The Seventh Hour eBook ò The Seventh MOBI :Ú

The Seventh Hour eBook ò The Seventh MOBI :Ú

The Seventh Hour [Reading] ➸ The Seventh Hour Author Tracey Ward – When the Earth's rotation slowed to a crawl mankind was plunged into a harsh world of burning hot days and endless arctic nights Some fled to the mountains for shelter Others took to the seas sailing When the Earth's rotation slowed to a crawl mankind was plunged into a harsh world of burning The Seventh MOBI :Ú hot days and endless arctic nights Some fled to the mountains for shelter Others took to the seas sailing forever in the perfect gold between the night and the day; a place known as the Seventh HourLiv was raised aboard a ship chasing the Seventh She's never seen the night never known true cold and when a storm destroys her home she’s on land for the first time in her life She’s alone surrounded by strangers and perils she couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares Her only chance at survival is Grayson He saved her He’ll protect her He hates herOld grudges run deeper than the sea and Liv and Gray will have to overcome them together to make it to morningTo survive the longest nightLIVE for Pre Order.

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  1. Tom Lewis Tom Lewis says:

    Holy smoke What an awesome beautiful powerful book It’s the sixth book by Tracey Ward I’ve read in the past couple weeks and I’m seriously hooked on her writing The worlds she creates are vivid and exciting the characters and banter delightful and there’s a poetry in her writing that makes it a joy to readTo sum this up sometime in the future the Earth has stopped its rotation and day cycles are marked by our orbit around the sun So for sixth months each year one half of the Earth is plunged into frozen darkness while the other side is scorched in blistering sunlight And as the Earth makes its way around the sun these side are reversedLiv grew up on a fleet of ships circling the globe in the temperate “seventh hour” just before dawn and just before sunset Gray Easton and the others grew up on land where they sheltered through the winters and summers in cities housed in caves deep undergroundWhen Liv’s boat is destroyed in a storm she’s rescued by the land dwellers and sheltered in their “cities” From there the story alternates between Gray and Liv’s first person narrativesI’ll shut up now because I don’t want to spoil it But you’ll seriously enjoy the time you spend in this bookKeep writing Tracey

  2. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:

    45 Stars Some people burrowed into the mountains building their homes and cities under the ground They hid from the elements and they waited out the summers The winters The hours Others refused to hide As the oceans pooled to the north and south burying the old world and raising a new supercontinent that circled the Earth like a ring they took to the sea They built boats set sail and left the frigid night and burning day behind They stay in the hours in between in the half light That perfect hour The golden hour The Seventh hour It's a shame that we didn't get of the world that was created in this story it's a different concept to the usual dystopian books it's interesting and vivid but 85% of the book is based inside a mountain Having said that I wasn't disappointed with what I got at all A slow build romance between two people who start with distrust and resentment on one side and a desperate need to hold onto anything familiar on the other This gradually turns into a semi reluctant friendship that builds to love And that gradual process was done really well While I found the 'whodunnit' obvious it didn't take anything away from the story and helped push the two characters together I feel Liv I feel love

  3. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    425 PosherMole StarsI enjoyed this storyBUTI did have a problem with the racism in the book I got frustrated with having the sea people brown and the mountain people white It would have worked better IMHO if they were segregated by where they live instead of their skin colorPutting that aside though I loved this different aspect of dystopian society with the different hours and the slow rotation of earthI liked Liv as a character and Gray grew on me What I especially liked about this book?hmmmthe story ended there isn't another I got my HEA with Liv and Gray

  4. Tracey Tracey says:

    I am admittedly biased

  5. NoNameLoves2Read NoNameLoves2Read says:

    This was such an easy and relaxing read It's a dystopia set in a world where people must hide in caves or live on boats to escape the treacherous seasons There's something wrong with the sun and Liv and her family live on a ship that is constantly on the move to stay within the light A terrible storm capsizes their ship and Liv is saved by Grayson a cave dweller Liv has never been on land and Grayson and his people have never seen anyone like Liv before Grayson is annoyed and doesn't like Liv but is ordered to guard her because there's a lot of racism towards her people There's a lot of fear that Liv may loose her life at the hand of the ones that saved itThis book is mainly about relationships with a dystopian setting I didn't mind because I thought it was done very well I ended up loving all of the characters and really cared what happened to them I found this on kindle unlimited and was pretty impressed I usually don't have much luck with kindle unlimited Tracey Ward has a lot of books on KU so I'll definitely check out some of her othersI was disappointed that this wasn't a series because I wanted to continue the story

  6. Willow Brooks Willow Brooks says:

    Good story Different take on an Apocalypse tale I completely enjoyed the world the book was set in Having to live deep in the ground or out to sea in order to keep from dying was very interesting The earth is almost inhabitable Humans found uniue ways to survive Sueaky Clean story Felt like it was created for young adults

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    45 Golden StarsHave you ever wondered what the world would be like where simple things like the hours from dusk until dawn and dawn until dusk mean the difference between life and death? Where mythical like creatures with poisonous claws literally hunt you down and earthuakes become common occurrences? Could you survive?Told from duel points of view The Seventh Hour follows Grayson and Livandra as they embark on their own journeys of self discovery in a dystopian world They yearn to belong to feel part of something bigger while finding their own sense of worth At odds with each other Liv and Gray grow and change; morphing from adolescents into adults They enter a battle within themselves to fight the expectations laid out by their pasts survive the present dramas and make decisions that will affect their futures forever It isn’t until they stop fighting the inevitable that they realise everything around them is connected and every action has conseuencesI loved the real natural dialogue between the characters Amongst the intense dramatic scenes I was often enjoying the clever banter and lighthearted moments The supporting characters were strong and believable They developed as the story progressed and I couldn’t help but have a soft spot many particularly Easton Gray’s protective older brotherThe Seventh Hour was a beautifully written and heart warming story I became swept up in the dystopian world Tracey Ward created as her lyrical words flew from the pages in an effortless song that captured the very nature of the YA genre This isn’t my first novel by this author and it won’t be my last Tracey Ward writes across multiple genres and is an amazing storyteller Fortunately for me I’ve still got many of her books to read while I wait for her next brilliant release

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Tracey Ward is a automatic 1 click author for me I was so excited to read The Seventh Hour and it didn't disappoint She created a uniue new world that is both fascinating and terrifying The story reminded me about star cross lovers Grayson and Liv who are from entirely different cultures try and fight their growing affection for each other because they think nothing can come out of it It was angsty but not too over the top I pretty much loved every one in this story even prickly Fuller That's one thing Ward is great at developing relatable likable characters The suspense is slow burning and at times you forget that there is evil lurking around the corner but once the climax happens it's a great twist I adored Gray and Liv Their sweet moments together made my heart happy The ending was great but since I'm always greedy with Ms Ward's books I wanted I want an epilogue and I already contacted her begging for books about Gav and Easton Those two incredible guys deserve their stories to be told Once again another hit from Tracey Ward I look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeves this coming year 4 Stars

  9. ☆Joycedale☆ ☆Joycedale☆ says:

    I loved this dystopian The world was so original When the earth stops rotating half the yr is spent in a freezing night the other half a scorching day with just a few weeks in between each that people are able to be out on landLiv is part of the population that took to the seas to sail in the inbetween known as the 7th hour The law is to always stay in the 7th so when her ship is stuck by lightning she knows there's no way the others will turn back for them However when she's saved by Gray one of the moles she learns that there is to the people who live in the mountainous underground cities during the worst weatherThere's hate friendship love and action This book has it all plus the humor that those who read Tracey Ward have come to expectIt's an extremely well written and thought out story and while it's a stand alone the characters are so gripping it will leave you wanting of themI was sent an eArc by the author Thank you

  10. Jenna Jenna says:

    I have been buying Tracey’s Wards books for some times now The first book I bought was by accident but I ended loving itThe seventh hour is different than your typical dystopian book I loved that it took place on ship and landLiv is the daughter of a council member she’s being brought up like a princess she lives on a ship and has never set foot on land She has never seen the dark night or felt cold on her skin but she will Shipwrecked and stranded on land with her reluctant savior who hates her Gray has better things to do than guarding some girl from a shipSomeone is out to get her ready to kill I don’t want to give away the plotI loved the world building I loved the love building and from the first page I loved this story For some reason this author has the most beautiful book coversI need

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