Ron Jeremy: The Hardest PDF/EPUB ô Ron Jeremy: MOBI

Ron Jeremy: The Hardest PDF/EPUB ô Ron Jeremy: MOBI

10 thoughts on “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz

  1. Natalie Natalie says:

    Well that was the most entertaining read I've had since Confessions of a Dangerous Mind It's a sweet little tale of how a nice Jewish boy from ueens was blessed with a 10 inch penis like Kurt Vonnegut said you never know who'll get one and pursued his acting and comedy career only to or less accidentally get into porn during its Golden Age in the late 70searly 80s You want anecdotes about the intersection of porn and Hollywood's elite? They're in here Sex tips from Dr Ron Jeremy? They're in here too Pages devoted to the fact that Jeremy can perform autofellatio? What good biography of a porn star is complete without it? Stories of Plato's Retreat that actually makes it sound like it would have been a pretty good time? NatchRon Jeremy is surprisingly or maybe not so for anyone who watched his season of The Surreal Life intelligent funny and classy I was amazed to learn he has a master's degree in Special Education and actually spent a few years as a teacher He doesn't drink smoke or do drugs and seems to actually like and respect women Excepting the whole porn star with 1800 film credits thing he's probably the kind of guy your mom wants you to bring home Contrast this to Jenna Jameson's depressing as hell autobiography Interestingly I've now read both without having seen even one of their films Zombie Strippers and Orgazmo don't countMoral of the story? Go to school work hard stay clean and you too can be AVN's Number One Porn Star of All Time

  2. Michael Jandrok Michael Jandrok says:

    EDIT My opinion of Ron Jeremy took a bit of a hit when I researched his Wiki bio in preparation for finishing this review and it didn’t take long to verify the legitimacy of most of the complaints Seems our man has garnered a number of sexual assault allegations over the past couple of years most of which occurred well after the publication date of this book That tarnishes the or less “clean” image that Jeremy worked so diligently to present in this book and that’s too bad Porn like any other sexual transaction relies on consent Bad things happen when that wall of consent is violated and that’s kind of where I draw my line with relation to porn and erotica in general Not to say that I don’t enjoy reading De Sade I do But THAT is a style of sexual and philosophical and political literature that really only has a passing influence on modern porn and one would certainly not compare “Philosophy in the Boudoir” with the ghost written autobiography of a man nicknamed “The Hedgehog” Anyway reading of Jeremy’s accusations has caused me to drop any recommendation that I might have had for this book I wasted my time on it but there is certainly no reason for you to Still I’m not going to trash a perfectly good review just because I caught wind of information that made me amend my initial impressions of the work in uestion It’s an object lesson for those of us who review and like to think that we have some sort of ethical code to rely on when it comes to how honest we are with ourselves and our audience In that spirit I present my original review and hope that maybe I learned a little something from this experienceORIGINAL REVIEW Pornography is a very difficult topic to write about Let’s face it it is a polarizing subject under the best of circumstances Literary and classical porn seem to get a pretty fair pass here on Goodreads which isn’t really all that surprising And there is after all a reasonably clear distinction between what might be considered “erotica” vs hard core pornography as depicted in popular media And there have been plenty of examples of hard core pornography going “mainstream” such as the horrid yet ubiuitous “Fifty Shades of Grey” which single handedly set back an elightened understanding of BDSM a few decades Still pornography as a whole can still be tricky territory to navigate And I get it or at least I like to think that I do Please feel free to let me know if my stance needs revision I’m always willing to rethink a position in the light of a good solid argument based on facts and rational reasoning Fact there is a TON of bad exploitative cheaply produced porn on the market Also a fact there is a lot of reasonably fun and creative porn on the market made by people who have a vested interest in keeping the industry safe and responsible As an aside I have found that a lot of the better pornography is written and directed by women who view porn as less exploitative and empowering than you might expect All of that said I know most of the feminist arguments against porn and I certainly don’t intend to jump into that argument here in a simple book review I personally have no real big issues with pornography as long as it’s well done and made in a spirit of fun and inclusion for the performers and the audience alike I have befriended several performers and directors of porn on Facebook and have found all of them to be intelligent and well informed people who just seem like well PEOPLE at the end of the day Thus I had no hesitation whatsoever when presented with the opportunity to purchase a copy of “Ron Jeremy The Hardest Working Man in Show Business” Ron Jeremy is one of the most respected and recognized performers in the history of the business He has made appearances in mainstream movies and has an ongoing gig as a stand up comedian Jeremy’s main claim to fame is the size of his wellmale appendage and it’s that particular tool of the trade that made him such a popular partner to work with for both directors and other performers alike Jeremy was also one of the first adult performers to successfully make the transition from actor to director freuently doing double duty as talent on both sides of the camera And I’ll state up front that Jeremy’s book pretty much delivers the goods as I expected that it would The man himself seems likable enough well educated and well spoken and much multi dimensional than you might expect at first glance The man holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is classically trained in piano So what you get here is 360 pages of text and mostly PG 13 photographs that chronicle Jeremy’s basic life history from birth to the end of the book copyright 2007 The guy can certainly tell a good story and he keeps things surprisingly clean for the most part considering the bulk of the subject matter Not to say that there isn’t a good level of lascivious detail to be found here but I was kind of amazed at howsterilethings can get on a porn setFun fact #1 Not really spoiling much here but Ron Jeremy has a large penis You can look up the exact dimensions for yourself but the dude clocks in at well over nine inches He is one of the few male porn stars that can fellate himself and yes I have seen proof of that on film on than one occasionRon Jeremy used a ghostwriter named Eric Spitznagel who puts in an appearance as a character in the second epilogue in the book I’m sure that this kept the text flowing freely but I’m a bit disappointed that a man as well versed in words would use a ghost when he was perfectly well capable of doing the job himself That said the book is written in first person as if it were really Ron Jeremy narrating his life story for the masses I don’t really think that this negates the authenticity of the book but it probably knocks this down from a 4 star review to a 3 star effort as far as I am concerned I get it Probably 95% of celebrity “autobiographies” are ghosted but it’s disappointing when the situation could clearly have been avoided Fun fact #2 Jeremy’s most famous nickname of “The Hedgehog” dates to very early in his career bestowed upon him by fellow porn actor Bill Margold The combination of Jeremy’s fair skin and his hairy body made him look like a “little pink hedgehog” The nickname stuck Jeremy does a reasonably decent job of giving the general reader an idea of what life is like on a real porn movie set It’s not a real pretty picture for the most part Actors and actresses have to hold themselves in awkward positions for long periods of time and shooting conditions are not always comfortable to say the least Not to mention the legal troubles that one can get into when one sells sex for a living The section in the book where Jeremy recounts his adventures with the Los Angeles Vice Suad were eye opening to say the least I knew some of this stuff already having read several other porn bios and histories but it was still interesting to see how far the police would go to try and get a conviction Fun fact #3 Ron Jeremy appeared in the second season of the reality television show “The Surreal Life” where he became close friends with Tammy Faye Bakker the former wife of televangelist James Bakker The two mismatched friends continued their relationship all the way until Tammy Bakker’s death from cancer I found myself laughing out loud than once during the reading of the book I really don’t have a whole lot here to complain about other than the somewhat pedestrian subject matter of the entire project A few other reviewers have complained about Jeremy’s incessant name dropping but look that’s kind of what the guy DOES to help promote himself Ron Jeremy is a consummate hustler at heart and I don’t find it at all surprising that he takes every opportunity to grab a picture with a celebrity in the hopes that it may somehow open the door to his dreams of finally getting what he considers to be a legitimate part in a big name production I’d be amused to see the reactions of the many A list celebrities that Jeremy is pictured with getting their first gander at this book and realizing that they were somehow conned into posing for a photo op with the legendary “Hedgehog” in all of his meaty and hairy glory yukking it up as he puts another notch on his not unsubstantial belt Overall the book comes across as relatively harmless fun There are much better volumes out there if you are looking for a comprehensive history of porn as a cultural phenomenon and there are also better porn star bios on the market as well including the very well done “Lights Camera Sex” by Christy Canyon I wouldn’t necessarily skip this one if you happen to catch it at a good price at the used book store as I did Don’t expect too much out of it and it won’t disappoint you It’s way worth a good chuckle or two at the “Hedgehog’s” expense FINAL EDIT Anyhow too much time spent on this methinks Carry on nothing to see here

  3. Karen Stinneford Karen Stinneford says:

    I first met Ron Jeremy when he was a contestant on MTV's The Surreal Life with televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who genuinely liked women He comes across much the same way in his book an affable yellow lab puppy who keeps dropping a slobbery ball at your feet because he wants to play with you I don't share his perspective on human sexuality He ascribes absolutely no ethics or sentimentality to sex whatsoever; to him it simply is physical act you do like sneezing or blinking I guess you'd have to embrace that perspective to keep from feeling guilty or ashamed or downright icky about engaging in sex with some 4000 women most of them in front of a camera He seems like a nice and smart guy he has a master's degree in special education so what I didn't understand after reading the book is WHY he is a porn star when he obviously could do something else Yes he likes sex as does most of the human race yet most of us don't videotape ourselves doing it I think it comes down to some desperate need for attention as he clearly loves hob nobbing with actors and rock stars and being asked to participate in B rated films and TV shows It's sad ultimately needing that kind of attention like a puppy wandering from knees to knees at a backyard barbeue yet not one person will lean over pat his head and throw the dang ball

  4. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Actually 35 stars better than expectedMr Jeremy makes no excuses for his life's path but does make a point to mention than once that he never intended to be a porn legendHe was very blase about the super sexual lifestyle of a porn star and his personal sexual stories I am positive that this tale would cause salivation in a Freudian analyst but honestly some does come across as stereotypical and obviousI was surprised to find that MrJeremy has a Master's Degree in Spec Ed is a classically trained musician of 2 instruments does a lot of stand up comedy and occassionally allows some romanticism to creep in to his words

  5. Luke Luke says:

    This book was not as interesing as I assumed it would be This is not to say it was terrible it jsut got repetative after a whileThe book seems to be after a bit the story of Ron Jeremy Namedropper He spends a great protion of the book detailing his brushes with fame and the people he has had sex with over the years famous and randomOne of the most interesting sections though is when he is describing the problems he and all of his crew had with the law This was during the time when there was a thin line between prostitution and pronography Often they were considered the same by the lawWhile it is not the most impressive biography it is still interesting

  6. Astrid Astrid says:

    I don't really know what to make of this book It's not too poorly written and the first part is really ok read Then the name dropping begins And it's really really annoying It makes it hard to read when there are comments on every page that tells of stories about how a house they once filmed in later would belong to this or that celebrity or how some one they met was related to some actress blah blah blah Another thing is the total lack of reflection of the porn industry as such No I never expected this book to be a critical essay about porn but a short passage about it? Something about his view of the debate why has he never seen any of the bad stuff are they that separated? He writes about one argument with a woman and how annoyed he is with women saying they've been abused by the industry when they've worked there for ages and HE hasn't seen any abuse Uhm hello? Or when he can't see the similarities between porn and prostitution as one woman he works with used to be prostituted says they both have sex for money The book lacks depth I can read a shallow book but the name dropping destroys it by being too obvious Ron is promoting himself too much And there are no emotions shown he never lets us know if he feels happy sad hardly even horny while doing a porno So yeah it is a bad book but still an ok read I don't regret having read it but I won't read again

  7. Sara Sara says:

    I was surprised when a librarian recommend this book and even surprised to discover that it was actually pretty good In this autobiography Ron Jeremy comes across as funny likable and as than just the famous porn star that everyone's heard of He's very educated passionate about animals plays piano and violin never touches drugs barely drinks and is constantly striving to be considered a real actor Although the stories in this book go back to his childhood the majority of its pages are spent on stories from his time in the biz Nothing is described in exceedingly graphic detail but he definitely gives a good overview of how he found himself doing porn and what he finds so entertaining about the whole business One of my favorite parts in the book came when he was describing what it took to actually be an actor being an idiot and relates a conversation in which a producer asks if he's interested in doing some show and he immediately says yes not wanting to hear anything about it because chances are it'll fall through but on the off chance that it doesn't fall through he's definitely interested in being in whatever it is His tone throughout the book is extremely personable and casual and you don't have to like the business that he's in to see him as likable There was a lot of name dropping in this book which threw me off at first but I think it overall helped give a fuller picture of the author He has clearly met a lot of famous people and although some of the name dropping could have been deleted without affecting the rest of the book such as times when he said a certain house would later be owned by so and so the stories he told about incidents involving himself and other celebrities were entertaining I'd say this is definitely not a biography that everyone would enjoy simply because of the subject and his career choice but it was definitely a better read than I was expecting I didn't know much about Ron Jeremy before starting this book and I finished it feeling like I understood him fairly well A surprising recommendation but a surprisingly good book

  8. Analicia De Anda Analicia De Anda says:

    I was going to give this book at least 3 stars when I first started reading it but then the I read the it became Ron letting us know who he knows which really wore me out so it got demoted to 2

  9. Tabitha Ormiston-Smith Tabitha Ormiston-Smith says:

    I was in two minds about this book Mr Jeremy is an engaging personality and the book was well written and presented It gave a fascinating look into the world of pornography I found it extremely interesting and up to a point entertaining What spoiled the book for me and made the difference between a three and two star rating was Jeremy's obsessive tuft hunting as this review should be G rated I don't like to use the popular and apt expression The huge volume of boring rubbish about so called celebrities at least half of whom I'd never heard of was appallingly tedious and really spoiled the uality of the book I mean really So Mr Jeremy is acuainted with a lot of famous actors producers and musicians It's hardly surprising is it when the man's an actor The book would be vastly improved by leaving all that nonsense about Brad Pitt et alia right out

  10. Kim Kim says:

    Unlike Wil Wheatons book I had a bit of an idea of what I'd be in for with this book And I wasn't surprised in some ways but I was in othersFor started Ron doesn't hide or censor anything He just excuse the pun lets it all hang out there He has had an incredible and unconventional life and it's really interesting to have a peer into it Yes a lot of the book is talking himself up and who he knows but why not It's his book and I would do the same thing I was surprised to find him both intelligent and funny though his sense of worth as a mainstream actor is way inflated I've seen him a few times in his normal acting roles and he always comes across as a bit of a ham actorI found this an entertaining look at seedy side of show business and worth a read

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Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz ❰Read❯ ➵ Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz Author Ron Jeremy – He's the porn world's Everyman Blessed with an enormous talent yet average looks he's starred in than 1700 adult films directed 250 of them and over the last twenty years has become porn's biggest amb He's the porn world's Everyman Blessed with an enormous talent yet average looks he's starred in than adult films directed of them and over the last twenty years has become porn's biggest ambassador to the mainstream He's appeared in regular films music videos and VH's Surreal Life starred in the critically acclaimed Porn star a movie about his life and in Being Ron Jeremy a take off on Being John Malkovich co starring Andy Dick And that's just the tip of the iceberg Ron Jeremy is a born storyteller funny considering he doesn't Ron Jeremy: MOBI :Ú do a lot of talking in his films He knows where all the bodies are buried and in this outrageous autobiography he not only shows you the grave but also gives you the back story on the tombstone Get ready for Ron Jeremy—a scandalously entertaining deep insider's view of the porn industry and its emergence into popular culture and a delectable self portrait of the amazingly endowed Everyman every man wanted to be.

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About the Author: Ron Jeremy

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt born March usually called Ron Jeremy is an American pornographic actor Nicknamed The Hedgehog he was ranked by AVN at number one in their The Top Porn Stars of All Time list Jeremy has also appeared in non pornographic films such as The Boondock Saints and He is well known for his large inch cm penis – and he has gained some notoriety for.