Kindle Edition Þ Jamyria Epub Ú

Kindle Edition Þ Jamyria Epub Ú

Jamyria (The Jamyria Series Book 1) [Download] ✤ Jamyria (The Jamyria Series Book 1) Author Madeline Meekins – Margo Grisby never noticed the silence of living in the country until an accident last year changed everything Now the uietness allows the memories to haunt her Maybe that's how she was forced into th Margo Grisby never noticed the silence of living in the country until an accident last year changed everything Now the uietness allows the memories to haunt her Maybe that's how she was forced into the alternate world of Jamyria so easily It couldn't be as everyone keeps saying her destiny to enterThe world is beautiful Its bright colors bleed into one another and it is overgrown with fragrant and unusual flora Only when you look closer do you realize the textures and makeup of the land are a lie Only then do you notice it's been created by a Mark a person who bears a symbol on their skin which grants them unlimited powerMargo is what they call the New Mark Every fifty years a man is gifted with a mark of power and this man is destined to enter Jamyria in hopes of destroying the gateway between worlds and freeing its people It seems fate has a sense of humor Man She is nothing but a sixteen year old girl But regardless of gender or age the people trapped in the world see Margo as their only hope for the next fifty years The creator and ueen of Jamyria on the other hand sees Margo as her latest threat and has ordered to have her hunted downAnd Margo She sees Jamyria as an escape from her nightmares and deep down she's beginning to uestion if she wants to leave this world at all.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 264 pages
  • Jamyria (The Jamyria Series Book 1)
  • Madeline Meekins
  • English
  • 14 October 2016

About the Author: Madeline Meekins

Madeline Meekins lives in Round Rock Texas with her husband and two kids She was inspired to write Jamyria The Entering when a recurring dream felt confusingly real She has a love for nature and grew up exploring forests Through her stories she hopes to empower young women and encourage gender euality.

8 thoughts on “Jamyria (The Jamyria Series Book 1)

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Madeline Meekins “You who are cursed must meet your fate” This was a YA fantasy story about a girl who finds herself in another world Margo was an okay character but I found it uite difficult to relate to her I’m not sure whyThe storyline in this was about Margo somehow being transported to a world called Jamyria and trying to work out why she was there and what she was expected to do there I found the pace uite slow though and as the story went on I lost interest a bit I did want to know what happened to Margo’s sister thoughThe ending to this wasn’t uite what I expected and not a lot was tied up really6 out of 10

  2. Abbie Abbie says:

    Actual rating 25This wasn't an awful read but I can't say I really enjoyed it I found it pretty slow and I felt confused uite a few times I couldn't warm to the characters enough to like them so that didn't help either Overall Not bad but not a book for me

  3. Jennie Jennie says:

    I was given a free ebook version of the book by the author via the YA Buddy Readers Corner group in exchange for an honest reviewAlthough I did get through the book pretty uickly I wouldn't necessarily say it was a page turner There were certain parts that left me a bit baffled Margo was in my opinion far too accepting of her new situation for a normal teenager I mean what teenager would happily accept that they have been transported into another world through a glass ball now has powers and is expected to save the new world she finds herself in so easily? Not once does she moan or complain that she wants to go back home to her Mum which is just odd I'm not sure if I will be picking up the next book It just seemed a bit too far fetched and unbelievable for me and not enough uestions were asked about what was going onRating 25 stars

  4. Jacki Jacki says:

    I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review via the group YA Buddy Readers' CornerI have had a hard time deciding if this book was a 1 or 2 star Finally I decided it was over all a 2 star but I would never recommend it to anyoneI love the concept of the book I loved the Prologue of the booksadly for me it was all down hill from thereThe book it written in third person which makes the cold and distant characters even so Margo was not a character that I could relate to and she unbelievable as a character as well I believe that maybe the author wanted her to come across as a strong girl who could over come so many things But she never made it so we felt connected to her Therefore she just isn't an interesting character at all At least not until Cameron shows up At that point she starts to be interesting and so does the book Sadly it is a classic case of too little to late and it wasn't enough to make me consider picking up the second book

  5. Karen Barber Karen Barber says:

    I received a digital copy of this book from the author Madeline Meekins as part of a YA Buddy Readers' Corner group readIntriguing Prologue and the initial thoughts on this novel was that it was rather odd At 23% I felt that I was getting some way to understanding the construction of the world but I could not understand how Margo was so unfazed by suddenly appearing in the world of Jamyria I was struck by the absence of much happening in the middle section It didn't really have enough to engage my interest and though it picked up a little with the big fight scene there really wasn't enough in there to make me want to read The most interesting part of this novel was the background to Margo's story and yet we never really find out about this because the focus is on her finding her way around this new world

  6. Elizabeth Ehlen Elizabeth Ehlen says:

    Margo is tired of the stares the silence the awkwardness She can’t change the past and she can’t change how teenagers act But she never thought that stomping away from an awkward teenage encounter would land her falling through a globe into another world that she might be called to save Jamyria The Entering is a riveting fantasy tale of a teenage girl who begins down the path of destiny It is very well written interspersing Margo’s life in the fantasy world Jamyria with flashbacks of her history that colors her actions in Jamyria I really enjoyed this first installment of the story and can’t wait to see how Margo’s story plays out She is a realistic yet fascinating character and I love the intertwining of the “real” world and fantasy kind of a Narnia nod I’m looking forward to the next book

  7. Sharon Mariampillai Sharon Mariampillai says:

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 315 This was an okay read The book has potential However it got boring during the middle of the book I felt a bit disappointed in the book as it did not live up to my expectations It was a slow paced book It was difficult to understand sometimes and that made me confused and frustrated The characters were okay I felt like I could not connect with them I hope the rest of the series is better Overall a decent read

  8. Katie Katie says:

    There is exuisite description at the start of The Entering and for the first fifty pages or so this book reminded me a little of Alice in Wonderland in that our character Margo finds herself in another world These fifty pages are captivating and for the next half I felt the language switched to formal and its sudden gear change of Margo is going to save the people did catapult this into your typical YA novel Author Madeline Meekins does uite wonderfully bring this novel back into its ownThe companions that Margo picks up along the way I like and in one case a surprise I'm not too sure about the sub plot of her sister as this does seem to carve into a lot of the book but then it provides Margo with her motivationA brilliant first novel with a cliff hanger ending that piues my interest

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