I would have loved this to have gone on for than its 136 pages However Kelli did manage to put a lot into the story A handful of wonderfully diverse characters some that light up a room and one in particular who could single handedly bring about a total eclipse on a bright sunny dayJust having the story feature spiders was enough to ratchet up the creepiness factor above 100% I despise these eight legged pestsBoth Waiting Out Winter and The Hatch are available in paperback and e book formats at com Although The Hatch can be read without reading Waiting Out Winter I really think you'll like them better togetherRecommended

  5. Scott Scott says:

    After reading Waiting Out Winter I was so invested in the characters that I bought this immediately The story of Nick and his band of survivors continues as they face a new threat in a world devastated by an apocalyptic plague While this is a survival story that mostly takes place in one location without many dramatic events I was never bored Kelli Owen makes both the threat and her characters real which makes the entire work even scarier I also liked that while the story could continue there is a definitive ending 5 stars and especially recommended for apocalyptic fiction fans

  6. Chris Chris says:

    In the direct seuel to WAITING OUT WINTER Owen returns to the Kontis family and friends who flee their boarded up home besieged by the deadly flies to find a better place to survive But what they soon discover is worse than imagined What really works for me in this very realistic and plausible horror novella is how believable it is the plot and characters How real Owen is a master of thatThe ending of this survival horror novella seemed like there could be to the story in the futurelet's hope soHighly recommended

  7. Mommacat Mommacat says:

    THE HATCH is the direct seuel to WAITING OUT WINTER and Kelli Owen totally nails this novella WINTER ends and readers literally look around saying Yeah and then what? Owen tells us Well humans must battle the whole food chain Flies frogs spidersAnd the family has to figure out how to survive What I loved most about this book was the unexpected change in the middle a la Robert Heinlein He made those sudden left turns a lot in his books She made that turn about halfway through and took the story in a slightly different direction that I think showed a new maturity to her writingTHE HATCH is a must read to all lovers of horror and science fiction i highly recommend you buy a copy today

  8. Russell Coy Russell Coy says:

    The plague of virus carrying flies that forced Nick Jamie and Jerry indoors for a whole winter has been replaced by a new threat from further up the food chain Now the spiders have taken over Not knowing if the arachnids carry the disease the trio and their children must once again take shelter and keep their heads together this time with another group of survivorsThe Hatch is an excellent seuel to Owen's Waiting Out Winter and the superior work in my opinion fleshed out and visceral than it's predecessor with the same excellent writing and characterization I read both back to back and would recommend this approach to others5 stars highly recommended

  9. Thomas R. Thomas R. says:

    Fast paced with no bullshitWell written and fast paced this seuel to Waiting Out Winter is the first book I've read by Owen Now I can't wait to go back and see how it began Owen's characters are rich fully formed persons Her prose is terse a commonality shared with the Brian Keene camp of writers she subscribes herself to and that's a good thing The style leaves much to the imagination to make you think without the burden of nonessential details Well recommended for a good summer's read at the beach That is if you don't suffer from arachnophobia

  10. Waheela Waheela says:

    While I found the first one entertaining I found this one boring and somewhat a repeat of the first story I probably wouldnt have finished it if not for the lenght The author is glossing over so many details regarding the monsters which could have been interesting This is NOT a horrormonster book If you read it with that intention you will get disappointed like me If you like post apocalyptic human interaction you might like itThat being said nothing wrong with the writing style

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