This Above All eBook õ This Above MOBI :Ú

This Above All eBook õ This Above MOBI :Ú

This Above All ❰EPUB❯ ✰ This Above All Author Lindsey Roth Culli – When sixteen year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school’s production she’s as surprised as everyone else Not only because she’s a girl but also because she’s from one of the region’s most When sixteen year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school’s production she’s as surprised as everyone else Not only because she’s a girl but also because she’s from one of the region’s most notorious This Above MOBI :Ú ultraconservative families But when the school principal demands that the part be recast “appropriately” or the show cannot go on Piper faces a choice become the figurehead to appeal the principal’s decision or accept the message the administration’s ultimatum sends to the school’s gay students including her new friends Namely that they should be ashamed of who they are or whom they happen to love Pitched as Dirty Dancing meets Saved when the daughter of one of the region's most notorious ultraconservative families is cast as Romeo in her school production drama is sure to follow.

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  1. Samantha Samantha says:

    Full review at stars because the repetition of several phrases turned me off a littleThis book addresses several different topics but the main topics are homosexuality and religion conservative Christianity which of course grabbed my attention instantly because 1 I am a firm supporter of the LGBT community and 2 I am not particularly religious Well Okay maybe that’s not 100% true I just don’t uite 100% agree with the teachings of Christianity Not an attack towards the religion just stating my view In this book Piper comes from a conservative family and I mean crazy conservative All the kids are good Christian kids who go around preaching about sins to sinners in public with their pastor father their mum had already passed away shudder Ugh I can’t stand people like that People who force their beliefs onto others Trust me when I say that I almost threw my phone out the window multiple times out of frustration and my eyeballs rolled so far back only the whites could be seen Well things started changing for Piper when she was cast as Romeo gasp lesbo in her school play and made friends with Tony who soon after came out to her as gay As she started sneaking around behind her family’s back to get to rehearsals because obviously she can never let them know about her being Romeo and hanging out with her new friends she realized that all the ‘sins’ she has preached against her whole life weren’t as crazy as her dad made them sound like She started seeing things from other people’s perspective and got to experience life outside of the box her conservative father put her in And the realization slams into me with a force so urgent it nearly knocks me over the world isn’t perfect I love it anyway God loves it anyway So many topics were touched on in this book; friendship bullying the toxic rumour mill in school homophobia and of course religion I felt that Culli did a great job at distributing the weight between all those topics and I’m so grateful that she didn’t just make a half assed attempt to discuss them because they all played a vital role in shaping Piper’s transformation from a naïve conservative following in her father’s footsteps to a person who has her own beliefs and chooses to worship god her own way And hating people in order to ‘love’ them seems awfully counterproductive Wouldn’t it just be easier to love them? All in all this was well written It was a good coming of age story especially for those who have been practising religion based on what others are telling them to believe You know what? I’m going to carry a copy of this book with me around send me one wink wink and the next time I come across a preachy homophobic religious person I’m just going to pass it to them tell them to read it and calmly walk away Yep Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?I got an ARC from Curiosity uills thanks and this is my review of it

  2. Shomeret Shomeret says:

    I tend to avoid YA novels that take place in high school Most of these have predictable character types dynamics and plots This Above All contained those elements There were false rumors bullying and relationships plagued by miscommunication Juliet was played by a stereotypical popular mean girl It seems that the director of this Romeo and Juliet didn't prioritize chemistry between the leadsSexuality was a theme but This Above All didn't really focus on sexual relationships as is appropriate in a YA novel While the specter of lesbianism fueled controversy there was no actual lesbianism Heterosexual romance played a role in the plot of this novel but it wasn't predominant There was a gay character named Tony but his life wasn't front and center either I felt that the way Piper deals with her real female identity while portraying a male role is the most interesting aspect of this book She initially had her doubts whether she could or should be Romeo Yet once she became accustomed to the idea she threw herself into her fictive male identity This Above All is a book that will cause readers to reflect on a number of topics but I think they will also be moved by the courage of Piper and Tony and the chosen family they found in the cast of Romeo and Juliet As we have seen in the TV series Glee communities of performers can be powerful support systems for teens who feel like outsiders in a hostile world Anyone who has felt at odds with their families or with society in general will be able to relate to PiperI received a free copy from the publisher in return for this honest reviewSee my complete review at

  3. Marjolein Marjolein says:

    25 Stars Read all my reviews on When I read the description I was thinking This sounds like something I might actually like way than I at first expect Sometimes I really enjoy these coming of age stories With This Above All however I felt conflicted Starting I felt No this isn't for me after all I didn't really like Piper and it was not even all because of the obvious her family's very conservative idiotic viewpoints She was annoying beyond that Also there were some things I didn't think made a lot of sense even if they progressed the story Someone who's secretly gay outing to of all people Piper just didn't make sense Also all the clichés and people getting mad and hurt and what you would expect in these kind of stories it is all here This is not to say that it was not an enjoyable read It was Piper also gets slightly less annoying by the end although I do think she remains uite full of herself She also sort of comes of ageThanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Sarah A Sarah A says:

    This book was a surprise I got it from Netgalley Curiosity uills Press in exchange for a fair and honest review Once I had obtained it I wasn’t sure I really wanted to read it Even once I started it I wasn’t uite sure how I felt about it As I kept reading however I saw a lot of my younger self in Piper including my journey with some truths involved in my faith In the end I really truly loved this little book and the story it toldThis book reminded a lot of the movie Saved Piper is very similar to Mary in that movie in the way she begins challenging things she's held dear for a long time though this book didn't feel uite as satirical as the movie Piper's voice is real especially as she struggles internally over her part in her father's church and over uestions of how God could create something God doesn't love Having been raised Catholic my upbringing wasn't the same as Piper's but I always had trouble subscribing to some of the tenets of my faith like the judgment of people who belong to the LGBT community It didn't sit right with me I didn't believe and still don't that God could create someone to feel that way and then judge them for it I didn't and don't believe that God would think love is evil no matter what form it takes I certainly don't believe God expects us to hate people for who they love As I read Piper's journey in this book it very much mirrored my own and felt extremely authentic Her struggle over what to stand for and how it would impact her relationship with her family was also very realistic to me Even the ending felt like life it was a work in progress I also liked that the book didn't feel extremely judgmental of Piper's family background Instead it felt like it highlighted some nuances of it and left hope within the portraitureIn addition to Piper I found myself enjoying some of the other characters her friend Tony her best friend Jodi and her love interest Dylan Not all of them were as fully fleshed out as they could be but they definitely weren't high school stereotypes either They all had their own feelings and their own secrets and they all played a part in Piper's ongoing struggle The only thing I didn't love about this book was that I felt like sometimes chapters ended in weird places but overall I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a uick read with a great realistic protagonist with thoughts on faith and life thrown in for good measure review originally posted

  5. Roberta R. (Offbeat YA) Roberta R. (Offbeat YA) says:

    Excerpt from my review originally published at Offbeat YA Pros Original premise Funny and heartfelt Likeable main character with a clear pleasant voiceCons The last third of the book takes a dive into trope land Will appeal to Those who like theateracting Those looking for a coming of age story First offDISCLAIMER I received this novel from Curiosity uills in exchange for an honest review To be precise I specifically reuested a review copy That didn't affect my opinion and rating in any way Here goesOFF TO A GOOD STARTI have a confession to make I'm a sucker for stories about teens performing Fame anyone? I grew up with it as this post reveals Also in this case a girl cast as the male lead in a school production was a hell of a premise Especially since Piper comes from an over religious ultra conservative family But when I started on the book I found out that TAA was somehow exceeding my expectations For one thing we are thrust mid action or better mid acting with Piper auditioning for the main female role in Romeo and Juliet all while her inner monologue gives us enough backstory about her and her family without sounding info dumpy I could practically smell stage dust and I took an immediate liking to Piper's voice Her passion for acting and Shakespeare in particular dates back to when her deceased mother read secular books to her younger self books that of course are frowned upon to put it mildly by Piper's pastor father The author is able to convincingly shape a character caught between her family's and church's expectations and the kind of God she's been taught to believe in on one side and her consuming passion for all things theater on the other which in turn will lead her to uestion her whole upbringing and the dogmas surrounding it Whole review here

  6. McKinlay Dennis McKinlay Dennis says:

    I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book This friggin book This book tackles uestioning your faith and those trying to tell you what to believe and how to properly worship God so perfectly i cried several times I was raised LDS and while the LDS church at least my ward never actively preached hate or acted as extremely as the Baptist church in this book think Westboro the way Piper uestioned things really resonated with me I could go on but i went into this book with zero expectations and honestly loved every minute of it I will hit some bullet points though without giving anything away Characters Piper is our narrator and she's strong and vulnerable and courageous and i love herOther characters to love Dylan and Tony who both play different but important roles and aren't perfect but still awesome Romance minimal Diversity minimal but one of the main characters is ueer and sexuality does play uite a huge role in the plotI would recommend this to anyone who has ever uestioned not so much their belief in God or their Faith but perhaps uestioned the people telling you how to worship And honestly i wish i could get all the people who claim to be Christian but turn around and spit hate and vitriol at the LGBT community to read it too but we all know they won't

  7. Meaghan Meaghan says:

    First off I would like to thank the publisher and author for providing me this ARC to review Please note that the version I read was an advanced copy and certain eventslanguage may be changed in the published editionStars Out of 10 810 StarsFavorite Character TonySpoiler Free Looking back I’m not 100% what made me reuest this book from NetGalley since it’s not the type of story I usually enjoy but I’m really glad I didI was originally uite put off by our narrator Piper because her ideologies are so much different from mine At certain points in the beginning of the story it was actually uite hard to read her opinions on certain people and things But as Piper started uestioning herself and beliefs and warming up to the idea of diversity I started warming up to herWhile I can’t say I liked every part of the plot and certain parts of the ending really got on my nerves it overall was a really nice story One of the first things I noticed when reading was how naturalrealistic the writing felt and how it seemed to fit Piper perfectly It probably is what helped me warm up to Piper as fast as I didIn the end I highly recommend this story It’s not a book that’s supposed to push forward religious teachings but rather provides another viewpoint and seems to promote a general idea of uestioning what we’re taught about other people and taking the time to learn and understand people who are different from us Careful Spoilers beyond this pointSpoilers My main thoughts here will be on the ending both the good and the bad partsFirst the good I’m super happy this wasn’t some miracle ending While yes they pulled off the show they were the ones who still had to find another venue since the school decision was not overturned Additionally one fancy speech on Piper’s end did not change her family’s minds as they are still set in the same beliefs although maybe less rigidly I also really liked that Piper didn’t give up the religious part of herself since that seems to be a very important part of her and is instead exploring other accepting avenuesWhat I didn’t like is how the romance was pulled off at the end While the way Dylan “lost” his girlfriend at the end kinda worked the fact he was such an ass to her and then suddenly it was okay was just terrible Actually how the entire Tony x Piper rumor went down was just horrible All of her friends ditched her because of it even though they knew what sort of person she was and that she would never do that Even when confronted with Piper explaining the situation and not outing Tony since she’s actually a decent person they still chose to believe the rumors started by someone who openly hates Piper I was totally okay with the best friend and Dylan up until this point and I don’t agree with how that part was resolved at the end But all in all this was a really surprising read in that I loved it way than I expected to

  8. John Clark John Clark says:

    An extremely intelligent and captivating story about a girl who has the courage to follow a dream while uestioning everything she's been taught to believe Anyone who has dealt with the hate homophobia and rigidity of Christian fundamentalism will relate to what Piper goes through in this story It's one I would encourage teens and adults to read and for all libraries to add to their collection

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Not sure why it took me so long to read this This book is written by a member of my church and Ellie thought it was so cool when I told her and CC's mama wrote this book

  10. Celine Celine says:

    It's a good book but for a book about lgbt rights and censorship there's alack of lgbt characters? The main character was a straight girl who was standing up for lgbt rights and while this is great allies are great and necessary there weren't enough people she stood up for like she suddenly has a gay bff and that one guy suddenly makes her realize what her dad's been preaching is wrong I'm not saying it would have needed than one lgbt character for her to realize that but I feel like it could have made the story richer? make it feel less like it's about a straight savior i know this is about a straight ally who's new to being an ally and trying to figure out what she really believes in and that's an important thing for allies to do but that also doesn't exactly make it LGBT lit It's About LGBT lit

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