Bad Rats eBook Ú Hardcover

Bad Rats eBook Ú Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Bad Rats
  • Eric Drachman
  • English
  • 10 February 2015
  • 9780970380944

10 thoughts on “Bad Rats

  1. Mir Mir says:

    Disappointingly obvious and unnecessarily dichotomous message story about the importance of creativity Some young rats are in trouble for singing dancing daydreaming etc while out in the big dangerous world A teacher rat tries to explain to them how they need to be unnoticed and careful in order to not get killed by bigger animals But after the children give creative performances he changes his mind I'm all in favor of not stifling creativity but this seems like a poorly thought out vehicle Why pick rats to convey this message? The older rats are right their kids will get eaten by cats if they wander down the middle of the road singing It bothered me that this was presented as some sort of eitheror choice as if one couldn't be creative and sensible Why can't the rats be creative when safe at home and careful when out foraging for food? I feet like the author is one of those individuals who use art as an excuse for personal flakiness And I wasn't wowed by the illustrations either

  2. Leigh Leigh says:

    A story about nonconformity this is an odd tale An elderly rat who was once nearly killed by his non conformist behavior is now responsible for teaching young rats to behave themselves However at the end of the story he embraces their iconoclastic life Seemed inconsistent to me If the elder rat truly believe non conformity was life threatening why suddenly change his mind?

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Great title Great art Less than stellar writingstory

  4. Beth Huddleston Beth Huddleston says:

    This is beautiful story for anyone who has an artistic soul

  5. Laura Laura says:

    This book was sadly just ok I loved the illustrations But the story was not the best The idea was great but not written well

  6. Heidi-Marie Heidi-Marie says:

    Sweet story of being true to yourself as well as being brave and well artistic Not uite sure how the younger audience will get it Not sure if an older kids' audience would appreciate it But I found it tender and am glad I read it Loved the simplicity of the illustrations too I don't have the ability to listen to the audio CD that accompanies the book right now but from the looks of it I think it would definitely add to the experience

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    Despite my strong dislikefear for rodents I really did enjoy this book Could be used at the beginning of the year to help develop community in the classroom This text highlights and celebrates the differences in each rat A great moral to the story lends itself to nice class discussion Simple pictures that allow for strong inferences

  8. Andrea Andrea says:

    This book is about rats and even rats have to embrace their inner self Rats are supposed to behave a certain way and there is a type of rat detention for rats that can't behave the way they are supposed to Turns out the rat detention supervisor realizes that all this while he himself has been hiding his innter self

  9. babyhippoface babyhippoface says:

    First off Josiah is one of the cutest rats I have ever seen Which I realize isn't saying much but stillPicture book about the power of the arts to touch hearts School Music Art and Gifted teachers will like this one especially in the Middle School arena

  10. Jostalady Jostalady says:

    One of the extremely poor readers who hates books followed along with the version that has a read along cd She says she really liked it and wanted to read it again That excites me very muchI think she really identified with seeming to always be in trouble for being different and creative

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Bad Rats[Download] ➹ Bad Rats ➾ Eric Drachman – Josiah was a rat He was a bad rator so he was told In fact Josiah and his friends are aspiring artists and for a rat painting outside the box like that just won't doFollow along as Josiah and several Josiah was a rat He was a bad rator so he was told In fact Josiah and his friends are aspiring artists and for a rat painting outside the box like that just won't doFollow along as Josiah and several other inspired rats teach their professor the value of creativityThe companion Book on CD will transport you and your child into Josiah's world with sound effects and wonderful performances by children and adults The dramatic storytelling is narrated by the author and features his young nephew Eli Drachman among other delightful voices Audible page turns help your children follow along as they learn to read.