Into The Fire PDF ´ Into The Kindle - Ebook

Into The Fire PDF ´ Into The Kindle - Ebook

10 thoughts on “Into The Fire

  1. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Into the Fire has a very uniue premise and that's what first drew me towards wanting to read it But sadly the uniue storyline wasn't enough to keep me interested in this book Early into the book I was already having issues with the Hero and it was making it difficult for me to want to continue reading about him Ash's character was very arrogant which some people may really like but for me it made him seem like an asshole and not someone that I would like to read about I continued on reading with the hopes that his character would get better and somehow redeem himself for his previous behavior but sadly that didn't happen The bottom line is that his character was too immature and arrogant and in all honesty he reminded me of those assholes that a heroine dates before she meets her Hero and realizes what a real man is like The main thing that kept me from liking this book was Ash but I also couldn't connect with the writing Some of the dialogue seemed a bit awkward so it was hard to get into the story when I didn't feel a connection with it Overall not the book for me but a story that I think many will enjoy If you like a confidant Hero who isn't afraid to go after the girl he wants then this story may be for you ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  2. Tanya (Girl Plus Books) Tanya (Girl Plus Books) says:

    35 STARSAsh is ready to strike out on his own and open his own business; but to do that he needs the money he loaned his parents Unfortunately now that they're back on their feet they're refusing to repay the money unless Ash turns his life around Which basically means conforming to their way of life Ash is incensed but sees no way around it The easiest to achieve seems to be the finding a nice girl part So Ash hires an escort to pose as his girlfriend Several dates for the benefit of his parents should do the trick He didn't count on AlessandraAlessandra provides a service to those who for one reason or another need a date or the appearance of a girlfriend She's strictly business and enjoys what she does She's surprised by Ash since he's nothing like her typical client Dinner dates with his parents uickly morph into hanging out together and a mutual attraction they can't help but act on Ash has always been up front about not being interested in relationships but that suits Alessandra just fine This is just a fling until suddenly it isn'tThere are cocky arrogant guys and then there's Ash He often crossed the line between cocky and totally obnoxious and had a less than charming pet name for Alessandra that made me want to hurl each time he used it Even so he was usually likable It's hard not to appreciate a guy who is completely unapologetic for who and what he is Alessandra too was likable and it was easy to sympathize with her reluctance to get involved again after her break up with her jerk of a boyfriend It was fun to see both characters especially Ash refuse to accept what was happening between them His obvious care and concern for Alessandra was uite a contrast from his rough exterior and love 'em and leave 'em past Despite their relationship moving at lightning speed it was apparent these two had met their match in one another if only they would admit it to themselves and each otherInto the Fire is a fun entertaining sexy read Recommended for those looking for a uick read that's low on angst and heavy on the sexy timesAn advance copy was provided for review All opinions are my own This review was originally published at GIRL PLUS BOOKS

  3. Sybil aka Lala Sybil aka Lala says:

    Ash’s parents don’t approve of his life He did three tours in Afghanistan but still it seems the only things they seem to care about is his very short stint in jail and his life’d dream to open his own tattoo shop He loaned them a large amount of money but now they’re refusing to pay it back until he makes some changes Hey seem convince that the love of a good woman could make him change That’s where Allesandra comes in she works as an escort and Ash hires her to pretend to be his good girl girlfriend There’s an instant attraction and what was once a professional relationship turns into something But both of them are in denial about their feelings Ash isn’t Alessandra’s type and he is definitely not look for a real relationship So what’s going to happen when the arrangement is over?Ash was a total man child driven only by what felt good He’s stubborn and lives on his own terms He doesn’t take anything too seriously and he’s completely cock sure and full of himself He’s pretty and he knows it he also has no problem telling you that either He goes through women like most people go through underwear But he is also completely open and honest and I loved that about him It was wonderful seeing this bad boy being brought to his knees and his irritation at himself and all the new and confusing feelings he had towards Allessandra was totally endearingAlessandra has been burned in the past and she has a professional standard to uphold so she is very cautious when it comes to Ash and his incessant flirting He chemistry between them absolutely sizzled and from one hot hook up to the next Ash became ever sweeter and his obliviousness to how hard he was falling for her was rather funny and very entertaining to watch unfoldEven though I really could have done without all the sex without a condom this was book was hot as fuck sweet and very enjoyable If you love a sweet bad boy and a heroine who gives as good as she gets I definitely recommend thisARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* says:

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review4 Inked Up Stars Sexy Fun and Entertaining The Review Into the Fire is a fun heartfelt romance filled with naughty and clever banter sexy character interactions and a hero you can’t help but fall in love with Told in alternating POV’s you’ll get hooked the moment you open this oneAsh is as cocky as they come He’s completely full of himself and totally oblivious of his own inner self But it works for him He doesn’t take life too seriously even though he’s been through some tough times He likes living on his own terms and he makes no excuses for it He’s honest to a fault and he’s loyal to his friends and family He’s also kind of a manwhore After loaning his parent his life saving so his father's business didn’t crumble he’s desperate years later for the loan to be repaid so he can pursue his own dreams However his parents think he’s wasting his life and decide not to pay the money back until he changes his irresponsible ways to suit them including settling downAsh is definitely against settling down so this is where Alessandra and her company Gorgeous Entourage comes in Alessandra is a wonderful heroine She’s straightforward sincere funny intelligent beautiful and sweet She’s also a platonic escort who Ash hires to play his girlfriend Right from the start Ash rubs Alessandra the wrong way which causes a little bit of friction but also a very well written tension filled slow build to romance Alessandra isn’t looking for a real relationship and is perfectly fine playing the girlfriend helping those who need someone as a showpiece only She has strict rules for her own protection but Ash breaks through her barriers and her rules These two were great together and their salacious chemistry was super hotThere were a lot of lively and entertaining scenes in this book as well as a few emotional and angsty ones The author did an amazing job bringing the characters to life with their amazing bedroom play but also with their everyday life and their “getting to know you” moments Though there was an instant attraction there wasn’t an insta love and I enjoyed watching these two friends who were so opposed to finding love come together and finding a real true solid foundation to build their romance on Both Ash and Alessandra were likable and I connected with them instantlyAnd that ending? Perfection But I will say there were some scenes that felt overdone and drawn out There was two or three times I felt the story got bogged down with dialogue and character resistance And on occasion Ash’s actions were immature and I don’t mean because he was learning to grow as a character but rather the author wrote him in a way that made him seem much younger than thirty at least to me However those rare occasions didn’t take away from the story as a whole This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I can say that I am definitely a fan She did a great job pulling me into Ash and Alessandra’s world and by the third chapter I was already rooting for them and their happy ending I’m certainly looking forward to reading her other books

  5. Maree Repa Maree Repa says:

    Such an amazing book this is EL Todd is one of my all time favourite authors I have loved every single one I've read and this one I just couldn't put it down So exciting and just so sexy romance between Ash and AlessandraWhen we meet Ash a strong tall most gorgeous hot man who had many tours at war in Afghanistan He is in need for a fake girlfriend and that is where Alessandra takes on that partI just so adored this book Watching them both together and apart It was just so much fun and I just want I can't wait to read the next book nowI recommend this book to all of my friends knowing that you will enjoy it as much as me even probably

  6. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this book I wasn't sure I was going to at first In the beginning Ash seemed very immature but as I continued to read I understood that was on purpose The author needed to make Ash seem superficial on the surface and the you read the you come to love him which is exactly what happens to Alessandra The author did such a good job of peeling back the layers of Ash's character Honestly the I read the book the it hooked me I read this in one daystayed up late just to finish it This was my first book of EL Todd and now I'm going to go back and read the Beautiful Entourage books

  7. Crazy for Books (Stephanie) Crazy for Books (Stephanie) says:

    ARC provided for an honest review 4 45 Cream ueen StarsI really enjoyed this book It felt a little familiar and then I realized it was a spinoff of the Beautiful Entourage series I loved Ash because even though he was overconfident and cocky he was unapologetic about who he was and what he wanted out of life That is until he met Alessandra who turned all his preconceived notions of relationships on its head Alessandra didn't judge him and seemed to understand the dilemma he was in He loved his parents but they were holding his lifestyle over his head and denying him the future he wanted for himself Your shirt smells good It's my natural scent so I'm not surprised You want to know a secret? Always You're the sexiest man I've ever seen Well that's not a secret sweetheart Ugh you're so cocky but you're still hot I know Alessandra took on being his fake girlfriend to appease his parents until their feelings and actions started to become a bit too real Will miscommunications stubbornness and hard feelings cause these two to deny the feelings they really feel for each other and maybe screw up the possibility of being with their soulmate?I found Ash hilarious and Alessandra very forgiving of his personality She seemed to be able to take him at face value and go with the flow If I liked this so much then why not full 5 stars? Well I wanted of Alessandra's background Why she seemed to be alone in the world with very few close friends?Thank you for allowing me to read an ARC I had fun with a few belly laughs thrown in

  8. Carissa Carissa says:

    My first EL Todd read and I simply couldn't get into the story ARC provided by InkSlinger PR on behalf of the author for an honest review Thanks

  9. Terra Reads Terra Reads says:

    I have received a free e copy for an honest reviewWhile I was reading the summary for this book on Love ALL BOOKS group on Facebook I thought that it sounded really good The characters were different and I just thought that this would be such a fun read And I was not disappointed at all I started this book on 01172016 and I was done with it the following day I was not able to put it down and I was so invested in the characters of Ash and Alessandra There was so much raw emotion and there was just so much going on it was hard not to fall in love with their relationship and what they were doing It was not your basic boy meets girl girl falls in love they live happily ever after There was so much to the plot such as Ash was a war veteran he did three tours in Afghanistan and he was still fishing for his parents approval without even knowing it But importantly his money that he had loaned them several years back Alessandra was a beautiful girl who happened to be an escort for Beautiful Entourage which just helped clients when they needed a date or wanted to make an ex girlfriend jealous They were not prostitutes by any means Anyways I just loved how it was so different from what I've read before and it kept me so intrigued I just couldn't put my phone down I had to keep readingAsh how do I explain the devilish good looking man with an ego problem? Ash is actually uite charming at first I didn't like him too much he was cocky and awfully arrogant for such a character but as I watched the layers unfold of him while he was with Alessandra as well as get into his head and know how much he was confused and his feelings I started to really love Ash He is actually a great man and there was nothing wrong with him for his parents to want him to change so much Yes he was rough around the edges but that was part of his charmAlessandra I actually genuinely enjoyed her I was surprised that she wasn't one of those Oh no I can do the sex buddy thing and then not be able to hold up to the bargain She did for the most part a huge part of me knows that she was going to realize it first but as I read the book you realize that Ash was doing than she was It was so amazing to know that for once an author made the boy fall in love with the girl first She was strong and independent and she was able to stand her ground no matter the circumstance I love that most women in novels are so willing to just bend over backwards and just give in because their male says so but that's not the case when it comes to Alessandra She is not easily giving and that is one of the biggest things I love about herAlessandra and Ash's friends although they aren't huge in the storyline I just have to say that I love that Sawyer and Shelley are two totally different types of friends Although Shelley is very supportive you can tell that she only wants the best for Alessandra and is than happy to help when she can But isn't going to push her too far or too hard While Sawyer is actually kind of a dick When your friend asks you stop setting him up on dates you stop setting him up but no for Sawyer that just means until next time and that is slightly annoying that he is so non confident in himself that he as to tag his best friend along to try and get laid Personally I feel as though he is incompetent in trying to get his own date without having a wing man Which is totally my own personally opinionThen there was the time after they got together I wasn't huge on Ash trying to be controlling I was little turned off by it and thought that it was out of nowhere but as I continued reading I learned a lot about where he was coming from for making his demands And not just from his point of view but from Alessandra's friend Shelley I didn't understand while I was reading Ash's POV I just thought he was being a controlling pig but there was a lot into it as Shelley later explains and I definitely was able to accept that along with AlessandraThis book was full of sexy romance and fun times but as well as made me shed a tear or two I loved the writing of EL Todd and I am going to have to look into books most definitely This book is currently not released yet but I definitely have to say that you should put in a pre order for it If you love love and lust then this is going to be something you are not going to want to miss It has everything that you could possibly want in a New Romance book

  10. Kahea Kahea says:

    The description was definitely the draw for me to take a chance on a book by an author I’ve never read before and I have to say that I was surprised pleasantly so by everything from how much I liked the MC’s to not only how they as individuals grew but their relationship It was sweet sassy and sexy as hell Now I don't remember the last time I've wanted to simultaneously hug and smack a character upside the head and still adored the hell out of him but that’s exactly what happened with Ash He’s cocky doesn’t know what an edit button is sexy as shit and charming as hell He comes off as immature at times and then does a full on 180 and drops knowledge on you that makes so much sense that you do a double take because you can’t believe that it came out of his mouth But underneath that cocky and arrogant exterior is a heart of gold that ends up making you melt While Ash is for lack of a better word spontaneous Alessandra is much regimented She’s been burned and pretty much has what she wants out of life set in stone so as not to fall into the same situation again but she isn’t cold She has a compassionate heart and can be uite snarky when the situation calls for itWhen Ash and Alessandra collide the sparks are definitely there and I really enjoyed watching as their relationship evolved The attraction is there instantly so that is never in uestion but it was the way that they both shattered each other’s beliefs about themselves and each other Nothing felt rushed and each step felt right when it came to who they both were Of course that inevitable pothole in road to their HEA happens and to say I was a tinsy bit irritated by it not because it happened but because of a certain characters coughAlessandracough handling of it not that Ash handled things all that well either butThankfully things do work out this is a true HEA no cliffhanger book and it was than satisfyingThe writing was engaging and I enjoyed the dual 1st person POV though sometimes being in Ash’s head could be a bit much but it was done well and I liked getting both sides of the story from them The pacing was great and I had a difficult time putting it down I’m definitely interested in seeing who the next book will featureThe Bottom Line This was a fun sexy and sassy read and can’t wait for the next one ARC provided by Love All Books in exchange for an honest review

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Into The Fire [Read] ➪ Into The Fire ➲ E.L. Todd – AshDespite everything I've done for my parents I'll never be good enough for them Instead of seeing a man to be proud of they just see an embarrassment I served four tours in Afghanistan but that does AshDespite everything I've done for my parents I'll never be good enough for them Instead of seeing a man to be proud of they just see an embarrassment I served four tours in Afghanistan but that doesn't mean anything to them They only see the ink the Into The Kindle - party life and my short stint in jailAnd nothing elseWhen they were in trouble I handed over my life savings I didn't think twice about it because they're my family my blood They raised me to be my own man and gave me everything I needed It didn't matter that it was every penny I had It didn't matter that the money was set aside for my future My dreamsBecause they needed meBut now they refuse to pay me back until I become the man they think I should beAlessandraI have an unusual professionalI escort men acting as their date to family functions or work parties It's my job to act deeply in love with my client And I always nail itBut it's not what you thinkI'm not a prostituteI'm not a call girlI'm an actressGet it rightThere are strict rules when it comes to my profession There is no touching kissing or anything but hand holding Those who choose not to comply will get a swift kick in the nutsBut all this goes to hell when Ash walks into my life.

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