The Aura of Love MOBI Æ The Aura PDF \

The Aura of Love MOBI Æ The Aura PDF \

The Aura of Love ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ The Aura of Love Author Kathy J. Marsh – An introduction madea new love bornsociety families and friends against it  A new power appearsa secret tolda culprit revealed  Will love survive  Will they survive As Remy struggles to come to gri An introduction madea new love bornsociety families and friends against it  A new power appearsa secret tolda culprit revealed  Will love survive  Will they survive As Remy struggles to come to grips with her feelings for Jace an Auralite of a different type she has no idea that “one of their own kind” is revealing their existence in a succession of dreams to a world renowned journalist  The hunt is on to find the culprit once the journalist reveals the dreams as a series of fictional The Aura PDF \ accounts in a national magazine  Just as Remy starts to accept Jace the guilty party is revealed to be someone they both know and love  They are now compelled to find the journalist before their ruling body The Council doesor the results will be disastrous  Does the hunt strengthen them hurt them or rip them apart.

  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • The Aura of Love
  • Kathy J. Marsh
  • English
  • 22 July 2015
  • 9780977495009

About the Author: Kathy J. Marsh

Kathy J Marsh was born and raised in Wilmington NC and graduated with honors from Johnson C Smith University in CharlotteWriting is a recently discovered passion and as with everything about which Kathy is passionate she devoted many hours to learning her craft and writing her first novel That novel The Aura of Love garnered a IPPY Award a Blackrefercom Reviewer’s Choice Award.

7 thoughts on “The Aura of Love

  1. Amber Amber says:

    I was given this book as a gift from the author a while back who is a friend of mine and this book is a pretty good read Ms Marsh penned a modern day Romeo and Juliet story with a supernatural twist to it as they are both part of an aura society who is in danger of being discovered by the human world I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance book The book can be found on

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    Kathy J Marsh author of short stories Struck by Lightening and Wedding Interrupted and recent nominee at the Harlem Book Fair for an African American Literary Award in the Romance category is deserving of the many kudos she has received for her first full length novelThe Aura of love is a timeless story of love against enormous odds but it's told with a supernatural twist Marsh has created loveable rich characters in Jace and Remy To the ordinary human eye they are both attractive African American professionals who seem to have a serious chemistry between them when they first meet Those that share their secret – those known as Auralites can see clearly that each is from a distinct coven with very different histories histories which make them natural enemies The star crossed lovers find themselves having to choose between blood ties and love ties Marsh uses allegory beautifully to illustrate the age old antagonist – prejudice and show how it affects our most intimate relationships – sometimes overtly and sometimes in ways we may keep hidden from ourselvesThe reading is thought provoking funny I laughed out loud and subtly sexy The story is layered with plot and sub plot as Jace pursues Remy brothers take a lesson family secrets are discovered and the true nature of both friend and relative is exposed The continuity in the telling was solid I found no I un dotted nor T un crossed not that I was looking – winkwink After the first crescendo and there were a few I was leery – I had uite a lot of book to go but I was pleasantly surprised The reading was fast paced and held my attention until the very end I found her narration fresh and witty Sister may have you breaking out your dictionary I think I learned a few new wordsThat's what it's all about for me though – I want to be enriched in some way when I read I was not disappointed here Well done Kathy Marsh Learn More about Kathy Marsh at wwwkathyjmarshcomSST Rating 8 Page turner add this book and others by this author to my collection Recommended readingUntil Next Time Happy Reading Reviewed by Terri E WilliamsSisters Sippin' Tea Literary Group Tulsa Chapter Inc

  3. Monique Monique says:

    Remy is a young up and coming fashion designer operating her own seamstress business She is concentrating on launching her summer line and expanding her business as she meets author Jace in the local bookstore In their initial meeting they discuss a range of topics and Remy has to reign in her intense feelings for an Auralite of a different coven You see Remy is a blue coven while Jace is a purple coven so what's the big deal? Why interracial dating of courseRemy and Jace contend with a myriad of issues concerning their relationship or lack thereof In the meantime the Auralite community is under attack One of their own is threatening their secretive lifestyle by chronicling their existence to the humans in NEWSNOW the largest distributed publication in the world Remy could lose it all the love of her life her family and her businessMarsh adds a uniue flavor to the silent arena of paranormal romance The Aura of Love will draw you in and make you think The sociological issues dealt with in the story were the politics of interracial relationships importance of diversity in the banking industry and the significance of socializing with your family Marsh is a superb storyteller who will indisputably be pushed to the forefront of this genre because of her ability to lure readers into the world of the characters and keeping them spellbound until the last page If you like paranormal romance this will be one of your all time favorites

  4. OOSA OOSA says:

    The Differences With LoveRemy Renee is a typical purple female who owns her own shop called Urbane in Charlotte She is a seamstress who inherited the shop from her family She took much pride in her work and loved what she did for a living Despite her past and the tragedies she experienced she still enjoys her work Jace Williams is a blue auralite who is a great author who happens to be Remy's favorite author When Jace and Remy meet for the first time there is a weird connection between them Many of their family and friends do not condone the two as a couple Deep and dark secrets will hit the fan sooner than expected Will Jace and Remy remain a couple? Will the secrets destroy the two? The Aura of Love by Kathy J Marsh was a very long story It gives than enough information regarding both characters It is uite a scientific story with some real life realities but overall it was an average readI rate this book a 3 I feel the author included too many details making the story extremely long However the story was a different which I liked and applaud the author for but again she gave too much information Reviewed by TeKisha

  5. Dorothy Goins Dorothy Goins says:

    Marsh has penned a powerful story about two different individuals above the surface that is whose love over rules the boundaries of being different Much like real life prejudices against dating outside your race The Aura of Love withstands the challenges and pours deep into the soul the importance of holding on to true love regardlessof the odds placed against you I loved this novel

  6. Minnie Minnie says:

    I can't remember the months I read books Some listed on my shelf were read many many years agoKathy Marsh's work was in 2007 A very unusial story written in speculative genre which I enjoy I was very enjoyable watch her muse work thought the character's lives

  7. Lynda Lynda says:

    I loved this book It kept my interested

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