They Left Us Everything PDF Í They Left PDF \

They Left Us Everything PDF Í They Left PDF \

They Left Us Everything ❴Download❵ ➾ They Left Us Everything Author Plum Johnson – A warm heartfelt memoir of family loss and a house jam packed with decades of goods and memories After almost twenty years of caring for elderly parents—first for their senile father and then for th A warm heartfelt memoir of family loss and a house jam packed with decades of goods and memories After almost twenty years of caring for elderly parents—first for their senile father and then for They Left PDF \ their cantankerous ninety three year old mother—author Plum Johnson and her three younger brothers have finally fallen to their middle aged knees with conflicted feelings of grief and relief Now they must empty and sell the beloved family home twenty three rooms bulging with history antiues and oxygen tanks Plum thought How tough will that be I know how to buy garbage bagsBut the task turns out to be much harder and rewarding than she ever imagined Items from childhood trigger difficult memories of her eccentric family growing up in the s and ’s but unearthing new facts about her parents helps her reconcile those relationships with a accepting perspective about who they were and what they valued They Left Us Everything is a funny touching memoir about the importance of preserving family history to make sense of the past and nurturing family bonds to safeguard the future.

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  1. Esil Esil says:

    35 stars They Left Us Everything is an odd little memoir The author recounts the year following her mother's death during which she lived in her childhood home going through her parents' things and preparing the house for sale The memoir focuses on far than the physical act of sorting through stuff she dwells on parts of her mother's life her own childhood and her relationship with her mother The book is odd because we jump right into the author's situation with little background or prelude for example it takes a while to figure out how many siblings Johnson has and where the house is located And the narrative jumps around uite abruptly between different time periods and subjects But once I got used to this uasi stream of consciousness style I found myself uite enjoying Johnson's memoir My favourite parts were those that focused on Johnson's mother who sounds like she was uite an interesting person and a force to be reckoned with born in Virginia in the early 20th century she spent WWII in England a few post war years in a number of Asian countries with Johnson's father and then ultimately ended up in Canada with her husband and 4 children Johnson was the oldest and only girl and she grew up in a bit of care taking role to her younger siblings living under the very strong personalities of both her parents The book is definitely a reconciliation of sorts This felt like a journey very personal to Johnson but it was also very readable as an outsider looking in Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy

  2. Sharlene Sharlene says:

    I received this book as the result of a Goodreads giveawayThis was a hard book to set down It was the euivalent of sitting up late at night with a dear friend who was caught between reminiscing and grieving I did not ever feel this was a woe is me book which some memoirs dealing with loss can feel like but of a testament to what an adult can feel about their parents once they are gone A memoir about finding oneself along with who their parents were I did find it a refreshing look back over Johnson's life as well as her parents What interesting people I might add Rich with history and togetherness there really is something about this family that makes them feel like part of your ownThere was a lot of relatable moments for me having lost a parent nine years ago in the same month that the author lost hers References to not only the land but to the sense of community that is and was prevalent ring true and remind you of a day where things were simpler and alive I just read the irony in that last statementThe book is easy to sink your teeth into and the flow from chapter to chapter is smooth Do not feel that it is going to be a depressing book it isn't In fact you will find yourself chuckling a few times along the way A wonderful tribute to her parents and family A stand up book that not only goes through the pain of losing a parent but the process of one finding themselves through it

  3. Elinor Elinor says:

    So here's an interesting concept instead of clearing out our possessions before we die author Plum Johnson urges us to leave everything for our children to sort on the grounds that it will lead them to better understand our lives That's what happened when her own parents died leaving a massive house full of stuff ranging from valuable antiues to pockets full of used Kleenex It took her about a year to sift everything and her personal journey through the lives of her parents made her a better person or at least a happier one The book might have been less interesting if it hadn't been for her parents who had strong personalities and led adventurous lives The house itself was the main character in the book a huge historic home on the banks of Lake Ontario Since I love old houses I found this non fiction book uite fascinating And of course now I have an excuse not to throw anything away

  4. Daisy Daisy says:

    I received this ebook from First to Read for an honest review Thank you to the author publisher and First to Read for this opportunityI really don't read a lot of non fiction books I reuested this one based on the title and cover I knew nothing about it as I started reading because I didn't read the blurb about it I am so thankful I reuested and received this book I read it in less than a day and absolutely loved itPlum knows how to weave a story to make you feel as though you are living it I could picture everything vividly from her descriptions whether it was the description of her childhood home or the feelings she had as she wound her way through the journey of discovering herselfThis Memoir was laugh out loud funny in places and emotionally heart wrenching in others This is one of the best books I have read in 2016 This is definitely a gem to be cherished The only thing I didn't like is that the book ended I would have loved to read much about all the history and valuable not necessarily monetary value finds in the childhood homeI would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys memoirs with history mixed in

  5. Kasa Cotugno Kasa Cotugno says:

    What a pleasure to read an affectionate book about family dealing with the problem of dismantling the home they were raised in and in which their mother continued to live until her death Like Plum Johnson and her four brothers many of us have been faced with this wrenching situation Plum being the oldest and most able to do so volunteers to spend six weeks at the house getting things in order She figures how hard can it be to buy some trash bags and roll up her sleeves? She wasn't prepared for the flood of memories unleashed at every turn She ended up staying for than a year This is a family that lived the same decades as I've inhabited so some of the references ring familiar It is a pleasure to read about a caring loving family that holds together supportively and makes it work

  6. Sylvia Valevicius Sylvia Valevicius says:

    The author states 'My six week plan to sort through clutter has taken sixteen months'p266This award winning memoir took me four days with the necessary interruptions of life to read It was a classic case of 'I couldn't put it down'This book is so much MORE than cleaning clutter from an old house It is a fascinating book with a history of a fascinating family The house is like a museum people lived and died in the house The house held the joys and sorrows of an extended family of means and tragedies Astounding historical records of this talented family were uncovered and the psychological issues behind them There were artifacts centuries old within this houseThe writing is poignant evocative nostalgic and artistically so competent wrapped in a gentle aura of humour I can't praise this book enough I will probably re read it and weep and laugh once Exceptional work from Plum Johnson

  7. Krista Krista says:

    This house is so big I realize I'll need a master plan for clearing it out I can't afford to get emotional There are twenty three rooms so if I get caught up in the rigging I'll go down with the ship They Left Us Everything – the first book ever written by the 68 year old Plum Johnson – recently won the RBC Taylor Prize for Non fiction for 2015 and when I heard of it I was intrigued to discover what an award winning late in life first time author would sound like and I was delighted by what Johnson accomplished here This is an insightful memoir populated with larger than life characters and a sprawling century home on the shores of Lake Ontario written in a literary and engaging style Plum Johnson suffered the pinnacle of her sandwich generation as a single Mom and entrepreneur she also spent nearly twenty years as the go to child of a father who was deteriorating from Alzheimer's and a needy and demanding mother When her 93 year old mother finally died Johnson was overcome with eual measures of grief and relief and when it was determined that she was best situated to be the one of her siblings to clear out the family home before selling it Johnson was forced to re examine her parents and their relationship through the things they left behind While this is a common enough situation to be in there was nothing common about Johnson's family her father was a strict former British Naval Officer who had a chaotic childhood and her mother was a pampered Southern Belle; gregarious artistic and full of life Together Johnson's parents fought constantly but provided a stable and happy childhood for their five children And the family home was uncommon too a huge house on the lakeshore in Oakville ON – now valued at 25 million and therefore too expensive for the children to keep – every room was stuffed with the flotsam of fifty years of family life And this flotsam itself was uncommon not all of us will discover amongst our parents' papers a letter of pardon from the Napoleonic Wars or have an entire bookshelf of volumes written by or about family members What was intended to be a six week clearing out process eventually took Johnson nearly a year and a half and in the end that was how long it would take her to process what she was discovering about her family and about herself I've been struggling to understand not only my relationship to Mum but what this ancestral home means to me I sense that it too is womb like this container – the source of all my happiness and unhappiness the two inextricably intertwined to be understood if at all by the untangling of it And so in the end what Johnson discovers is that the primary decluttering she needs to work on is that in her own mind surrounding her relationship with her mother And while again mother daughter relationships are common enough material Johnson is able to weave a story that feels completely fresh yet completely familiar; everything about her Mum is extreme so it follows that their relationship would have been too Am I my mother's biographer? Do all daughters become their mother's biographers taking her history and passing it on to future generations? Writing letters was one of Mum's greatest talents and here is the record of her life At the end of our lives we become only memories If we're lucky someone is passing those down We should all be so lucky to have someone like Plum Johnson passing down the stories our lives create

  8. Erin Erin says:

    At the end of our lives we become only memoriesIf we're luckysomeone is passing those down An absolutely beautiful memoir about the love and lessons learned from our parents I laughed and I cried a few times while reading this book and I suppose it makes me a little lost for words Well worth the read

  9. Alexis Alexis says:

    I absolutely loved this book I thought it would be a lot sadder than it was but ultimately it was uplifting When Plum Johnson's mother finally dies Plum and her brothers have to sell the house go through everything and reminisce They learn a lot about their family and themselves in the process THis was a very thoughtful thought provoking and beautifully written bookThis won the RBC Taylor prize for non fiction and was the author's first book She published it at the age of 68 Way to go

  10. Amanda McGill Amanda McGill says:

    Really enjoyed reading about the author's parents and their life stories I wish there was emotions coming from the author

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