Path To My African Eyes ePUB ☆ Path To eBook ñ

Path To My African Eyes ePUB ☆ Path To eBook ñ

Path To My African Eyes ❮Reading❯ ➼ Path To My African Eyes Author Ermila Moodley – Being a teenager is tough enough But imagine starting freshman year at a new high school that's not just in a new city but a new country That's life for 14 year old Thandi Sobukwe When her father is t Being a teenager is tough enough My African PDF/EPUB ✓ But imagine starting freshman year at a new high school that's not just in a new city but a new country That's life for year old Thandi Sobukwe When her father is transferred from his position as a professor at a Capetown South Africa university to Buena Path To eBook ñ Vista California Thandi says goodbye to friends family and favorite places and hello to self doubt rejection and cultural confusion Everything from the way she looks to the way she speaks and even the way she thinks is uestioned mocked or simply misunderstood Thandi's stuck between a rock and a hard place She's struggling to To My African PDF/EPUB ¾ be comfortable in her skin But between her California girl dreams ambivalent feelings about Black American culture and sensitivity about the ethnic background that she thinks makes her stand out too much she doesn't seem to fit Thandi's facing a real dilemma How can she be true to yourself when you're trying to discover who you are.

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  1. Francesca Forrest Francesca Forrest says:

    Fourteen year old Thandi Sobukwe is a Black South African who comes to Buena Vista California when her father takes up a position at a university there She's eager to make friends but has to deal with her classmates' ignorance about Africa it's not a country it's a continent and competing expectations for how she should behave The White girls she first falls in with want to make her over as a California babe They seem friendly enough but they casually disparage Africa The first Black girls she meets put her down for her White tastes and for her natural hair while biracial Salif is disappointed in her for not knowing about South Africa's history and her own cultural heritage Only geeky Peter who dresses very formally and speaks in a stilted way seems to like her unreservedly though if I were Thandi I might have felt a little uncomfortable when told I reminded him of his childhood caregiver Peter shares Thandi's love of science teaches her to ride a bike and thinks she's absolutely beautiful but Thandi is nervous that becoming too close to him will jeopardize her shaky social standing at school This book is chock full of issues and handles most of them really well I thought Thandi's evolving relationship with Crystal one of the two White girls was especially well done and I thought Peter was an interesting character I only wish the story could have been spread out over about twice as much space Things happened so abruptly I would have liked time for Thandi's own feelings to evolve especially regarding her heritage As it stands her change of heart happened rather like a conversion experience The author's other books are set in South Africa and I'd especially like to try A World To Gain which takes place in 1963 at the time of the Rivona Trial of Nelson Mandela It too is very short though I hope the author will consider writing a longer work that will let her spend time with her characters I'm definitely up for reading it

  2. Rachael Rachael says:

    I found this accidentally at the Library and devoured it while my son was napping I found the main character relatable both as a teenager in general and also because my husband is an African immigrant The issues that come up for her and the ignorance and insensitivity of Americans regarding the CONTINENT of Africa is very accurately portrayed My husband read this too and enjoyed it for that very reason even though he came to America as an adult male not a teenage girlIf it matters to you there is one strong curse word in this book Everything else is perfectly family friendly

  3. John C John C says:

    Path to my African Eyes Have u ever wanted to read a book that relates to your school life well then you should read the book Path to my African Eyes by rlmira Moodley This book talks about a girl’s struggle at school when she moves from south Africa to the Buena Vista California You should read this book if you like books on school life this book has all of it relationship problems trying to be excepted and dealing with bullies One thing that is most talked about in the book is thandi’s Sudan culture change moving from south Africa to the Buena Vista California Thandi doesn't know herself any she feels like won’t be accepted at her new school she uestions the close she wears and what people are going to say about her having short hair which kinda makes her look like a boy This an example of her uestioning herself “ I felt confident I could waltz into my first day at buena Vista high like I own the world But on this nail biting Monday morning the mirror seems to have gutted my image pg5” This shows good example in the book where a girl is having high school problems uestioning her look and how everybody is going to look at her but this girl is also going thru a culture change as well from south africa private school to public school in California

  4. Imani ♥ ☮ Imani ♥ ☮ says:

    Good book

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