Her Noble Lords MOBI ï Her Noble MOBI :Ú

Her Noble Lords MOBI ï Her Noble MOBI :Ú

Her Noble Lords ❮Reading❯ ➻ Her Noble Lords Author Ashe Barker – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After eighteen year old Linnet Routh is kidnapped from her home in Wellesworth castle by Ralf the powerful handsome Earl of Egremont and his identical twin brother Piers it uickly becomes clear to her After eighteen year old Linnet Routh is kidnapped from her home in Wellesworth castle by Ralf the powerful handsome Earl of Egremont and his identical twin brother Piers it uickly becomes clear to her that the seasoned warriors have mistaken her for someone else Convinced that she is Lady Eleanor a noblewoman who was Her Noble MOBI :Ú promised in marriage to Ralf yet has refused to wed him the brothers bring Linnet to a church with plans to compel her to speak her vowsLinnet attempts to steal a horse from Piers and make her escape but when she is caught her efforts end up earning her a thorough humiliating bare bottom spanking Though terribly embarrassed by the manner of her chastisement she cannot help becoming helplessly—and shamefully—aroused by the punishmentWhen the brothers recognize the truth of Linnet’s claims at last she expects to be cast aside as a mere commoner To her surprise however they instead offer to make her their shared bride and despite her misgivings about the idea Linnet agrees to the union As they each take their turn to claim her the pleasure of their dominant lovemaking leaves her yearning to be taken long and hard by both of them at once and soon a passionate romance has grown between Linnet and Her Noble Lords But when tragedy strikes will it bring a permanent end to their newfound happinessPublisher’s Note Her Noble Lords is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings sexual scenes including threesomes elements of BDSM and If such material offends you please don’t buy this book.

10 thoughts on “Her Noble Lords

  1. Leeza W Leeza W says:

    Spoilers are includedI really loved this book until about three chapters maybe not but about from the end when Ralf one of the two male main characters was killed off Then within just a couple chapters Piers the other male main character and Ralf’s twin and Linnet get a HEA Honestly I’m already ignoring from the point Ralf died in my head and redoing it so all three get their well deserved HEA I have liked all the books I have read from this author so far but this ending was just no You can’t just kill off one of the main characters and then give the other two a happy ending a couple chapters later Especially when the two males aren’t interchangeable and are actually well rounded characters

  2. Jenn Jenn says:

    Unexpected Really good book I loved the dynamic between all three characters after an unusual start Excellent character development I was grossly unprepared for the twist at the end but did get the HEA

  3. Ms M Ms M says:

    Could give 4 butThe unnecessary ending so I had to removed 1 star I am all about solid HEA when it comes to my HR novels not half nor sad especially when involving the main characters but overall good read

  4. Pansy Pansy says:

    Twins all round Some interesting twists to twin menage Although we ended with a mostly hea there were tears getting there I am not sure how I feel about that but it didn't induce me to uit reading Well done

  5. Jean Matlock Jean Matlock says:

    Not rated as high as I rate her other books by this author because of the death of one of the Hero’s don’t understand how this author could do that the story was very good but this ruined it for me

  6. Books2lovenow Books2lovenow says:

    Emotional Rollercoaster of a StoryThis is a well written story with plenty of steamy action The ending of unexpected and although it ends up being a HEA I'm not sure I like how it got there

  7. didi Londen didi Londen says:

    DNFdid not feel the romance or love in this book

  8. Marie Staton Marie Staton says:

    Beautifully writtenSpoiler you will towards the end cry heart breaking Though the ending its self is joyful Love the brothers Ralf and Piers Dinner is a wonderful character Another book that I couldn't put down Still heartbreaking thought Did not disarm with the steamy passions and love of to sexy men

  9. SH SH says:

    I absolutely loved this book Two smoking hot twin brothers and a woman who is one lucky lady The story is written very well the plot kept me turning the pages and the steamy romance between the three was to die for I got lost in their story but in the best way possible uit reading here and start reading the book I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy

  10. Lee Lee says:

    Double the pleasure It's double the pleasure double the fun with two sexy blond gods who take over Linnet's life and pleasure I wasn't sure if I'd like the ménage but Holy Hannah This book was so hot Definitely recommend for those who like to read dominant sex scenes it's twice a as much fun with two

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