This Beautiful Curse PDF µ This Beautiful Epub /

This Beautiful Curse PDF µ This Beautiful Epub /

This Beautiful Curse ➹ [Download] ➵ This Beautiful Curse By Kris Johnston ➼ – Poetess and story teller Kris Johnston combines gothic imagery and rhythmic verse to bring you this enchanting dark tale of lovers gone wrong Step inside a nightmarish game with a devious young woman Poetess and story teller Kris Johnston combines gothic imagery and rhythmic verse to bring you this enchanting dark tale of lovers gone wrong Step inside a nightmarish game with a devious young woman as your host as she weaves a tale full of guilt sorrow and the ultimate karma If you enjoyed Dr Seuss This Beautiful Epub / books as a child and Tim Burton movies as an adult you'll love This Beautiful CurseThis is a short uick read at around words with illustrations Due to each device's personal settings the illustrations may appear differently than the author and illustrators intended; Please consider adjusting your Kindle or Kindle app settings to provide a pleasant reading experience should it be necessaryPlease rate and review.

10 thoughts on “This Beautiful Curse

  1. Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite says:

    I had the pleasure to read this one and even though it wasn't what I usually read I really enjoyed it This Beautiful Curse is not erotica It's actually like a gothic fairy in that it's all written like one long poem in rhyme and it also has incredible illustrations As I said before I have never read anything like this It was an easy and short reading I read it 3 times because I was intrigued and in awe of it I'm still tented to send it to my ex If you want to read something different and good give Kris Johnston a try Believe me when I say you are gonna think Yeah karma is a bitch

  2. Sarah Doughty Sarah Doughty says:

    In terms of a poetry book this one was by far one of the most fun I've ever read And I encourage everyone to take a look It's reminiscent of the old Poe tales you know the ones those full of dread Despite being a uick read it was well worth the time So give this tiny tale a chance I pleadThe included illustrations only added to the allure and that rhyme Of the overall tale I found from the beginning not only was it an enjoyable regaleI was drawn to keep readingI look forward to reading by this very talented poetess

  3. Amie M Amie M says:

    This Beautiful Curse was a touching gothic tell of Love and Despair This was a hauntingly good read short poems that made you open your mind into the darkside of Love and Life Author Kris Johnston nail it makes me think of one of my favorite movie Coraline a must read

  4. Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt) says:

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewWelcome to your nightmareThis is the first work I read by Kris and I will tell you now it won't be my last This book is like a long poem and I didn't expect to love it so freaking muchThe author describes this as a Gothic fairy tale and a children's book but for adults I agree completely This poem spoke to my devotion to darker topics and creepiness This isn't necessarily creepy in a horror sense but in the eerie way that the words resonate and crawl into your mind burrow into your soul and force you to become what the poem is speaking about Some of us readers like me don't even need to be forced We have already gone through the situations that are explained throughout and we experience a whole new level of heartbreak and despair by being reminded of it I found myself crying through the entire thing It was an interesting and unforgettable experienceI love this so much that I will re read it for many times to come As soon as I own it in physical form because I need to touch it The illustrations are phenomenal and definitely add to the dark ambiance already provided by her words I will one day frame every page and hang them all around my room I honestly loved this that muchKris has a natural talent to breathe any form of life into rhymes and I am looking forward to similar works by her Maybe even frame them tooI recommend this to everybody who loves to read darker works You won't be disappointed

  5. Taylor Law Taylor Law says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMAREI became a big fan of Kris's poetry after following her on Instagram for her clever and steamy writing This book was easily my most anticipated fall readThis Beautiful Curse is the collaborative brainchild of the author and her fellow artist friends Together they’ve woven a gothic fairytale in which skillful writing and beautiful illustrations partner to put the readers in a haunting trance that speaks of both love and betrayal The book has so much soul in it The emotions are so expertly veiled by layers and layers of a dark playfulness It was so vividly written that I could almost hear the calliope And like a fine wine it was a different experience when I revisited it I began to feel the agony of the story which in turn reminded me of my personal struggles I believe it took enduring a great amount of pain to conjure up a work like this This Beautiful Curse is definitely worth reading and revisiting It's brilliant creative and fun I sincerely enjoyed it

  6. Ravenna Young Ravenna Young says:

    Dark and wittyI expected a short storywhat a fantastic surprise Dark silly gothic verse that flowed while keeping me until the last line I'll say it again this author is going places

  7. Martha Sweeney Martha Sweeney says:

    Even beauty and life can be found in pain and darkness Just be careful of what you ask for and what you choose to focus onCongrats on you first publication Kristy my new beautiful author friend I look forward to reading many

  8. Gary Gary says:

    CleverI loved the verse I read it out loud and alone thusly creeping myself out just in time for Halloween

  9. Dawn Dawn says:

    Short poetry Very nicely written and an enjoyable read I loved the pictures too

  10. Angelica Angelica says:

    Wow if you are tired of the same old plots stories and gimmicks in the books you are reading this is a must read breath of fresh art

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