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Kindle Edition ↠ Unfinished Epub Ú

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Do you remember your first love back when you weren’t uite an adult? You know the one you thought you would never get over it Nicole was seventeen when she met the “love she would never get over” Jake was a little older a little damaged but Nicole actually believed in him made him smile as she brought blue skies and sunshine into his lonely days The summer they met was like a perfect dream except for the secrets the misunderstandings and their youthful inability to realize what real love entailed They made a promise and one of them would break it and shatter the heart of the other and someone else would ensure they never learned the truth Years went by Nicole married her best friend and Jake went on to make something of himself to uiet the darkness of his past and never be helpless again Their paths never converged by design or by fate who knowsFast forward over twenty years past the confessions of others past the defeat of a marriage of companionship and respect but not all consuming love and Nicole finds herself single a successful artist and in the company of Jake one time Will the years and life experiences put what they had in perspective or will they discover that they were right they were meant to be together? When we are young we are told we are not mature enough to understand love to work at getting past the hurt and anger but Nicole and Jake seem to be trapped in a time warp desperate to be with the other but repeating the same mistakes over again Wealthy successful a business mogul now Jake reverts to the damaged mechanic he was when he met Nicole and she becomes the insecure teen with doubts This is their one chance to face true love head on scars and all the chance to act like an adult and talk listen trust and believe no secrets no misunderstandings are they strong enough to risk the future and accept the past as it is?Susan Hammond’s Unfinished is a heartbreaking tale of mistakes misunderstandings heartbreak and never letting go The heart knows what the heart wants and even a wonderful life that one wouldn’t change doesn’t fill that empty need for that one special person Not many people get a second chance to finish their story but even if you have never been a romantic this tale will wrench you deep within your soul Feel the frustration of being the fly on the wall rage at the mistakes you see happening cry when the devastation is the worst Relish in watching Nicole and Jake coming to terms with the hand life dealt them and moving past the muck and mire of the past all while hoping they find a happy ever afterI received this copy from Susan Hammond in exchange for my honest reviewPublisher Saturday Edition BooksPublication Date November 16 2015Genre Contemporary Romance Women's FictionPrint Length 481 pagesAvailable from | Barnes Noble For Reviews More

  2. Irene Irene says:

    What a lovely surprise this book was a second chance romance and beautifully writtenThe story starts off after a short prologue that gives you a hint of what's to come and it's worth a look back after you have finished the book Nicole is a gifted painter and she often would spend time with her mum down at the old boathouse watching her sketch and paint Her mum has not long passed away through illness and Nicole back home for graduation is taking time to paint on the deck overlooking the lake once It's here we are introduced to Jake he's working for Nicole's father for the summer and staying in the boathouse Niki's brother Rob has arranged this but as you get into the story you will find out why I loved the sweet build up of young love between Nicole and Jake and it wasn't rushed so that you really felt how much they cared for each other When the major 'thing' happens that tears them apart for twenty three years you want to scream 'if only' but Susan Hammond has written a heartwarming romance that love prevails no matter what is thrown at our two lovers When they meet again lots of past secrets are revealed both of them have to fight for the truth and each otherI'm looking forward to the next book by this author a superb read and I highly recommend it

  3. Addicted2Books Addicted2Books says:

    HeartbreakingHeartwarmingJake is HOT Catch my full review here

  4. Melodie Melodie says:

    I absolutely loved Unfinished A First Love Second Chance Romance by Susan Hammond The title indicates the general plot line but there is so much to the book and it delves so much deeper into the trials and tribulations of a lost first love rekindled over 20 years laterThe book is broken into three parts including a prologue which I strongly suggest the reader re read at the end of the book I did and am glad I did  In Part One the action takes place over the course of one summer Nicole's mother has died a few months ago and this is the summer before she goes to college She meets Jake a young man with a troubled past who her brother Rob has taken under his wing in hopes of turning around his destiny Jake and Nicole are instantly drawn to each other The book does a good job of having their relationship progress slowly and steadily over the course of the summer They separate at the end of summer with a promise to meet on Memorial Day not uite two years later Through a bit of a plot contrivance they don't meet and go their separate ways Jake is an honorable young man in his dealings with Nicole as well as his job but he is secretive which costs him in the endNicole is basically sweet sassy uncomplicated unspoiled and inexperiencedShe was written against the stereotype of the spoiled rich girl a very good thing I appreciated that she was just a nice young woman who though sad about the loss of her mother and dealing with her grief was not unreasonably full of angst Part II fast forwards over twenty years and finds Michael one of Nicole's two best friends now her husband but he asks her to leave him He realizes that she still has feelings for Jake and can't continue to live with that knowledge knowing that half his life 23's of his adult life is still ahead of him Jake hears about the divorce and instantly puts in motion plans to move back to Austin from Chicago his home of many years Eventually Jake and Nicole hook up; the love passion and fire buried by both of them for so may years flames anew hotter than ever That said it isn't easy for them and they have to deal with many issues buried emotions and heavy baggage from their pasts to work towards a happily ever after I appreciated the dichotomy between their early lives which added considerably to the issues they needed to resolve This is the compelling nuts and bolts of the book and I loved it; and I loved this book which kept me awake at all hours of the night and early morning hours It was how this road was written that for me made this book superior to many other romance novels Besides Nicole and Jake there is a strong supporting cast most noteworthy their siblings Rob and Grace Rob is pertinent to both Nicole's and Jake's individual stories Rob is a truly decent human being Each sibling offers unwavering love support and counselI highly recommend this bookI was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Though this is a glowing review I was not reuired to write a positive review and the opinions stated are solely my own  

  5. Arlena Dean Arlena Dean says:

    Title Unfinished A First Love Second Chance RomanceAuthor Susan HammondPublisher Saturday Edition BooksReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewUnfinished a First Love Second Chance Romance by Susan HammondMy Thoughts'Unfinished' was a good contemporary romantic readmaybe a little long but still good where you will find plenty of 'love and forgiveness' This read will definitely keep you turning the pages to see what was going to happen next as the story deals with some real deep issues The two main charactersNicole and Jake along with the secondary characters were all well developed defined portrayed colorful and very believable as the reader will see as the story unfolds Truly the 'psychological depth' of these characters were simply off the chartwell done All of this only gives the reader a well written story that will keep the readers attention What I liked about this story was that it is complete with a satisfying ending where you find this author covers the story very well I will say that I did have a few uestions about a couple of the characters in the way the storyline was presented but it all turned out OK for me in the end Be ready for a enjoyably captivating well told story with lots of 'trials tribulations depth passion secrets mistrust steamy sex scenes love and compassion' The reader will definitely be left feeling this novel was one of those stories that had a full range of emotionsThank you to the author for the gift of your read and my giving you a honest review of your novel

  6. A little birdie told me... A little birdie told me... says:

    Holy only this was a marathon book I'm usually of a 5K occasionally a 10K book reader but this one was like running 262 when I've only trained for less than one uarter of that Please don't get me wrong I loved most everything about this book from the characters to the plot The second chance romance thing is my favorite sub genre in romance and this one seems to get most everything rightI can't gush enough at the lack of Texas stereotypes in the book which is set in and around the Austin area I can always tell when authors are from here and I love reading their work I wish people would write realistic portrayals of Texas life I also loved the fact that the second half of the book centered around characters that were older proving that romance doesn't have to be a new adulttwenties theme Were there some unnecessary details in the book? Yep there sure we're but nothing felt draggy or completely tedious as I was reading it It just took forever I'm normally a pretty fast reader When over the course of an hour I only had about 5% of the book read and it wasn't moving as fast as I wanted I got a little frustratedBut I did enjoy it For a first novel I'm impressed I would have really liked an epilogue but the way it ended was nice I can't wait to read from this author

  7. Shazza66 Shazza66 says:

    4Nice enjoyable read

  8. Irene Irene says:

    My Review My first read novel by this author and I can truly say that it will not be my last “Unfinished” will be a favorite book for sure Beautifully written and beautiful characters

  9. Maria Borres Maria Borres says:

    A great book about first loveThis is my first time reading a book by this author and it won't be the last This is a great epic love story about first love that transcends time angst doubts and uncertainties Imagine the years in between the past twenty three years can anyone endure the pains of heartaches the bitterness and wishing of what might have been said or done to change the events of your life? I admire the the exceptional talent of this author she successfully created a GREAT book about SECOND CHANCES that's uite believable it could happen in real life My great admiration of Jake is phenomenal Nicole too is fantastic in her role as a 17year old virgin too much in love but her heart wrenching disappointments has led her towards a fruitful family life while still loving Jake They were meant for each other they could not escape their own destiny I wish there's an Epilogue or a continuation of this exceptional book

  10. Judes Judes says:

    WOW I just have to take a few moments as my thoughts are ping ponging on how to describe my state after reading this book My first reaction was Dang is this actually the last page I turning? I was approached by Ms Hammond's assistant to review this book and truthfully the cover led me to think A sweet contemporary novel boy girl and an HEA Ok no worries it will be light and fun HELLO FAR FROM IT And I know that the words I write here still will not fully express my true experience in reading Unfinished It is truly a wonderful mustI began reading and then realized I totally misjudged the complexity and fullness of a fantastic woven layered story We are introduced to a sweet sassy h Nicole and a wrong side a the tracks H Jake who fall in love over summer The story opens letting you know you're 23 years ahead and then we cast back to the beginning when a damaged boy meets the accepting ray of 'Sunshine' who turns his world around and for her this angsty guy is her first love The build is so well done and the structure keeps your emotions climbing and although they find each other again physically they have so much healing and letting go to reach each other emotionally This is one well written book of the lives of two well rounded believable characters right down to the fact that this sweet contemporary story was actually a full blown messy real to actual life believable no holes barred sensual knock your socks off journey that traversed 23 years of what ifs horrible childhood experiences coming of age and finally healing I got so caught up in this story that knowing how the characters looked if the H was sexy and the h had attitude was so not the priority The spicy bits were very welcome but they fell so naturally in the story they were part of it rather that the hook to catch the reader as in some books The storyline has layers and layers married with the paint style of the h Nicole whose work was referenced throughout the flow as milestones in their journey My thoughts are totally my own and my only issues are that the cover does not do the words justice as it seems frivolous compared to the depth inside The price I must say is a giveaway as I have seen and read books that are much expensive and are so airy and flat in comparisonMs Hammond I am so grateful to Joann for contacting me and sharing your fantastic book with me and I am so enad with it It is on the top shelf of my library and I am now concreted as a fan of your work Gifts are so rare and for us readers who appreciate a really good story that is realistic and has so many messages and morals within and o don't forget a bit of sauce and spice too

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Unfinished [EPUB] ✼ Unfinished Author Susan Hammond – One summer one secret one last chance Nicole Chandler was seventeen the summer she fell in love with Jake Evans the sexy rough around the edges mechanic who came to work in her father's marine repair One summer one secret one last chance Nicole Chandler was seventeen the summer she fell in love with Jake Evans the sexy rough around the edges mechanic who came to work in her father's marine repair shop At twenty Jake had seen of the dark side of life than any kid ever should yet underneath the hard exterior was a man who protected and cared for what was hisFor Jake Nicole was a sunshine he’d never known—sweetness and innocence feisty brave funny And definitely sexy He knew he shouldn't love her yet she believed in him as no one ever had and made him laugh as though life might turn out okay When the summer ended Niki held his heartThen she broke itHis secrets her misunderstanding—the mistakes they both made—sent their lives on different paths their story Unfinished Yet twenty three years later they still rememberNicole now a successful artist is starting over When Jake finds her again she’s ready to believe in what they once had Yet after years of being alone driven by nothing than success he may learn to forgive; but he can’t seem to forget And he’s damn sure never again going to feel the pain of having someone he loves and trusts walk away from himYoung love is fragile but with histories and exes and families grown up love is messy And while building trust is hard rebuilding what was once shattered may be impossibleDoes first love ever really get a second chance Full length standalone novelJust sayin’ In Texas the nights are steamy the food is spicy and the lovin’ is both If this isn’t your kind of read best give this one a pass.