Eye of the Abductor PDF Ì Eye of PDF \

Eye of the Abductor PDF Ì Eye of PDF \

Eye of the Abductor ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Eye of the Abductor Author Elaine Meece – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Alternate cover edition for B008A9ARH4After serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn't commit Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason To regain custody of her four year Alternate cover edition for BAARHAfter serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn't commit Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason To regain custody of her four year old son If the courts won’t give him back Eye of PDF \ she has a backup plan Abduct himThe hotter than hell detective living above her not only finds his way into her dreams but also into her life As Detective Brance Stone gets acuainted with the sexy woman living in the apartment below him he makes plans to get the lady into his bed But she makes it clear she's not looking for a relationship with him or any man That doesn't stop Brance from trying He soon discovers she's a felon hoping to regain custody of her little boy and decides to help despite the fact that his involvement could possibly destroy his career and alienate his all cop family When a big time drug lord comes looking for Allison and the five million her dead ex husband stole from him she has to take drastic measures to ensure her safety as well as her son's She doesn't have the money but she doubts anyone believes her and she has no idea who to trust anyIs Brance just another dirty cop or will he be able to save her heart along with her life.

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  1. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    I just loved this book It really put me through the ringer Poor PaigeAllison lost everything when she was wrongfully convicted of a crime that she didn't commit Her cop ex husband the bastard took her down with him when he got busted Allison's four month old son Nathan was sent to live with with her in laws Now shes out and wants her son back Even if she has to abduct himPlan A is to get custody and plan B abduction The thing is that she changed her name and came back to town to be closer to her son Her only friend Jill who stood by her through the trial knows who she is As long as she keeps her nose clean and stays off the radar no one will know shes back So she bust her ass working two jobs going to church and pretty much saving every dime Oh yeah now lets not forget the sexy as sin neighbor who keeps her up at night with all the wallbanging Yes she is attracted to him but Allison thinks hes a player and also a cop So no way will she fall for him But Brance in into Allison right away Also He is not a player In fact Brance is everything that Allison needs This is a very slow process of even becoming friend because he scares her with wanting and trusting again All that matters is Nathan But man Brance is determined to get to know her He knows she has been hurt But he also doesn't know who she really isSee when the drug bust went down and Allison's ex husband ran a cop was killed Rob the ex was also killed in jail so if and when the cops find out that Allison is Paige all hell pretty much breaks loose They are out for blood Most because they call her a cop killer others because when her ex died he had stolen over five million dollars and they think she knows where its atBrance I just loved him He showed Allison time and time again that he was trustworthy He was so sweet but little by little he he starts to figure things out When he finds out who she is and believes her he proposes to her See Gramie is dying and in order to get the millions he doesn't want he has to get married Well by this point he loves Allison and she needs his help Win win right? Um yeah only Brance looses the mostHis father and brothers turn against him his coworker as well Hate emails comes no one want to work with him he gets kicked off of a major case he was working on Then a major secret comes out that is completely heart breaking and leaves Brance devastated And Allison still doesn't love him and he wonder if this was all for nothing I was so angry when it all hit the fan It was beyond cruel the way that everyone turned against Brance The hateful words being left out of family dinner being left out of the holiday dinnersrefusing to show up to the wedding Walking into your family home and being shunned The females in family were the only logical onesThere are many twists and turns and you cant trust anyone So many lies and so many betrayals This is the second book that I have read by this author and I will be coming back for

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    A woman desperate to regain custody of her young son returns to her hometown after being released from two years in a federal prison for a crime she did not commit She has a new identity and will stop at nothing including if necessary abduction Her neighbor a single handsome detective is determined to knock her off her feet She's attracted to him but can't risk revealing who she is and what she is planning besides he's a lady's man with a different conuest in his bed almost nightly When he discovers who she is he risks everything to help her including saving her from a foreign drug lord out for revenge against her crooked late husbandAllison's pain over the loss of her son is palpable This is a desperate woman who has been abused by life Brance starts out a s a shallow playboy but he wants what others have someone who truly loves and needs him he just doesn't seem to either know it or admit itThis book has tension throughout its well thought out plot and flows to a romantic if predictable finish Four stars

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Amy Amy says:

    wwwthe book diariesblogspotcomAs much as I wanted to hate Brance in the beginning such a player I could not help but love him by the middle I love the depth of each of the characters Every one of them had some story behind them that made them uniue This story is a heartfelt one especially all the mothers out there This story could possibly have a lot of truth to it It is so true to life that you can just see this really happening I love the strong female characters and Allison is one right off the bat This one has a great story to it and keeps on the edge of your seat until the end Enjoy

  5. Melissa at My Chaotic Ramblings Melissa at My Chaotic Ramblings says:

    This was an Freebie that didn't sit on the kindle for long I was honestly expecting this book to have a lot sex than it did based on the cover alone The story starts out with us meeting Allison as she is trying to catch a glimpse of her son We then meet Brance the cop who lives in the apartment above hers Things slowly heat up between the two and all the while Allison is trying to stay under the radar so she can save money to go for custody of her son The story is a good one and I honestly never expected things to turn out like they did

  6. Erica Erica says:

    This book takes you through all of the emotions anger sad happy etc I hated the Allison throughout most of the book but it also made the book impossible to put down Highly recommend this one if you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing til the end

  7. Julianna Julianna says:

    Really liked it The story flowed well and kept me interested even at 2am

  8. C.B. C.B. says:

    Well 2 12 stars I finish it but kept waiting forsomething I think that some of the scenes moved too fast and i would have liked description Otherwise an okay story

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    35 Another great book by Elaine Meece

  10. Janka Janka says:

    I like the idea behind this story but I find it poorly executed This book is in desperate need of editing and proofreading Also there are many discrepancies in this book At first Brance is a manwhore and straight away he loves Allison and wants to marry her She loves him why?? but pushes him away all the time till the end And then there is that underlying story line between Brance and his family I found it was completely unnecessary it just added heartache to Brance which I felt did not add anything to the story And everything got solved very uickly Everybody forgave each other just like that It was all a bit blah

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