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Under the Mistletoe MOBI ↠ Under the ePUB Ò

Under the Mistletoe (Webster Grove, #2) ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Under the Mistletoe (Webster Grove, #2) By Tracie Puckett ✸ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The SECOND in a FIVE PART seriesIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Webster Grove but seventeen year old Steph isn’t in the mood to celebrate When Mr Rivera’s attitude goes from bad t The SECOND in a FIVE PART seriesIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Webster Grove but seventeen year old Under the ePUB Ò Steph isn’t in the mood to celebrate When Mr Rivera’s attitude goes from bad to worse Steph makes it her number one priority to help the Christmas Grinch rekindle his relationship with the holiday spirit Meanwhile Webster Grove High’s newest student Isaac Peyton is raising the eyebrows of every girl in school and keeping Steph on her toes with his uestionable motives With the days ticking by all Steph wants is to turn a seemingly blue Christmas into a holiday she’ll never forget.

About the Author: Tracie Puckett

Tracie is an award winning stage actress an international bestselling author and the proud mother of two beautiful boys Her debut Under the ePUB Ò novel Breaking Rules was selected as one of iBooks Best of in Young AdultIn the rare occasion that she's not playing matchmaker to fictional characters you can likely find Tracie zooming down the hills of America's greatest roller coasters.

10 thoughts on “Under the Mistletoe (Webster Grove, #2)

  1. Amel Armeliana Amel Armeliana says:

    OMG OMG Now I'm totally and officially swoon over Alex Rivera Loved this 2nd story and I'm craving for the next Really I can't stop reading it I'm blushing when I read the last chapter when Alex filled Steph's poem with his words as the answer It's totally freakin romantic And the kissing under the mistletoesigh

  2. Thaisha Figueroa Thaisha Figueroa says:

    Oh My Gosh This book was of the hook I absolutely loved it So much romance and Christmas and it was just the best book Alexander is amazing I loved his response to Steph's poem I could not stop smiling It was just so cute And Calvin also he was so nice to Steph and the only father figure she has had He also knows what's going on between Alex and Steph and keeps it on the down low I think she rather gets along better with her future step dad than with her mom Her mom is like a kid she's so selfish not 'feeling' like celebrating her daughter's birthday because it means she's a 33 year old woman with an adult child she makes me so angry geesh And there is something very very weird about Isaac and his father tooMy theory is that Nick is actually Steph's father and that Isaac is her brother which would explain his over protectiveness towards her and Alex And he lied about where he was from like creepy

  3. Dianelys R Dianelys R says:

    I can't stop reading the book It's so addictive and Alex Rivera 3I'm in shock how this woman Tracie Puckett captivated my attention her writing rocks The last part OMG my eyes filled with hearts blush I'm definitely going to read the third book

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    BreathlessAbsolutely amazing Once I'm done with each chapter I can't wait to start another Mr Rivera is very intriguing Can't wait for the next book

  5. Bookcrazy Bookcrazy says:

    I didn`t like how the story and their relationship developesThat was so unrealistic and unbelievable for her to act like this when theres practically no positive feedback from him And there were too few good dialogues between the love interests also the change from her liking his brother as her mothers partner was a bit too rushed change for meview spoilerBut my main complain was I didn`t like the Christmas angry about his parents death after 18 years part and him turning so cold And all the developements resulting hide spoiler

  6. EvaLovesYA EvaLovesYA says:

    When I started reading this series I was hooked from the beginning What can I say? Sometimes a book just does everything for you I started reading it and got so surprised because it was so goodOf course it’s girly simple and full of love but I couldn’t get enough while reading it The main character Steph moves to a new town and starts a new life with her dysfunctional mother Steph is a strong and bright girl and it clearly shows that she has grown up uickly and has a lot to offer in comparison to her mother She is “the new girl” at high school and hopes to meet someone nice and she does Her teacher; Alex Rivera Oh forbidden love don’t stand so close to me

  7. DarkRaven Reviews DarkRaven Reviews says:

    Woah I am loving this series so much Romance drama and suspense as well as some laugh out loud moments I adore this series and this has become one of my favourite series' of all time Even though this is not a standalone you don't need to read the others in order to understand what's going on as it is recapped for you Brilliant work

  8. Ashly Ashly says:

    Shows that if you really want someone's happiness you do what ever it takes to make them smile and love what they once enjoyed This is just amazingly well written I am glad I purchased it

  9. Charli Hayter Charli Hayter says:

    Though the old cover is terrible this is a great teen contemporary series with the forbidden love and the family aspect This book is probably my least favourite of the series

  10. Mary Blaylock Mary Blaylock says:

    Fallen in loveI love to read and this helps me out so much when I'm down its sweet and short I can't wait to read the other 3 books

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