Ebook ✓ Mondays Child Epub Ú

Ebook ✓ Mondays Child Epub Ú

Mondays Child [Read] ➱ Mondays Child ➹ Clare Revell – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Monday's Child must Hide for Protection This was not the assignment Luke Nemec expected when he came to the UK babysitting a beautiful widow It wouldn't be so bad if Sara wasn't such a hostile witness Monday's Child must Hide for Protection This was not the assignment Luke Nemec expected when he came to the UK babysitting a beautiful widow It wouldn't be so bad if Sara wasn't such a hostile witness Despite her complaints and continued jibes Luke finds himself falling for her When Sara Barnes is thrown into the witness protection program she becomes the 'wife' of Lt Luke Nemec an American cop on temporary assignment with the British police Despite Luke's American bravado she finds he's kind and considerate in ways her late husband never was But things aren't always what they seem and Luke soon realizes he's fighting a battle of two fronts to keep Sara safe Loyalties are called into uestion and he's no longer certain who he can trust Luke is way out of his depth As the threats against Sara escalate it's a race against time to find her husband's killer before Sara is silenced forever.

About the Author: Clare Revell

Clare is a British author She lives in a small town just outside Reading England with her husband whom she married in their three children and unfriendly mini panther aka Tilly the black cat They have recently been joined by Hedwig and Sirius the guinea pigs Clare is half English and half Welsh which makes watching rugby interesting at times as it doesn’t matter who winsWriting from.

10 thoughts on “Mondays Child

  1. Karen R Karen R says:

    Romantic suspense with some action and a little bit of faith A Brit and an American paired together out of necessity make for an interesting romance Enjoyed their banter at times comparing British sayings versus American terms The story had a lot of potential starting out strong and ending well but lost my interest in between Sara made so many bad choices that it was difficult to like her It didn't seem like she grasped the danger she was in despite getting shot in the first scene Luke was a saint to put up with her antics Felt like the romance was a bit forced at times and unrealistic The plot twists and action later on saved the whole book Made it worth finishing Mentions of going to church and praying added a little bit of faith to the story Readers who enjoy romance with some action suspense may like this book 35 stars Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review

  2. Delia Delia says:

    First I am blown away by the whole concept of this series Absolutely genius Kudos to the author for ingenuity Then again I’ve not uestioned Revell’s caliber as an author since the first time I read one of her books She’s a gifted storyteller great at developing a plot and has a good handle on the mechanics of writing As something a little extra that I always like Revell’s sense of humor—never overdone or misplaced—adds a neat little zip to the reading pleasureMONDAY’S CHILD provides an interesting mixture of ethnicities a stubborn British heroine in the Witness Protection program and an American cop hero whose job it is to keep Sara out of harm’s way posing as a married couple and living in a safe house in Scotland—with neither of them any too happy about the situation Sara Barnes is still pining over the loss of her husband Luke Nemec’s an FBI agent who’s accustomed to being in the field not babysitting a hardheaded female who won’t stick to the rules making it a challenge to keep her alive But since that’s his assignment he’s determined to keep her safe in spite of her anticsNeedless to say it’s a wild ride Sara had me wishing Luke would turn her over his knee and give her the punishment she so richly deserved a couple of times but since our hero was blessed with a great deal patience than I amSara managed to avoid a sound walloping Luke’s constant gentleness in the face of her snippy attitude and persistent bending of the rules is a testimony to the sincerity of his faith and personal integrity A beautifully written sweet romance with a nice little thread of suspense and a wee bit o’ humor that makes it a fun read Can’t wait to dive into the next day of the week

  3. Dora Hiers Dora Hiers says:

    Clare Revell does it againMonday’s Child begins with a bang literally After Sara Barnes witnesses the death of her husband on their honeymoon she’s swallowed into the witness protection program Newly widowed and recovering from her wounds Sara Barnes doesn’t like being caged and lashes out at her protectors Lt Luke Nemec Sara’s protector doesn’t take her barbs personally Instead he provides ways for her not to feel so cooped up and showers Sara with kindness and attentiveness so the romance progresses naturally Ms Revell introduced some friends with a Scottish brogue which I was initially nervous about but after a bit I hardly noticedFrom the beautiful cover you can tell that the story is set on a coast Ms Revell crafted scenes in such a way that I could almost feel the salty ocean breeze against my face Packed with action and laced with faith this romance builds excitement for the next book in the series of seven romantic suspense novels based on a rewrite of the popular nursery rhyme Monday’s ChildI’ve also enjoyed several other books by Ms Revell such as Saving Christmas Cassie’s Wedding Dress Kisses from Heaven and After the Fire Congratulations Clare Revell

  4. Michelle Kidwell Michelle Kidwell says:

    Monday's Childby Clare RevellPelican Book GroupWhite Rose PublishingChristianPub Date 27 Apr 2012 I was given a copy of Monday's Child through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as followsIt began as a perfect June day newlywed Sara is enjoying the company of her until a thief snatches Saras purse and Jamie tries to stop him Unfortunately the thief has a gun and fatally shoots Jamie he dies in his new brides armsThree weeks after they were shot hobbling around for crutches after the doctors had to perform three surgeries to put her leg back together a heartbroken Sara finds herself attending her husbands funeralA few months later Sara is taken away from danger as the man who everyone believes is her husband takes her to Scotland to keep her away from danger the man who killed her husband is still after herBut soon it is clear that nothing is it as seems including the death of her husband is he the one pulling the strings wanting to kill her because she witnessed something she was not supposed toI give Monday's Child five out of five starsHappy Reading

  5. Carol Carol says:

    This book is darling yet daring and very elaborate The author has come up with such a concept of uite a series using the children's poem The exciting bullet ride starts right off in the beginning when the main character Sara was with her husband and he is murdered and she was a witness to it but she wasn't suppose to be but GOD saved her She had to go into WItSEC in Scotland The cover story was she was married to Luke an American detective now Sara was not very pleasant and not a rule follower and that causes a lot of problems for Luke to keep her safe from the men who wanted to finish killing her when her husband was killed or was her hmmm I shall never tell so with GODs help Luke show compassion to Sara and then you wont believe what happens SaraI can't tell you what happens that will spoil the book for you you have to go and buy the book because it is an incredible rollercoaster ride of twist and turns guesses and answers You fall in love and you cry with the characters you feel the pain and you feel the love of GOD healing the heart isn't HE so good? I received this book for an honest review

  6. Kelly Tyree Kelly Tyree says:

    Monday's child is an exciting suspenseful and romantic book all mixed up into one It holds your attention from the beginning and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last page Sara is on her honeymoon with her new husband when he is killed She is a witness to the murder but is also shot She is taken into protective custody so that she can be a witness against the shooter Sara is not at all excited to be in protective custody and cut off from her social network and her family Luke Nemec is a police officer who is assigned to protect her Luke finds himself beginning to have feelings for Sara and tries to ease her frustration about being in protective custody by showing her compassion Sara begins to have feelings for Luke as well Soon the investigation into Sara's husband's murder begins to get complicated I won't spoil it by telling you all that happens but it is intense The book is filled with suspense and action I also love the romance that develops between Sara and Luke The underlying thread of faith that is in this book really sets it apart The book is very well written I look forward to reading from Clare Revell

  7. Tanya Stowe Tanya Stowe says:

    Murder and mayhem The life of the heroine and her unborn child in danger A guardian determined to protect her as well as do right in God's eyes Monday's Child has all the right ingredients for a action packed heart tugging story of love and rebirth The first book in this series kicks off intriguing suspense tales based on a nursery rhyme

  8. Joelle Teague Joelle Teague says:

    I absolutely loved this book Perfect amount of faith romance and drama all blended into one Luke and Sara's story was full of trials troubles and turmoil and so many unexpected twists Clare Revell is fast becoming one of my favorite authors Can't wait to read about the rest of the children

  9. Danielle Brown Danielle Brown says:

    Really easy read I think it would a good love story for a Christian teen It's nice to read a book with good morals

  10. Amber Mcdougal Amber Mcdougal says:

    I couldn't put this book down It's a great book from start to finish I would for sure read it again

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