Paperback ↠ Maid Marian ePUB Ú

Paperback ↠ Maid Marian ePUB Ú

10 thoughts on “Maid Marian

  1. Geoff Geoff says:

    Peacock’s novel is a mostly witty satire of Regency s and despite being written in 181822 it has a modern sensibility This sensibility stems from the objects of satire gender relations legality of governments etc mutatis mutandis still being relevant today Use of the past to contrast the present is nothing new and Peacock uses the mythical outlaw’s realm to good effect Not that the outlaws realm is some kind of utopia – view spoilerthe revelation that Tuck has a secret mistress in direct contravention of the laws of their forest society hide spoiler

  2. Stephen Basdeo Stephen Basdeo says:

    I read this snoozefest for my PhD thesisThe drawing of the plot and characters is mediocreThe siege scene lifted almost out of Scott's superior Robin Hood novel IvanhoeAnyone who describes it as a witty satire is frankly talking bollocks Peacock was a mediocrity couldnt make a living from his bad writing so was an East India Company hireling who is only praised in academic works because he's easy to read the novel is but 100 pagesEven the Romantics were not enamoured with it—since publication in 1822 it enjoyed just three lowly selling editions 1822 1830 briefly limited run and an academic edited text in 1895Read if you've been assigned by a tutorif you hate yourself

  3. Leslie Leslie says:

    Read in my hardcover omnibus The Pleasures of Peacock 104 pgsPeacock's version of Robin Hood contains some amusingly snarky comments along with the familiar story

  4. Kate Kate says:

    I really liked this version I especially loved Peacock's notes pointing out anachronisms because that's something I do I understand his compulsion to make things as accurate as possible I loved his Maid Marian she had some guts and would not take No for an answer as in No Marian you mustn't run away to the woods to be with Robin Hood She was so courageous and an excellent fighter And as she is the title character of this book I don't feel bad rambling about her The plots were typical to what you would see in a Robin Hood legend There wasn't a lot of the Sheriff involved it was mostly the merry men playing host to loads of rich people traveling through the forest and then hanging out with King Richard Like you do

  5. Peekablue Peekablue says:

    This version of Robin Hood goes along pretty well with most of the traditional Robin Hood stories One difference is that Robin the Earl of Locksley and Huntington actually suandered away his fortune and poached the King's deer for love of the hunt rather than out of necessity His lands were then confiscated by King Henry and he was named outlaw for resisting arrestFor those who like strong women characters this Maid Marian who's real name is Matilda can use a sword uarter staff and shoot a bow as well as Robin She also loves to hunt and likes being out in NatureThe only complaint I have is that some of the characters Friar Tuck for instance tend to be rather long winded Other than that I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone interested in Robin Hood

  6. Kara Kara says:

    This is Sir Walter Scott lite The characters are somewhat one dimensional cartoony and brushed in broad strokes but still engaging and engrossing And for all the stereotypes trotted out straight from a Hollywood back lot Marian is refreshingly modern and independent the sort of women that woman readers crave to see in a genre overpopulated with damsels in distress and heroes to the rescue

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    I had to read this one for class I'd never heard of it before It's pretty easy and uick to read and reasonably fun Marian's a bag of trouble really At least as far as her father's concerned I think this course is going to be based on the portrayal of Marian given the books on the list for it InterestingThere isn't much to it to be honest I hope I can comment on it better once I've reread it and gone to some lectures

  8. Shala Howell Shala Howell says:

    so far it's kind of like reading a musical

  9. Aveugle Vogel Aveugle Vogel says:

    with flowers and in flowers and on flowers

  10. S. Wilson S. Wilson says:

    A fairly standard 19th Century adaptation of the 13th Century folklore legend of Robin Hood

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Maid Marian [PDF / Epub] ☂ Maid Marian Author Thomas Love Peacock – Here are all the heroes and villains we know and love recast by a keen Victorian wit The heroes are heroic and just a little self serving though generous the villains are villainous and greedy; and th Here are all the heroes and villains we know and love recast by a keen Victorian wit The heroes are heroic and just a little self serving though generous the villains are villainous and greedy; and the tale is told as keenly as it can be Those who haven't read Peacock are in for a treat.