I Sweep the Sun Off Rooftops PDF/EPUB ¿ Sweep the Sun

I Sweep the Sun Off Rooftops PDF/EPUB ¿ Sweep the Sun

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10 thoughts on “I Sweep the Sun Off Rooftops

  1. Sue Sue says:

    I had high hopes for this book of short stories based in Lebanon and started reading with some of those hopes fulfilled Gradually I found a certain sameness creeping in primarily of writing style and tone negativity toward most others in whichever protagonists' life and constant wistfulness dreaminess Perhaps this comes of living in a war zone This would not account for the style itself which sometimes seems to bludgeon the reader with its wordsThere were a few stories I liked primarily The Spirit is Engaged Now You May Want to Hold Others such as The Land of Dreams just didn't seem to have substance seemed to be completely unreal beyond any possible meaning of the title I could come up withI didn't finish all stories but read 23rds of the book and feel that was enough to make a meaningful review of this book

  2. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    355One of my side goals for this year's Women in Translation Month is to visit as many previously read authors as possible Hanan Al Shaykh last read 2015 is someone who I visited when my circles of GR acuaintance and reviewership were much larger and active so I don't feel as much a need as I did back then to wrangle with low average ratings and lower expectations So while some stories did indeed strike me as marvelous in their construction and uniue in their focus out of the seventeen of this collection I can only apply that praise to three with a handful or so containing promising kernels that never uite grew to full fruition Rhythms poeticisms puns and other linguistic convolutions irrevocably lost in translation? Guaranteed Ignorance on my part? I couldn't see how it could be otherwise A bias towards stories that dragged a Eurocentric part of the world in like a cat with a hardly praiseworthy carcass of some errant rat or bird? Most certainly A passive aggressive pet peeve for the font style chosen for major story headings and the first three words of every tale? Yep So not a great follow up to the Women of Sand and Myrrh read five years ago but not so poor as for me to give up entirely on The Story of Zahra which I picked up a copy of in semi desperation when this work of original interest refused to show its face for a good six years It's not a collection I would recommend as a whole to a newcomer to literature translated from Arabic into English but I could see a few of its stories doing that uite nicely should someone get lucky in picking up a copy and flipping through the pagesA family that would rather a woman be insane than be adulterous love after death love without commitment love in the time of proselytizing colonialism obsessions after death childhood meets capitalism cishet virginity confronts ueer sex marriage meets the family tomb love as an ideal homeland as an ideal the choice of love over the guarantee of heaven sexual fantasies lovers turnednot turned into goats breeding grounds gender woes the beguilement of Christianity and the triumph of chastity over life If you think there are a lot of lovesexerotic style themes caught up in this you would be correct You would also be correct in picking up on the tension between West and East Europe and Yemen that is played out in 'The Land of Dreams' 'I Sweep the Sun off Rooftops' 'The White Peacock of Holland Park' 'The Keeper of the Virgins' and my favorite from this collection 'An Unreal Life' That last one that I reserve for especial praise involves a woman returning to the country of her upbringing with a white Orientalist of a husband in tow marveling at how comfortable she is here while slowly but surely throwing off the fetishistic aspects of her husband's appreciation for her The food the beverages the public venues the young people the architecture all of it lavishly opening up to her truly appreciative gaze until of course she finds herself treated as much as any other white tourist just another obscenely rich patron from sickeningly stable foreign country that one sells oneself to in hopes of salvation except this one looks a bit like us Others I liked include the aforementioned 'Peacock' and 'Dreams' as well as 'The Funfair' with ones such as 'A Season of Madness' 'I Don't Want to Grow Up' and 'The Land of the Sun' coming in for me at second tier These stories might go better for those into the whole sex thing than I and worse for those who are not as deeply invested in the ongoing maelstrom that is modern day culture clash between Arab and Euro as I and if both of those topics are off putting for you well you may want to cut your Arabic lit milk teeth on something elseSo not the most triumphant return to an author but immersing myself so heavily in translation this month has given me the level of constant learning and critical analysis that sustains me often than not and I am nothing if not highly interested in procuring and works of the general international like Such is necessary in these days when Beirut Lebanon is once again making its way around Euro newspaper headlines in a tragic form While there is truth to the content of that information most of the readers reading about such in English and co would be than content to know the city country and culture through that form of media and nothing else To do such means to rest easy in one's moral superiority over truncated tales of social conservatism religious conformity misogyny ueerphobia and other forms of oppression that are invoked in these stories themes embedded in a far larger and complicated framework rather than a catalyst for self righteous onanism It reuires far focus and a higher level of comprehension from the average reader as conseuence but such is the price one often pays for a true dialectic If non English speakers can do it for Shakespeare English speakers can do it for practically everyone else It was said that people had walked on the moon At the time the village sheikh had broadcast from the minaret that a cow must be slaughtered to atone for the moon's defilement

  3. Bel Murphy Bel Murphy says:

    Some of these short stories were very engaging for instance 'the Marriage Fair' The Land of Dreams' and 'The Funfair' Others were less so with story lines that didn't appeal to me most notably 'A Season of Madness' and the story from which the book gets its title 'I Sweep the Sun off Rooftops' There were some interesting insights into different cultures and I'm glad I persevered with the collection

  4. Maria Maria says:

    This book portrays the lives of women in the modern arab world Each chapter talks about a different family in a different country; jumping from Lebanon to Egypt to Yemen and so on The events happening in the chapters wherever they are in the Middle East are very realistic and could happen to anybody at any time The fact that the main characters are women in each chapter shows the significance of the roll women play in the Arab World Feminism and a woman's needs are recognised and contributed to by the plot of the story the chapter tells Whenever a man appears he is acting the same way I see or hear of the way husbands and brothers act in the real world This novel certainly has opened my eyes about my culture as an Arab woman; and has taught me many things I didn't know about from before Truely a masterpiece

  5. Alix Méav Alix Méav says:

    The one story that stood out from all of the other stories in this book was Apple An absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful story of a girl who never receives a suitor and instead is faced with the social stigma of being an old maid in her village

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This one grew on me as I read through it; it's another one worth reading twice It's nice to read a different kind of book from time to time

  7. Martin Martin says:

    An astonishingly beautiful collection of short stories

  8. Kay Hart Kay Hart says:

    I enjoyed this collection of stories and in particular A Girl Called Apple I found really touching and thought provoking It raises issues of culture in an isolated village and rituals practised to invite suitors for daughters of marriagable age Apple's family is portrayed as loving and kind even when they can't uite fathom why she is so resistant to marriage Neither can Apple It was the most memorable in this admirable collectionThe stories are insightful portraying various issues surrounding women in a culture so very different from western experience Interestingly it's focus on the lives of women doesn't preclude insight into life for men in middle eastern culture It's worth reading not only as a wonderfully realised literary work but also to understand lifestyles of another culture that is so very topical at present

  9. Molly Molly says:

    Nearly every story is this collection is a gem and the writing is exceptionally terse and powerful Young children on an Oil compound in the middle east are horrified to learn that their Indian servants have been cooking their pet rabbits their distress calling into uestion the treatment of servants and the self serving naivete of children A woman moves from Morocco to London and learns the humiliations of freedom Another woman wants to get a divorce but cannot ask for one so she feigns insanity which further traps her in her marriage And my favorite story The Land of Dreams beautifully portrays the impossible reconciliations of culture between the west and east when a Denmark missionary is proposed to by a Yemeni man I love the sensations this book provoked of austerity and sensuality of intense focus and vague alienation very excellent

  10. Nakib Hoq Nakib Hoq says:

    I picked up this book from the local library just because I was intrigued by the name of the author Yes sometimes I do pick up books just because the author has an exotic name It helps me to expose myself to different perspectives and different cultures that I have never been exposed to And so teh Arab name really attracted meI sweep the sun off rooftops is a collection of short stories by the Lebanese female author Dealing with sexuality feminism and stereotyped Arab women the characters are uite nuanced and worth giving a thought Overall not a bad read at all; but nothing extraordinary eitherAnd my favorite story in the collection is 'I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops' by the way

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