Small Acts of Resistance PDF/EPUB î Small Acts MOBI

Small Acts of Resistance PDF/EPUB î Small Acts MOBI

Small Acts of Resistance ❴Read❵ ➱ Small Acts of Resistance Author Steve Crawshaw – Banyak perubahan besar di dunia ini justru dimulai dari tindakan tindakan kecil yang pada awalnya mungkin terlihat sepele atau dianggap tidak ada apa apanyaDelapan puluh cuplikan kisah nyata dan tak l Banyak perubahan besar di dunia ini justru dimulai dari tindakan tindakan kecil yang pada awalnya mungkin terlihat Small Acts MOBI :Ú sepele atau dianggap tidak ada apa apanyaDelapan puluh cuplikan kisah nyata dan tak lazim yang terkumpul dalam buku ini—kadang mencengangkan dan menggetarkan bahkan terkadang lucu tetapi semuanya mengilhami—berasal dari berbagai belahan dunia dari Serbia sampai Sudan dari Afganistan sampai Zimbabwe antara lain•Bagaimana kereta kereta dorong kertas toilet dan saus merah makanan cepat saji berperan dalam gerakan meruntuhkan rezim yang sudah berkuasa empat puluh tahun di Eropa Timur;•Bagaimana anjing anjing geladak tak bertuan membantu para pegiat hak asasi dan demokrasi di Burma menertawakan sekaligus teguh bertahan melawan penguasa junta militer;•Bagaimana khalayak penonton sepakbola di Uruguay menemukan cara baru menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan yang mempermalukan dan mengawali tumbangnya para jenderal rezim diktator“Satu kumpulan yang cerdas” Jon Snow pembuat dokumenter wartawan senior.

About the Author: Steve Crawshaw

Steve Crawshaw is Director of the Office of the Secretary General at Amnesty International which he joined Small Acts MOBI :Ú as international advocacy director in From to he was UK director and UN advocacy director at Human Rights Watch He joined the Independent at launch in where he reported on the eastern European revolutions the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Balkan warsHe is co.

10 thoughts on “Small Acts of Resistance

  1. Chafic (Rello) Chafic (Rello) says:

    I had read this back in 2014 and realized I haven't left a reviewThe book covers different stories situations and anecdotes in which small acts of resistance can bring about changeThere's a lot to be taken from this book especially how resistance can take on many forms from nonviolent protests as Gandhi's hungerstrike to creative activism Both tenacity and courage can provoke change by such small acts as is the ability to just say 'No'It's been 5 years since I read this but I still remember most of it which is a testament to itself

  2. Tracy Sillato Tracy Sillato says:

    What can I say? I would have enjoyed it if they were in a chronological order and maybe also by location since sometimes switching from one to other got confusingBut apart from that it is a great collection of historical facts with very good references of movies and other readings A lot of people have sacrificed a lot for what we have today and this book and others similar are a way to keep their memory alive Things change unfortunately nowadays people are trying to make a difference with online petitions which for sure will not have the same impact The important thing is that these small acts of resistance are reminded from generation to generation

  3. Hendra Ardianto Hendra Ardianto says:

    I think this is a handbook that must be read for activists of social movements both the student movement mass organizers NGOs and the possible to politicians

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    A good collection of little anecdotes about everyday people who contribute to big social change and revolutions Laid out in a way that lends itself to reading a little here and a little there as I did over the course of a year

  5. R Strange R Strange says:

    A collection of brief anecdotes and illustrations jumping across situations focused on the last century and newer Though the snapshots of resistance and creativity were sometimes humorous sometimes harrowing and a description of luck the emphasis is on nonviolence popular movements and perseverance I learned a few things I did not know that Bulgaria too managed to avoid deportation of the Jews despite their government's best efforts to obey the Nazis and that Raphael Lemkin the lawyer whose life flame resulted in the official recognition of genocide as a crime in the UN had only seven people attending his funeral In a way this book is a refresher in terms of realistic and actionable scales of effect if you feel overwhelmed by the rate and intensity of modern politics amplified by social media

  6. Sam Sam says:

    The 85 stories are amazing The stories about whistle blowers are extremely inspiring They risked their lives families and futures to expose and share the truth with the world when they didn't have to Their only moral audience was their conscience and to think it sufficed and propelled them to such bravery Makes one think of the explosive potential of social media What all could we achieve with bravery? Of course we all change DPs and keep 24 hr time limit statuses on Instagram and whatever but really how come we aren't maximizing social media’s potential for stopping all this mainstream media nonsense What happened in New Zealand Christchurch highlights how we are letting an amazing tool like social media fall in undeserving and dangerous hands with lack of legal frameworks and no regulations

  7. Steve Jones Steve Jones says:

    Great book highlighting the need for people to stand up for what they believe in especially in these turbulent times It's given me inspiration to speak out on issues that I believe need changing fixing or scrapping The book includes famous and not so well known acts of resistance each one inspirational I highly recommend this book for anyone who has had enough of the rubbish that is going on this world and wants to make a difference

  8. Khaled Gamal Khaled Gamal says:

    only if you want the anarchy within you to take over

  9. Misty Misty says:

    I enjoyed the small histories and stories of those who over came their odds through nontraditional means

  10. Nanette Bulebosh Nanette Bulebosh says:

    A wonderful very inspiring book full of heroes that have forever transformed my view of what is possible in this world There's Vaclav Havel who writes a very elouent forward and the Iranian activist Neda of course But this book also introduced me to relatively unknowns like Edmund Dean Morel a junior shipping clerk who exposed the horrific crimes against humanity ordered by Belgium's King Leopold II in Congo No one would go against the money grabbing king but Morel did I learned about Colorado Gov Ralph Carr one of the few political leaders to speak out against the internment of Japanese citizens in 1942 His stand ruined an otherwise promising political career causing him to lose his Senate seat thanks mostly to harsh attacks by the Rocky Mountain News Fifty years later RMN recognized its own folly and named him Man of the Year Carr had died decades before but at the newspaper apologized for its error and introduced this man to a new generation I learned about Googoosh the Iranian singer banned from singing in her home country when the fundamentalists took over in 1979 She came back on stage 20 years later on an American stage far from Iranian shores I learned about Peter Berenson founder of Amnesty International in 1961 Zhao Zihang the deposed Chinese leader who exposed the government's lies about the 1989 Tianamen massacre And I learned about the crucial role that musicians have played in important social movements The Czech band Plastic People of the Universe refused to disappear despite the Czech government's best efforts and helped inspire thousands of youth to stand up to the Communists They also inspired then political prisoner Havel whose Charter 77 helped topple the Communist regimeWhat is great about this book is its reminder that heroes can be found everywhere and at any time All it takes is the courage to follow one's convictions despite cultural political and economic pressure to stay silent and the belief that one person really can make a differenceIt helps that I read read this in the wake of the horrific Tucson massacre and President Obama's powerful memorial speech in which he called upon Americans to become worthy of the sacrifices made by those killed More people might have been killed had it not been for the brave people who tackled the gunman Many others also stepped in to the do the right thing The only thing I didn't like about this book is that the vignettes are all so brief less than a few pages for most of the people described This enables us to learn about individuals and the brave things they did to resist tyranny and injustice But it keeps us from learning much beyond the bare details of each small act I'd have appreciated depth about these people Perhaps that will be in the next book

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