Echoes of the Past PDF/EPUB ´ Echoes of eBook Ë

Echoes of the Past PDF/EPUB ´ Echoes of eBook Ë

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Echoes of the Past
  • Sally Wentworth
  • English
  • 22 January 2016
  • 9780373113095

10 thoughts on “Echoes of the Past

  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Echoes of the Past Sally Wentworth does all out OTT wrecki drama and this one is no exception Again we are back to SW's favorite trope of Revenge but this time it is the H who wants revenge for his own mistake Tho of course Rule #1 it is always the h's fault is heavily emphasized and expounded upon by one of the nastiest meanest H's HPlandia has seen in a loong time not since the last Margaret Pargeter at least and none of MP's H EVER used such language The book opens with the h being 19 and working in a casino after her father died and her little brother was born prematurely and blind There is the HP Gold Standard American operation available to help him regain his sight but the US doesn't take the NHS and so the h and her mother are working themselves to the bone to get the money somehow The h is also casually dating a young nobleman who will be a Duke and his family is extremely worried about the h being a possible future duchess The H is dispatched to set things straight with regards to the h's non status in a future Duke's live and in that classic subtrope of insta love displaced into extreme hostile aggression the H offers the h money to get out of town and sign an agreement not to see the future Duke againThe h insulted that the H accosted her and then called her a tart and a bargain basement box girl he did not even accord her penthouse popsie status tells him her price is £35000 and with that sum in hand a roofie kiss or two is exchanged and the h signs the non contact agreement and departs the H's life she thinks for good Four years on and the h has graduated college and become a marketing manager for a group of hotels Little brother is seeing the world in color and mum doesn't have to work so hard and there are nice and eligible potential dating partners in her new job The h is good at it too and all ready to do a big presentation to the board of directorsWhen guess who happens to be one of those directors? Now this is a no brainer but it is the H of course and this time he mistakes her dressed for success image as a promotion from bargain basement box girl to exclusive lady on call to any penthouse suite he tries to throw her out but the h threatens a scene and he backs off They meet again over her big presentation and while it is a success it doesn't take our hostile passive Angry Alpha long to show up with threats and harassment in eual measure Once again the h gallantly fends him offPJ would be mortified and appalled at the amount of harassment and chasing and punishing kisses that happen next needless to say the h isn't getting her extra hour off every week to get her hair done I felt like one of the motherly secondary characters should have jumped books and given the h a number for the H of PJ's Free Spirit this h would have gotten much nicer job perks But as the borders of HPlandia are mutable but not transferable the h winds up in Jersey with the H and of course the forced seduction occurs The lurve club mojo is on triple time cause now the h is in love and it is utterly hopeless There is a small reprieve in the aftermath of the expansion of that fatal attraction the H starts to think he might have been wrong about the h especially when he sees how the manager of the hotel reacts to the h when he thinks she is nothing than the H's piece on the side when in actually she gets promoted to be the project manager That temporary lull is blasted again in the H's overwhelming wrath when the future Duke shows up to see the h again and the h doesn't get a chance to explain what she wanted the H's money for The H is thinking the h used the money to try and scam rich men and then he thinks she violated the agreement not to contact the future DukeThere are threats and accusations and a very dog in the manger attitude from the H and the future Duke and another guy that the h was kinda mildly interested in In fact the sexism in this one is truly overwhelming as there isn't one male character except the h's little brother that seems to have ANY common courtesy or decency the other's all seem to think that cause the h smiles at them she wants to be groped kissed pawed and seducedBut the H is the only one who decides he needs another forced seduction after calling her the Tart of Babylon and all of Europe and the British Isles He offers £10000 to be his tart in the dark but the h is truly outraged and angrily refuses Forced seductioning occurs again and tho the h whispers her true love the h wakes up alone discarded like the dirty rag the H has accused her of beingMopey moments ensue The h is in love but she is also disgusted So when her mum marries the only other nice man in the book who turns out to be the little brother's Scoutmaster the h and the mum have enough money to pay the H his £35000 back She sends an anonymous bank draft and resigns from her position She heads home to mum and while she and the little bro are boding and mum and the Scoutmaster are on honeymoon the H shows up He has been searching for the h desperately and he tears up the money order until the h confesses she sent it Then the H asks why did she not tell him what she needed the money for lil bro had been filling the H in on HP Gold Standard American operations The H claims he is sorry and that he never left the h that last morning he was only pondering life in the garden but when he went to find the h she was gone Now he wants the h to forgive him then he asks her why she has never married It is a pretty satisfying moment in a very bleak book when the h explains that she couldn't marry anybody when she owed him £35000 The H asks her to marry him and she firmly refuses because after all he is being an utter hypocrite in wanting to marry her now that he knows the money was for a good cause The H claims he loves her but she sends him off Tho the H vows He will be back the h eludes his attentionsA week or so later the h has replaced the bank draft into her account and bought herself a nice evening gown She has an invitation to the future Duke's birthday party and she gets all gussied up to go confront the H When he swoops down to twirl her away mocking words are exchanged before the h issues her one and only invitation will the H marry her and love her all her life The H avows eternal love and devotion or at least until she marries him and fatally poisons his cognac to better enjoy his wealth and a variety of tempting young men Because if any H could make a good girl go bad this one is it and they twirl into the sunset for a big HEAThis one is a trainwreck avalanche extraordinaire and should be read for the drama whackiness alone I don't promise HEA believability here AT ALL but you will have many happy hours contemplating if she really does eventually do this H in an act of EPIC REVENGE for a truly suspenseful SW venture into the murkier shores of HPlandia

  2. KatieV KatieV says:

    Yay I finally broke my HP dry streakIf you're in the mood for a snobby alpha hero behaving badly who gets a pretty fair comeuppance from the horribly misjudged and mistreated virgin this is a great onePerdita Perdy is 19 when the book opens Her life had taken a big turn 8 years before when her father had died in a car accident Her pregnant mother then delivered prematurely and the child was blind She and her mom had to deal with reduced circumstance and sacrifice a lot to send the brother to a special school for the blind and then find out there's a miracle surgery in America isn't there always in HPLand?Perdy splits her time between college by day and working in a casino at night saving almost all her for her brother's operation She happens to meet a nice guy a few years older who's a Viscount and will eventually be a Duke Truly she just likes him as a friend He claims to love her though She tells him she's not in for anything serious but he persists She lets it go on as long as it doesn't go farther than kissing and the occasional weekend out Plus she appreciates that he comes to the casino each night and drives her home to her sketchy neighborhood where she lives in desperate poverty while she saves for the operationThe snobby fam finds out their darling boy is seeing some tart who works in a casino and alpha snob Uncle Jared appoints himself to be the one to get rid of the conniving slut Perdy There's a lot of seething sexual tension between the two immediately and this just pisses Jared off even He is horribly insulting in the way only a old school Harley hero can be first he gets her fired and then offers to pay her off to dump his nephew and leave town In a temper she demands 35K pound thinking it an outrageous sum that will just make him angry it's also the exact needed for the surgery He agrees and she's so mad and desperate now that the job's gone she takes it4 years later Perdy has finished college and is doing well in her career Of course she's been scrimping and saving every extra penny to pay back Jared like a good little HP heroine One day she plans to send him a bank draft and will now her pride will be salvagedShe lands a great new job she loves and guess who is on the board of directors?Lots of crazy and on the job sexual harassment ensues Jared alternates between wanting the h and insulting her Still I think Wentworth did a good job of showing clues to his confused feelings strictly through the heroine's eyes This is a well done limited 3rd person POV We have to figure out the H through his actions facial expressions etc It's obvious that he has something for her and is fighting it until he stops trying to fight it and decides to go for it and try to get her in bed Perdy gives as good as she gets though and she doesn't make it easy for him Recommended for fans of old school Harleys

  3. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Wonderful story of a 19 year old heroine who takes the money and runs after the hero offers her 35000 pounds to leave his nephew alone Heroine gives the money to her young blind brother so he can have surgeryFast forward a few years heroine has graduated from university and is starting up the career ladder in the hotel industry She is suirreling away money to pay back the hero and living like a nun Enter hero who is on the board of directors who wants her fired as revenge for taking his money? Making him desire her? Never forgetting about her? All of the aboveBut heroine is good at her job wows the board with her proposal so the hero can't get her fired Instead he can threaten her if she talks to OM#1 and OM#2 his nephew who is back and still in love with the h A business trip to the Isle of Jersey with the H turns into a forced seduction and lots of angst for the hFrom there the H has to reassess what happened in the past and why the h needed money what he knows about the h now and most importantly what he feels about the h It's the hero who has to change in this one and it's delightful to watch The heroine is strong throughout and you just know she will always give the H a run for his money long after they are married

  4. KC KC says:

    45 starsThere are asshole heroes and then there are ASSHOLE heroes Jared fits the latter category perfectly He was so mean and rude to Purdey; calling her a little bitch gold digging slut and con artist not all in one sitting though thankfully Jared acted like such an ass but I loved it because I could see how much he wanted Purdey even though he didn't want to HeheThe two possessed strong chemistry which resulted in some delightful banter Purdey of course only responded with antagonism in order to deal with Jared's hostility I loved how she stood up to Jared and gave as good as she got It was impressive because when they had their first confrontation Purdey was only 19 to Jared's 30 31 years of age a poor nobody to his wealthy and powerful banker essentially I also loved how Purdey held on to her standards by not readily forgiving Jared for the torment he put her through In my eyes Jared redeemed himself enough to earn his HEA with Purdey I liked how he decided to marry her before he discovered the truth behind the use of the payoff money He really did love Purdey in spite of his misconceptions and misgivings The only thing that disappointed me were the love scenes They were briefly mentioned in retrospect which lessened their impact This book could have been a 5 star read if they had been better executedA good read nonetheless

  5. Vintage Vintage says:

    I'm exhausted I honestly don't know how to rate this one 1 star 4 star wimpy average at 3 The hero is a cruel sadistic nasty man and not in a good way He says some of the cruelest things I've read in a Harleuin Purdey the heroine is pretty good at dishing it out but please girl why did you fall in love with this guy?Purdey is working as a croupier to save up for her little brother's eye surgery or he'll go blind Apparently medical care IS better in the States as the family needs the surgery available here He Who Must Not Be Named swoops in to save his nephew who has a crush on Purdey who must be a gold digger The slut shaming is almost instantaneous literally He tries to warn her off which she laughs off then he offers to pay her off Purdey is enraged and outraged and asks for 35000 pounds which is a lot of money It's an ugly scene as he puts the moves on her and her betraying bodybetrays her It's gross They throw some insults at each other and he leaves Three or four years later Purdey has her fancy new degree and is the only woman executive with a hotel group Much is written about the dangers of being a woman in the workplace and how Purdey will handle a potentially sexist environment Lo and behold guess who's the financial guy? The slut shamer and he is relentlessThe heroine holds hard against his threats emotional and physical intimidation as long as she can She ultimately falls for the magic p and she's as disgusted with herself as I was He is over the top in lust and besotted but not too nice about it He even finds a way to belittle her lack of experience as a weapon she uses against menSally Wentworth must have been in a really bad mood the week she wrote this as there are few emotional survivors in this one I need to take a look at SW other books because I don't recall them being this OTT and harsh I really liked the heroine for the most part as she's smart can hold her own in business and against her evil H She manages to torture him a little at the end but not as much as he deserved PostscriptOkay took a look at some of SW other books and apparently torture is her go to method of wooing the little ones

  6. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    Solid 4 never a boring moment stars The blurb is all wrong She didn't do anything to him just took advantage of his supreme arrogancestupidity just as he deservedThe H is the usual misogynistic A hole with a god complex of period HPs I like the h she comes across as sorted and strong and definitely a survivor No wimpy doormat here I approve of all her actions her acuiescence to the nonconrape being the only exception

  7. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Echoes of the Past is the story of Purdie and JaredOur book begins in the past where the h is working a blue collar job to support her sick brother and poor mother She befriends the OM who turns out to be the H's nephew The H ofcourse immediately accuses her of being a gold digging slut and tries to buy her off so she gets out of his nephew's life She is enraged but circumstances force her to accept a dealYears later she is on the way to become a successful businesswoman when the H re enters her life filled with blackmail and accusations There is loads of back and forth as well as OM drama and the h is stuck between three crazy men Anyways after much needed confessions the book endsI found this an OK read The h was really passive and I think she could have solved many problems by using her brain as well as her vocal cords Annoyed me tbhSWE25

  8. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Well if I was her I would have had a restraining order against him He goes into her room in the night forces himself on heromg what kind of an asshole does that??? if she had a chance it was a snowball chance in hell I did not like him at all He was the one who gave her the money and offered it to her then the bastard then makes her pay for it over and over He wants to get her in bed not because he loves and respects her but for revenge and lust It would have been ok to me if he had been less illegal about it I hated him until the end

  9. SandraIsAMoodyCowWhenSheCan& SandraIsAMoodyCowWhenSheCan& says:

    Not bad If you're looking for angst twists and turns with a believable highly independent smart heroine with a heart of gold not to mention an alpha male hero who turns from arrogant asshole to humbled hero this is the one Couldn't understand what he felt she owed him though Seemed like a sound business arrangement to me he paid her to stop seeing his nephew and that's what she did But writing was good enough for me to forgive some obvious flaws Also didn't like that the nephew seemed to have gotten a rough deal from this especially when he seemed to be a dececnt enough guy Ending was a little abrupt and awkward but sometimes it's about the journey not the destination and purely for escapism this did the trick for me

  10. Aou Aou says:

    45 stars for my deliciously awful hero and sweet heroine who had a backbone and made the jerk grovel little bit

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Echoes of the Past➶ Echoes of the Past Free ➬ Author Sally Wentworth – She'd always intended to make amends somedayNow that day had dawned sooner than she'd expected And Jared Faulkner was demanding a reckoningPurdey wasn't proud of the way she'd treated Jared in the pas She'd always intended to make amends somedayNow that day had dawned sooner than she'd expected And Jared Faulkner was demanding a reckoningPurdey wasn't proud of the way she'd treated Jared in the past even though at the time she could see no real alternativeBut it was a fearful price Jared wanted to extract from her far greater than she'd expected to pay And just as before she could see no other way out Jared had her in his power and could so easily crush her.

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Doreen was born on or in Watford Hertfordshire England UK She married Donald Alfred Hornsblow with whom she has a son Keith in The family lived in Braughing EnglandDoreen began her publishing career at a Fleet Street newspaper in London where she thrived in the hectic atmosphere She started writing after attending an evening class and sold her first novel to Mills Boon.