A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever ePUB â of

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever ePUB â of

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever ❴Ebook❵ ➠ A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever Author Marla Frazee – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A 2009 Caldecott Honor Book When James and Eamon go to a week of Nature Camp and stay at Eamon's grandparents' house it turns out that their free time spent staying inside eating waffles and pla A Caldecott of Boys PDF Î Honor Book When James and Eamon go to a week of Nature Camp and stay at Eamon's grandparents' house it turns out that their free time spent staying inside eating waffles and playing video games is way  interesting than nature But sometimes things work out best when they don't go exactly as planned   This Caldecott Honor winning book is a moving and hilarious celebration of young boys childhood friendships and the power of the imagination where Marla Frazee captures the very essence of summer vacation and what it means to A Couple Epub / be a kid.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever
  • Marla Frazee
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9780152060206

10 thoughts on “A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

  1. Calista Calista says:

    This book is a lot of fun2 friends James and Eamon spend a week together at Eamon's grandparents house while they go to nature camp They are funny kids and they get along great It's cute to see them together For being at nature camp they sure spend a lot of time indoors but they find the magic of nature the last day They are also very interested in Antartica The nephew thought this book was a lot of fun He loves to have video playing days He found this book a fun buddy comedy not his words He loves to have friends over but since he doesn't listen well it isn't easy to have friends over for him It's a wild event He gave this 3 stars The niece thought the kids were kid and funny too She also gave this 3 stars

  2. Roxanne Hsu Feldman Roxanne Hsu Feldman says:

    One Librarian Had the Best Reading Experience Ever with this wonderful titleIt is what I thought of as a uintessential American picture book it is about summer camp spending time with your best buddy by the beach with someone's grandparents having a great time doing all sorts of stuff and some mischief under the grown ups' noses But over it is a picture book that NEEDS to be read WITH the pictures I'm not saying that all picture books should do what the authorillustrator have done here if all picture books are telling two stories with texts and pictures then this one addition will be uite boring This story and concept however begs the sarcastic discrepancies done so perfectly here I see it as a picture book for children who can read very comfortably on their own and should have no trouble seeing the humor in each scene It was just named an honor book in the picture book category of the Boston Globe Horn Book Award Well deserved The winner is Jonathan Bean's At Night

  3. babyhippoface babyhippoface says:

    Kids will like this one Adults eh Not so much Which is fine because it isn't for adults after all But even conceding that point there are still Marla Frazee's illustrations and who needs than that?Plus anyone who has ever planned for children some activities you think are fun and educational only to have the kids opt out to stay home and wrestle will identify with poor Bill But he keeps trying bless his heart

  4. Susan Susan says:

    I gave this book another try after listening to the discussion about it at the ALA Notable Committee And I've got to say I'm a convert so I'm changing my star rating of this one I'm starting to come to the conclusion that I'm the only person in the world who didn't like this book I found it confusing not good in a picture book and it took me a few tries to get through it I think this is one of those books that is really written for adults and not for 4 6 year oldsIt's hard for me to say this because I love Marla Frazee's books and I really truly wanted to like this one but it just didn't work for me But I keep reading glowing reviews of it and was uite surprised to see a starred review of it in School Library Journal I feel really strange writing something negative because it's in contrast to the opinions of so many other people I respectIn all fairness I read this book in a huge stack of books the night before a meeting with a publisher so maybe I need to give it another shot

  5. Ch_hayley Medsker Ch_hayley Medsker says:

    The humour in this comic like picture book is sure to make elementary aged students laugh Readers have to really understand sarcism to relate to Marla Frazee's A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever Two boys Eamon and James go to Eamon's grandparents house at the beach The two boys are looking forward to spending time together at a nature summer camp The boys bond over the course of the week and really discover a lot about nature not really However Eamon and James do emabark on some uirky adventuresI appreciated the simplistic illustrations which look like a child a very talented one could have drawn them I also enjoyed the use of word bubbles and comic like feel about the book My students enjoyed the silliness of the protagonists and all of their wacky ways The details were intricate and allows young readers to analyze many aspects the book offered Again Frazee's intentions and purpose was not to create a book that was heartfelt insightful or deep But rather to make young readers laugh and read for entertainment She did just that

  6. Laura Rumohr Laura Rumohr says:

    SummaryA Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever is a picture book written for students in grades 2 5 The book was written with various amounts of text on each page along with character dialogue that contributes to the importance of the story The story begins as 2 boys go away from home to stay with Eamon's one of the boys grandparents during a week of Nature Camp When they get to the grandparents house Bill and Pam the boys enjoy spending time with them They eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches banana pancakes etc After their first day of camp the boys come home and just enjoy spending time together They eat watch tv and play on an air mattress After a full week of truly enjoying each others company they realize they've run out of things to do inside the house and venture outdoors This is the first time they truly enjoy nature and it ends up being the best thing they do all week You'll have to read to see what they doReviewI thought Marla Frazee did a wonderful job creating illustrations that reflected the personalities of the character's in the story She created characters that many children can relate to because it's a story about friendship and a relationship with grandparents I especially liked the story because it reminded me of when I would go and visit my grandparents When I would visit them there would be very few rules and I could do what I wanted These boys seemed to have the freedom to just enjoy their week Some students might also be able to connect to the setting as being a vacation spot however many of my students have never seen the beach and therefore might have trouble relating to that aspect of the story I would love to read this story to elementary students because I think they'd have fun imagining what they would do to have the best week ever

  7. Debbie Reiber Debbie Reiber says:

    A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever by Marla Frazee is a contemporary realistic fiction book The book was a Randolph Caldecott honor book in 2009 The age group this book is intended for is primary to intermediate The book is about two friends going to a nature summer camp They weren’t too impressed with the camp but they had a great time being together the whole weekI enjoyed the book but I felt it was written with a little bit of humor and contradictions that would be over a child’s head I feel like the theme looked at the situation of children not willing to go outside The plot was how the boys were attending a nature camp but they just wanted to do everything inside On the last day they did go outside and they used their imagination and enjoyed their time in nature for the first time all week and it was the best time they had all week The language included the combining of the boys’ names because they do everything together which fits with current society The pictures were realistic The writing and the pictures appeared to be done with colored pencils as a medium for the book This would be a good book for young readers because it uses the current language and sarcasm of today’s society; however I do think a few parts the children may not understand It looks at the current issue of children preferring video games and television instead of going outside and exploring and using their imagination and knowledge to create their own fun

  8. Melki Melki says:

    Two pals have fun hanging out together than they do at the Nature Camp they're attendingThis is pretty cute though I was annoyed the boys didn't go see the penguin exhibit at the museumBet Eamon's grandparents were glad when that week was over

  9. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    This is a delightful tongue in cheek picture book about two friends James and Eamon who are signed up for a week at Nature Camp and who will be staying with Eamon’s grandparents Bill and Pam during camp Bill is a real nature lover whose biggest desire is to go to Antarctica but try as he might he just can’t get “Jamon” as he called the boys interested beyond the coffee ice cream icebergs with hard chocolate sauce on top that Pam gives them to eat And when Bill invites Jamon to see a penguin exhibit the boys opt for uiet meditation in front of video games in the basement Careful readers will soon notice that all the text and illustrations plus speech balloons tell two different stories The title of this book A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever may seem rather ironic but once camp is over and the boys have so free time they decide to do something especially for Bill so may the title isn’t so off base after all Complimenting the story are Frazee’s humorous illustrations that really brings out the boy’s close friendship their energy their interests and disinterests all of which will probably remind you a of few boys you may know It is also a wonderful intergenerational story that I suspect all elicit a chuckle or two from grandparents recognize themselves in Pam and Bill

  10. Kennytanners Kennytanners says:

    This nostalgic tale captures the transitional mind set of two young boys from the suburbs Eamon and James who find themselves falling into their usual routine of video games and television while at a grandparents beach house for a week but on the last evening unexpectedly they experience adventures and new found joy from using their imagination and a few sea shells they create a magical moment that most readers are able to connect with It was a fun page turner with whole lot humor It was exciting to follow these boys around there grand parent's beach house and watch the planning of a perfect trip fall into the real expectations of a summer vacation which as a child is not to be enlightened but to just to have fun Marla Frazee must have been inspired by two little boys close to her heart to write such a great summer vacation book It really brought back the memories of being a care free boy on a trip with a childhood best friend It felt as if Marla Frazee had turned every boys memory into a light comic book type cartoon I feel that most people can find a way to relate to these two boys Eamon and James This book is an innocent reminder of lifes simple joys and it speaks to us to make time in our structured lives to step outside our comfort zones and create a memory

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