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Lines on the Mirror MOBI Ù Lines on Epub /

Lines on the Mirror (Love on the Line #1) ★ Lines on the Mirror (Love on the Line #1) PDF / Epub ✪ Author Lynn Michaels – Martin has always done everything his parents ever asked never making waves but never learning how to say no either Then his new partying neighbors introduce him to a different lifestyle that pushes h Martin has always done everything his parents ever asked never making waves but never learning how to say no either Then his new partying neighbors introduce him to a different lifestyle that pushes his limits The only thing Lines on Epub / keeping him grounded is getting back in touch with his first love Daltrey who moved across the country when they were still teenagers Now he's a successful artist and plays by his own rules He wants Martin but won't compromise his morals When Martin lets his new friends drag him down until he hits bottom can he ever find his way back to Daltrey and take control of his life WARNING Contains brief MMF.

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  1. Sue Sue says:

    LIVING YOUR OWN LIFEThis is a story about chances and choices Martin is a privileged but immaturily lonely man Ignored as a child by his alcoholic Mother and his always at work Father He was emotionally stunted a loner and unable to express himself Daltrey was his first love His first everything Then he was ripped away from him Here one day gone the next Martin never recovered never wanted to care for anyone after that So he went through life hiding within himself but doing what he thought was expected of him This was a disaster just waiting to happen This is a story that shows you life isn't a spectator sport You have to have your own ambition and dreams to build on I felt bad for him I also wanted to ring his bell This was an eye opening experience I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK

  2. Diverse Diverse says:

    This is the first time I've read Lynn Michaels' work Whenever I read a new author there's this moment right before you start that you whisper to yourself please let me love them LOL You all know what I'm saying Well Lynn has definitely sparked my attention with Lines on the MirrorThere were parts a lot of that gutted me Martin is the MC of this story and he's a mess and a half His whole entire life he's been being his father's shadow Done what he wanted became what he wanted He never really did a thing for himself Then he meets his new neighbors and at first I was like Oh these people are cool They will help him see the world relaxed Nope Well they did show him things Sex drugs and rock and roll kinds of things A dangerous path they put him on Yes that's Yoda I kept reading it and thought holy peer pressure I mean we all have been there Done what the cool kids want just to be needed adored loved Something very much lacking in Martin's life Then comes the old flame Daltry That's when things shift Martin's in a deep dark place and Daltry is a light he desperately needs and now Martin needs to choose Daltry or the dangerous road he's currently driving out of control on This is a twisty dark story but it's well written and it has a very powerful message I recommend it for sure

  3. Maggie Chatterton Maggie Chatterton says:

    Lines on the Mirror by Lynn Michaels is a powerful story following Martin as he falls down a dark path brought to him by his new neighbors As he tries to find himself he is drawn into sex drugs and parties The only upside is that his neighbors allowed him to reconnect with an old flame Daltrey who had moved before they could find the closure they deserved After reconnecting old feelings are kindled and Martin has to make a choice between the one he loves and the life he was growing accustomed to Lines in the Mirror shows the reader that peer pressure can affect even adults and reminds you to know just who your friends are or else when you hit rock bottom you'll find yourself alone This amazing story has a uniue voice and sucks you in instantly The characters had depth and felt real The intimate scenes are written with just enough steam without it seeming too over the top The interactions are authentic and doesn't feel forced Lynn Michaels is getting better with each book

  4. R R says:

    Martin was never allowed to spread his wings his father controlling every aspect of his life When he graduates and is out on his own he thinks it might get better But using his fathers black American Express card the Saab he gave him and working in a job his father got for him doesn’t change anything Is it any wonder when he meets his partying neighbors he's pulled in by their easygoing lifestyle Alcohol drugs and sex are now the controllers of his lifeHe is reunited with Daltrey his first love but even that isn’t enough to break through his hazeWatching Martin spiral down was difficult The slow glide was well done by the author but a bit painful to read I really like this author Her characters on the other hand weren’t uite so likable They both seemed immature for the ages they were supposed to be I get that there needed to be some immaturity for Martin to fall into drugs so easy I just kept waiting for an ah ha moment soonerNice storyI received an arc of this book

  5. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    Lynn Michaels takes us through a whirlwind path of drugs sex and confusion in Lines on the Mirror Rubicon 978 1517017255 2015 the first book in the “Love on the Line” seriesMartin apparently missed all of those commercials and classes where people teach you to just say “No” laugh Martin is so desperate to be a part of something and to be seen that he says “Yes” to everything Michaels takes us through his coming of age journey and it is painfulMichaels is able to tap into almost every insecurity there is and put it into Martin’s character Then she created characters to prey and amplify his wants and needs It is a crazy and intense journey A fantastic readI received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily

  6. Faye K Faye K says:

    35 stars An okay start but further on I felt like slapping Martin for not waking up His freinds where bad for him drugs MFM sex and Martin's reconnection to his first love Daltrey begins which complicate things A big messy mess with Alec and Wendy This one will get you feeling such thing at the characters the good and bad Martin's parents had a part in this too as he panders to what his father wants The story focused on Martin's POV Martin 24 was graduating receiving his diploma next a job and somewhere away from his parents An appartment and new friends to meet with a party

  7. Leci Forde Leci Forde says:

    Well written This story was well written if not my preference The MCs seemed immature and not very endearing for most of the book Despite my failure to connect with the MCs the story was very compelling I will definitely read other books by this author

  8. TDCbookreviews TDCbookreviews says:

    Lines on the Mirror by Lynn MichaelsMartin has always lived in the shadow of his father He followed exactly in his footsteps and always did exactly as he was told He got a degree in the same field as his father and after he graduated college he got a job at a company his father picked out After moving into his apartment his new neighbors introduce him to the partying lifestyle involving drugs and alcohol The one up side in his life is reconnecting with his first love Daltrey a successful artist living in New York They meet up and the sparks fly but Daltrey won't compromise his morals and support Martin's new lifestyle Without Daltrey around to ground him Martin spirals out of control until he hits rock bottom and it shows him who is really on his sideThis book is intended for an audience 18This is an erotica book at its core It has several gay characters and several gay straight and threesome sex scenes If you offended by sex drugs alcohol or vulgarity I definitely recommend you not read this book If you don't mind any of that the book is uite enjoyableI found myself skimming past the erotic scenes because I really wanted to see how the plot played out It had me hooked from the beginning That being said there were a few hang ups I kind of hated Martin He was the narrator and first person narrators are never reliable but Martin was so repetitive and downright frustrating I spent the whole book going “Oh come on Martin Grow a back bone” He also had this habit of calling Daltrey “Dal baby” which got under my skin The characters as a whole were pretty realistic thoughAside from my own personal pet peeves the book was decently written and the plot was pretty sound It ends pretty much how you might think but it's a decent endingI give this 35 stars The plot was enough to keep me interested and the erotic scenes didn't detract from the plot Honestly they could have been omitted and the book still would have been decentYou can purchase the book on Kindle or paperback here and you can read about the author including her other works here

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I absolutely loved it Martin the main character is holy hot mess and half Poor guy has been told what to do by his father his entire life most of which has never made him happy He lost the one person who understood him and loved him unconditionally in his youth and he’s never been able to get over him He just wants to be accepted to fit in and to reconnect with his one true love Daltrey – which he does but it doesn’t go the way he wants Daltrey sees that Martin is falling in with the wrong people drinking doing drugs screwing up at work and he won’t have that in his life and he tells Martin just that Martin needs to grow a backbone and do what makes him happy Will he continue to try and please everyone but himself or will he finally stand up for himself?I knew someone like Martin so I totally identified with the character a lot and I loved how strong Daltrey was giving in to Martin would have only hurt their relationship in the long run There is a lot of drama and sex in the book which I love I was totally sucked in and spent a few late nights unable to put the book down because I knew I would toss and turn until I found out what was going to happen I would definitely recommend this

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