Heart Strings ePUB Ú Paperback

Heart Strings ePUB Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • Heart Strings
  • Maggie Jaimeson
  • English
  • 26 February 2016
  • 9781940064178

10 thoughts on “Heart Strings

  1. Alicia Alicia says:

    Sarah's story A special read Heart Strings is Rachel's story Returning home is not always east For Sarah going home means confronting issues from her past and trying to figure out her future Her faith carries her during the difficult times and celebrates with her during the good There is leaning along the way for all of the characters Tragedy brings her home for the second time shortly after her return to Oregon Some twists and turns add to the novel plot and characters A novel full of grace kinship hope confusion and moist of all love I had some issues with the dates and timeline The author throws in random timed that are not cohesive In addition their are several grammatical issues throughout the book Neither affects the plotline or character development The author has written a wonderful novel that is true to Sarah and her life

  2. Jeanne Dembenski Jeanne Dembenski says:

    This was a beautiful story as Sarah and Tom find their way back to each other The past hurts vanish as they come to realize they are still the best for each other while dealing with the sadness of Sarah's dad's final days The love they found and the family they gained thru the horror that was Amanda and her sick obsessions was a beautiful end to this chapter of the Sweetwater Canyon band

  3. Cathie McManus Cathie McManus says:

    Gossip fear ruin Sarah's life Seven years later she is back and Tom wants a second chance Will she give it to him? Does he deserve it? You will have to read to find outMurder and insanity threaten their chance Can they overcome the obstacles?

  4. Medavis66 Medavis66 says:

    Very solid and positive book I liked the growth of the characters and that their love had not died Sarah has strong beliefs and has stuck by them for 26 years She and Tom were high school sweethearts They never consummated their relationship and it died when he stepped out on her I was proud of her for dumping him after that and leaving town However now her father is dying and she has been called back to town at his reuest Only problem is she doesn't only have her estranged father to deal with but also Tom as he lives with and takes care of her father I was thrilled that the book had Christian themes but they weren't shoved down the throats of readers Although sometimes any mention of God seems almost taboo nowadays I found this to be very tastefully done I enjoyed this book a great deal I had never read this author before so it is okay to not have read the first two books in the series to understand this one fullyARC provided in exchange for honest review

  5. Elizabeth Horbaczek Elizabeth Horbaczek says:

    This book was given to me for an honest review25 starsThis is my first book in that I read in this series and unfortunately I just couldn't get into it I think that it was a just not something that I could connect too The author probably has a good following for this series and its not my fault for not reading the stories before this but this is the first book I got to read It strikes me kinda odd that Sarah was so naive and did not know what was going on since it was a small town and all It just didn't make too much sense to me Her dad being an alcoholic brought her back but I think they could have thought of something different Tom was just a a horny teenager back in the day and her leaving like she did just didn't sit well with me I am sure that this author has a lot of fans and I hope they enjoyed this book as loyal fans would I have to say i didn't make it through the whole book even though I did try I hope that I get to try one of her books again in the future

  6. Evie Bohn Evie Bohn says:

    Okay first I have to say I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review That being said Wow I read the first two books in the series but it's been awhile I forgot how much I like this series and the women So here's my reviewOMG Tom's ex girlfriend in this book is a piece of work The father is crotchety sad and loveable in his own way This relationship is so realistic I felt for Tom and Sarah throughout the whole book as they really tried to figure out how to reconcile their past And the endingwell I won't spoil it but you have GOT to read this book I was on the edge of my seat wishing I could run over to that house and kick some butt This is an amazing follow up to Healing Notes

  7. Teresa Christianson Teresa Christianson says:

    This is a very good book Loved itYou can run from your pain but it is still there in the back lurking somewhere waiting for you to eventually have to deal with it That is what happens when Sarah has to go home to take care of her dying dad and face her ex boyfriend who cheated on her She realizes she is still in love with him and has to rely on her faith to be able to forgive him as well as forgive her dad for not being there emotionally after her mom died when she was youngAfter Tom and Sarah reconcile she has to deal with emotional and physical abuse from Amanda who is the one Tom left her for in high school for a week long fling Amanda was deranged and thought her and Tom would get together again until Sarah came back and then she snapped and went psycho

  8. Marcia Marcia says:

    Love this book A wonderful read love the characters and I believe n second chances I think this should be a hallmark movie or lifetime movie Just well written and was very excited to see if they would get married or not

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    I'm confused why did Michele's baby have a different name in book two she was Tamara Rachel now she's Catherine?

  10. Judy Morris Judy Morris says:

    First of all I want to thank Maggie Jaimeson for the great reading pleasure It was truly a good series I loved it

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Heart Strings[Read] ➪ Heart Strings By Maggie Jaimeson – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A Sweetwater Canyon Novel – Sarah’s StoryFaith is easyliving is hardSarah Cosgrave picked up the guitar at age sixteen as a way to escape her life with an alcoholic father who still grieved the mo A Sweetwater Canyon Novel – Sarah’s StoryFaith is easyliving is hardSarah Cosgrave picked up the guitar at age sixteen as a way to escape her life with an alcoholic father who still grieved the mother who disappeared when Sarah was two years old Sweetwater Canyon gave her a career and the best of friends Now called to her dying father’s bedside Sarah is forced to leave her band–the one thing that saved herWith her music career on hold and her past threatening to silence her Sarah must make choices she swore she’d never have to face again Her faith in her path is true; but can she have faith in Tom Pawlak the man who once betrayed her in order to find the peace she desperately needs.