Borrowing Trouble Nugget #6 PDF/EPUB ↠ Borrowing

Borrowing Trouble Nugget #6 PDF/EPUB ↠ Borrowing

Borrowing Trouble Nugget #6 ➽ Borrowing Trouble Nugget #6 Free ➳ Author Stacy Finz – Some towns aren’t big enough to hide your heart In the beautiful mountain town of Nugget California staying out of the limelight is easy but staying out of love is a bit challenging   Back in Los A Some towns aren’t big enough to hide your heart In the beautiful mountain town of Nugget California staying out of the limelight is easy but staying out of love is a bit challenging   Back in Los Angeles Sloane McBride was a great police detective but Borrowing Trouble PDF or after she uncovered corruption on her own suad the job became nearly impossible In the bucolic hills of Nugget she can start to imagine a life after all that where she keeps her head down does her work and doesn’t bother anyone But her delicious next door neighbor isn’t going to make it easy to keep to herself   Brady Benson’s wildest dreams came true in LA—but they were paired with a living nightmare As executive chef of a searing hot restaurant he was lauded adored and then found himself caught in the sights of a lovelorn stalker Now laying low in Nugget he finds his own heart ensnared by the beautiful new cop with her own reasons to start over   Neither Sloane nor Brady came to town looking for love but it seems to have found them Trouble is so have their pasts And they’ll have to stop hiding from both if they hope to come out the other side together   PRAISE FOR STACY FINZ“Stacy Finz is a uniue new voice Nugget California is a charming small town filled with inventive characters and sweet romance” Jill Shalvis New York Times bestselling author“Tender and touching Stacy Finz writes romance with heart” Marina Adair.

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  1. Alyse Alyse says:

    Borrowing Trouble is the sixth book in Stacy Finz's Nugget series You do not have to read this in order to enjoy Sloane and Brady's story As readers you get glimpses of previous couples and get to catch up with their happily ever afters I enjoyed Borrowing Trouble SOOO much than Getting Lucky I DID NOT like Lucky at all and was excited to read about Brady Benson and what he was hiding from Brady Benson was a hot chef back in LA but that all changed when he developed a stalker At the advise of the cops Brady decided that it would be best to lay low for a while He ends up in Nugget and gets a job at the local BB Lumber Baron But even with distance between him and his stalker he keeps looking over his shoulder waiting for the other show to drop And then the beautiful Sloane McBride moves in next doorSloane McBride loves being a cop in LA and being in a position to help people But after discovering and speaking out against a group of corrupt cops her days as a member of the LAPD are numbered Deciding to leave LA behind Sloane makes her way to Nugget with the hope that she can make a difference on their police force and escape the threats back in LA Sloane and Brady become fast friends and begin fighting an attraction to each other Each have their reasons but soon they can no longer fight the pull they feel for each otherBut all to soon each of their pasts come back to haunt them Will their new relationship able to survive them? Rating 4 out of 5I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest reviewOTHER PLACES TO FIND MEBlog wwwtwittercomalyseypoo21Bloglovin'

  2. Ann Lorz Ann Lorz says:

    Reviewed by Romancing the Readers Blog 'm finally getting around to reviewing the rest of this series It got away from me I guess that's what happens when you binge read series You get a little overwhelmed But I'm back to reviewing them now I really liked Borrowing Trouble I think it had to do with the fact that I really enjoyed both Brady and Slone Both of them have past issues Maybe a little too similar but that's okay this is a book a fiction so I let it go What I loved about Slone other then the fact that she's an upstanding cop was that at the job she's no nonsense but at home the cop is all female The decor of her house speaks to that fact Something I really love about her I also loved how much Brandy liked taking care of her Not in the I am the man type of way the let me feed you and make you feel good type of way He always had her back even when times got hard for both of them Even when times are at their worst these two work it out and stand for each other It might have been a bit bumpy at times but that didn't matter to them You'll totally enjoy this story and all the delicious sounding food in it I know I did In the end these two came together and fought together I'm sure wonderful things are in their futures Have any of you read this series or any other book by Finz? For fans of small town romance you'd really enjoy it Follow me on

  3. Terri Terri says:

    review also found at I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is February 2nd 2016 This is book six in the Nugget series It is not reuired to read them in order to be able to enjoy this I did however red book five Getting Lucky see review here and was uite excited when I realized I was reading the next in the series I enjoyed this one than Getting Lucky however to be honest after reading two stories I really want to go back to the beginning to read them all The reason for this is that the stories are interesting Also there are a lot of characters in this book and it can sometimes be difficult to keep them all straight and they all seemed to have really interesting history This is where it would be beneficial to read them in order however you can still enjoy the content of this story on its own I loved how Sloane was a police officer yet she was still a girly girl While tough when it came to her job she has a soft side outside of work which included frilly home décor Brady was also interesting We were introduced to him in the previous story with his rugged good looks and plethora of tattoo's While not normally my thing I could totally visualize Think Adam Levigne or David Beckhamyummy And he could cook to boot I was always told that my perfect man would be a chef so I am not sure what Brady was doing in the pages of this book instead of in my lifedon't tell my husband ; The real highlight of this story is the community of Nugget Everyone has a genuine concern for each others welfare and gossip and would do anything to assist each other This was really heartwarming The town was as much part of the story as Sloane and Brady Lastly I loved how Finz poked a little fun at her series in this story I was reading and thinking to myself that the hunky man ratio for such a small town was off of the charts In the story Sloane makes a comment about if word got out all single woman would be moving to the town of Nugget I recommend this story and this series

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    350I haven't read every book in this series but I was really excited to finally get Brady's book and to find out what exactly he was running from I was also curious to find out what had Sloane picking up and leaving her old life Right away you can see these two are going to get together Not only do they have a lot in common but being next door neighbors has them spending a lot of time together Brady isn't really ready for a relationship until his stalker is found but he doesn't mind spending time in Sloanes bed But can there new relationship survive both there past coming back?Finz did a great job in not only telling there story but bringing back previous characters from other books I liked how the town of Nugget welcomed both Sloane and Brady I also liked how they stuck together and had each other's backs Besides the main love story we get a side story of Lina and Griffin I liked them as a couple but I think there story would have been better told in there own book I also thought this book had a little too much drama Between Brady and his crazy stalker and Sloane with her own stalker it just felt a little overwhelming The ending was done nicely and I really liked that they just moved in with one another and didn't get engaged married or had a baby I like this couple is taking it one step at time I wonder who the next book will be about because in this book we meet Sloanes brother who is recently single and looks like he likes Nugget Fingers crossed

  5. Hannah Hannah says:

    ARC REVIEW Nugget California book 6 already can you believe it This little town is really securing it's way into my heart with every book This one was a treat and constantly was making me hungry with all that talk about food I have been patiently waiting for Brady's storybackstory since he first appeared I mean he's a hot tattooed southern boy who knows how to cook rwar I love Sloane she is such a girlie girl but a tough as nails when she's in uniform When it first introduced Sloane in the last book I figured I assumed she was leaving LAPD because of a sexual harassment charge with a superior and being ostracized by fellow cops Well I wasn't uite right She was being ostracized but not for what I thought it was something much Brady's backstory finally comes out and honestly I had no idea what to expect from him and was kinda wishing it hinted to it in other books foreshadowingSloane McBride had to leave LA she was being threatened and feared for her life The tiny town of Nugget was just what she needed but she wasn't sure if she could transition to small town life without dragging her problems with her She doesn't want to get to comfortable afraid she's just going to have to pick up and move again She doesn't realize how welcoming understanding and protective Nugget is of it's citizens especially those who need it Sloane is fitting right in when she unintentionally starts a youth program for some of the outcast kids at the high school Brady Benson ran from his troubles too he is in hiding from a potentially dangerous situation He happened upon Nugget and stayed keeping his past and who he was back in LA a secret finding it amusing every time one of old timers came up with another hypothetical backstory for himTrouble finds Sloane and Brady easily enough between the skeletal remains found in town and both Sloane and Brady's respective troubles finally showing up Even though Sloane is a cop and very much able to take care of herself Brady has an urge to protect her thankfully Sloane is smart enough not to argue with him; with a bunch of brother and her dad all Chicago PDshe knows what battles to pick Brady's crazy ended up kind of anti climatic but Sloane's than makes up for itOverall I love these two I enjoyed the gradual falling in love and acceptance of it New character Sloane's brother excited

  6. LJT LJT says:

    There is lots of love mouthwatering food and some delightful characters in Borrowing Trouble by Stacy Finz There is also a deranged stalker and a bunch of really bad cops Luckily the residents of Nugget treat each other like family and they come together whenever the situation arises Smart and sexy Sloane McBride loves being a police detective and she is extremely good at her job When she discovers and subseuently speaks out about the corruption in her own suad her days of law enforcement on the Los Angles force are numbered Sloane makes Nugget her new home and she is hopeful that she will fit in make a difference on the law enforcement team and escape the target that is now on her back Living next door to gorgeous chef Brady Benson only makes her transition easier Over a very short time she and Brady are sharing meals their respective days and a bedBrady Benson is an amazingly talented chef and his breakfasts at the local bed and breakfast are legendary His successful career at a Los Angeles five star restaurant was progressing very well until he slept with the craziest of crazies Now his life is no longer his own and he is constantly looking over his shoulder for the next shoe to drop Brady is being stalked and the Los Angeles police advised him to get out of the area so he ended up in Nugget Brady is popular with the locals and his food is adored by all Being involved with Sloane is the best thing that ever happened to him however he is not a commitment kind of guyThis is uite an intriguing book and it kept me entertained from beginning to end Sloane and Brady have a lot in common and I liked the way Ms Finz evolved their relationship Lots of things are happening in Nugget which keeps the plot lively and interesting Sloane and Brady have great chemistry and their sexy times are sensual and hot The secondary characters are replete personality and uniueness which ensures the ever changing landscape of NuggetComplimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley

  7. Claire Mc Partlin Claire Mc Partlin says:

    I was kindly supplied a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review Great book full of interesting small town dramas which I really enjoy It reminded me a lot of the sort of books Jill Shalvis and Robyn Carr write which are two of my favourite authors so was absolutely perfect for me Plenty of background characters obviously some of them from the previous books but it didn't detract at all from this one with a bit of drama going on in the background with Sloane's cop dramas and Brady's stalker problems This was the first book I had read in the series and the first Stacy Finz book but I will definitely be reading the rest of them now as with all good small town series like this you get really involved in all the characters and this is a great series that I would thoroughly recommend

  8. Sultana Dusang Sultana Dusang says:

    I loved Sloane and Brady's story A man who can cook and is sexy is every woman's dream The conflicts with Sloane and the LAPD and Brad and his stalker kept the story suspenseful without overwhelming the developing love story between the two Finz has strong female characters and I like that she develops a relationship between her love interests before she has them leap into bed Griffin and Lina's love was a nice backdrop story I have been waiting for those two to get their act together Rhys finally gives his blessing which forces Griffin to pursue Lina I am hoping that the next story is between Aiden Sloane's brother and Dana Read this now you will not be disappointed I am ready to move to Nugget

  9. Jill Eshenbaugh Jill Eshenbaugh says:

    When you start a Nugget romance it's sort of like coming home The characters are real and you find yourself wishing that they lived next door Brady and Sloan seem to be mismatched from the beginning she's a cop and he's a chef Both have issues threatening them which they have to work through and getting through those problems makes for a wonderful story It's difficult to make these books last after waiting months in between each one The reader wants to take time and savor each page but the need to keep going to the end as uickly as possible is testament to the wonderful story telling of Stacy Finz I can only hope that this is not the last of the Nugget Series

  10. Nate Brightman Nate Brightman says:

    Borrowing Trouble is a worthy addition to Stacy Finz Nugget series Brady is an executive chef hiding in Nugget from a psycho female stalker he had a one night stand with in LA and Sloane is a former LAPD robberyhomicide detective looking for a fresh start after she blows the whistle on some fellow officers illegal activities and is harassed and persecuted by their fellow officers to the point where she is forced to leave the LA police force Brady now works at Nugget Police Chief Rhys Shepard’s wife Maddy’s BB The Lumber Baron preparing gourmet breakfasts and afternoon snacks and doing some catering and Sloane takes a job as an officer on the Nugget police force working for Rhys Both rent a side of a duplex owned by Rhys and are immediately attracted to one another Eventually they give in to their attraction learn each other’s back story and take on responsibility for protecting one another from the threats in their past they’d hoped to leave behind by coming to Nugget Hence they borrow each other’s troubleAs with all the books in this series Ms Finz isn’t satisfied with just the main character’s romance In this story we also pick up the relationship between Griffin the uber rich owner of Nuggets only service stationcar wash and luxury home development and Lina Rhy’s Sheppard’s younger half sister which started in the first book Also there’s the added drama of Brady’s stalker and those crooked cops who keep sending Sloane threatening text messages that scare her enough to always keep her Glock within easy reach And if that’s not enough human remains wash up on the banks of the Feather River near the high school and Sloane is charged with trying to identify the body and the cause of death all while running a pilot program for troubled youths And of course Nugget being the small town tight knit community it is all of the characters we’ve come to know and love in the previous books make an appearance to varying degrees This is just another really fine addition to a series I’ve come to love If you haven’t visited Nugget Ca yet and you like small town romance novels packed with interesting and uirky characters romance and action I urge you to take a visit

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