Lost and Found Kindle ☆ Lost and ePUB Ò

Lost and Found Kindle ☆ Lost and ePUB Ò

  • ebook
  • 283 pages
  • Lost and Found (Moreno Hart Mysteries, #3)
  • Allison Brennan
  • English
  • 10 December 2014

10 thoughts on “Lost and Found (Moreno Hart Mysteries, #3)

  1. Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book says:

    OHMAHGAWDthis book was FANFREAKINTASTICThis series is one of my faves but this book was by far off the chart I was riveted and unable to stop reading I was also on the edge of my seataction mystery romanceTHIS book had it ALLWhat a wild ride These two authors have created such a fantastic series I LOVE strong kick ass woman that are the center of the story Moreno Hart are perfect examples of that They are funny strong willed smartespecially street smart If you are looking for a great seriesYOU MUST READ

  2. Keri Keri says:

    This was a good wrap up to the trilogy but I hope that LG and AB aren't finished with the series While we did get a good HFN ending for Alex and Scarlet we didn't for Krista and RJ RJ still has a lot of secrets that he isn't willing to trust Krista with but he wants her to completely trust himduhman thinkin The entire trilogy was well done and I didn't see that bad guy coming I would read the entire series in order to get the full story arc of Scarlet's struggle to find out who attempted to kill her and Krista over 3 years ago That part does get tied up nicely

  3. Lauren Lauren says:

    Lost and Found4 StarsAs with the previous books in the series the narrative is divided into two sections The first written by Laura Griffin and the second by Allison Brennan Griffin's section follows Krista Hart as she works together with rival PI RJ Flynn to track down a witness to the ambust that almost took her partner's life Brennan's section concludes the narrative from Scarlett Moreno's POV as the villain behind the ambush is revealed Once again the lovehate romance between Krista and RJ are a highlight of the book as the two finally acknowledge what the reader has known all along While the resolution to Scarlett's case is satisfying there are barely any clues interspersed throughout the series that would enable the reader to figure out the mystery Moreover Scarlett and Alex's romance just isn't as engaging as Krisa and RJ's Romance is Griffin's forte while suspense is Brennan's strength All in all the series has been working towards the conclusion to the warehouse ambush and it does not disappoint I hope these two authors work together again

  4. Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews) Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews) says:

    WOOOOOOOWSA Fantastic fast paced excellent

  5. Cindy Cindy says:

    What a wild ride this book and series has been We finally get to find out the who and why Moreno was set up and almost killed 3 years ago All the uestions we've had since the first book are answered with some shocking revelations I want to commend the two authors Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin for first writing two strong kick butt women and for also making the writing seem like it was just coming from one person You really couldn't tell the difference between them I hope that they find the time to collaborate again and give us of Moreno and Hart

  6. John W. John W. says:

    LOST AND FOUND continues the Moreno Hart Mysteries storyline featuring protagonists Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart Brennan and Griffin deliver readers a great mystery thriller keeping their attention from the beginning and adding excitement and action on every page until readers uncover answers to their uestions The authors provide readers with backstory details of storyline developments since the series was first introduced Readers have been following Scarlet and Krista as they work together building Moreno and Hart Private Investigations into a viable agency The one issue Scarlet can’t put behind her is who and why someone ambushed her and Krista over three years ago Brennan and Griffin place readers inside Scarlet’s head as she deals with her obsession to find the person or persons and bring them to justiceThe authors provide clues leading to the identity of those wanting Scarlet dead but readers don’t find out who or why until the very end Readers meet support characters both good and bad learning backstories of each character and the roles they play when Brennan and Griffin introduce them as the story progresses They add direction changes with interesting subplots featuring the romantic side of Scarlet and Krista or dealing with family relationships Readers are kept on edge following Scarlet to challenge an old partner for answers about the ambush or Krista’s breathtaking actions as events unfold with the attempted murder of a key witness Brennan and Griffin respond to their readers’ need for Scarlet and Krista’s investigations to uncover answers that will allow them to find justice and move on with their livesLOST AND FOUND’s fast moving plot moves at lightning speed taking readers on a roller coaster trip through Scarlet’s past and present actions giving answers to her who and why uestions Brennan and Griffin captivate readers as they see Scarlet and Krista come to understand the importance of trust family relationships and always having each other’s back Brennan and Griffin give readers a heartwarming ending and create a desire to want Moreno Hart Mysteries A must read

  7. Toni Toni says:

    Lost and Found is the third in Laura Griffin and Allison Brennan’s ongoing collaboration the Moreno and Hart series Like the previous two full length novels it is two separate novellas tied together by characters This installment however ties both novellas together into the thrilling conclusion to the ongoing case of who shot Scarlet three and a half years ago Both novellas are solid reads on their own but together they move the story forward to its dramatic conclusion Though there is a definite break between them you don’t actually notice the change in author or primary heroine as you are reading Together the authors kept me guessing on who was behind the almost fatal shooting They tied it together nicely into a believable outcome Now that the overarching mystery is solved I’m curious where we go next I’m hopeful that Moreno and Hart will continue to take on cases as I really love these characters and hope to see of them If you haven’t read the first few books start at the beginning The overarching storyline is so much richer when read in order Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review

  8. Darcy Darcy says:

    I'm glad that we finally have some resolution about what happened to the past with Scarlett It was interesting the path of bread crumbs that they followed to get to the bottom of things I hated some of the things that Krista and Scarlett found out people that they trusted that betrayed them people that had to keep things hidden from them due to their jobs Had they been able to tell the truth things would have been much better for everyone

  9. Aleta Aleta says:

    I love these characters because they are flawed human and believable and the writing is very good Brennan and Griffin the two authors did a great job of developing the characters throughout the books and making sure their 'voices' were consistent There are still some plot line uestions that didn't get answered for me and typosediting issues throughout the series that a good editor could help fixHopefully we will see from these 2 authors and from Scarlet and Krista

  10. Mary M Barefield Mary M Barefield says:

    Sad to see this series end Each book built the reader up to the conclusion in book 3 I loved Scarlet and Krista They really complemented each other with their different personalities and way of attacking problems I'm really sad to see the series end

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Lost and Found (Moreno Hart Mysteries, #3)➨ [Ebook] ➣ Lost and Found (Moreno Hart Mysteries, #3) By Allison Brennan ➳ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From New York Times bestselling authors Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin comes the next heart pounding addition to the Moreno Hart mystery series Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart’s PI business is tee From New York Times bestselling authors Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin comes the next heart pounding addition to the Moreno Hart mystery series Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart’s PI business Lost and ePUB Ò is teetering on the brink of failure when they land their next big case and this time it’s personal After digging for years into the mysterious shooting that cost Scarlet her badge and nearly her life Scarlet has finally unearthed some answers She thinks she knows who is behind the plot to murder her three years ago but to prove her case she needs the help of a previously overlooked witness who seems to have vanished Krista is on the job It’s the most challenging skip trace of her career so she brings in the big guns—rival private investigator RJ Flynn While Krista and RJ set out to track down the missing witness Scarlet sets out on a dangerous uest for answers—starting with her former partner who retired to Arizona She trusts only Krista because everyone else is keeping secrets including her boyfriend Detective Alex Bishop As Scarlet begins to unravel a shocking conspiracy Krista hones in on the lone witness and someone close to both of them is watching their every move With the clock ticking down and the body count rising Scarlet and Krista realize this may be their last case because a vicious killer with everything to lose wants them both dead.

About the Author: Allison Brennan

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Allison Brennan believes that life is too short to be bored so she had five children and writes three books a year Lost and ePUB Ò books and numerous short stories later Allison relocated in from Northern California to Arizona with her husband and two youngest children She currently writes the Lucy KincaidSean Rogan thriller series and launched the uin.