The American Presidents MOBI Ì The American PDF \

The American Presidents MOBI Ì The American PDF \

The American Presidents (Guild America Books) ❰Reading❯ ➻ The American Presidents (Guild America Books) Author David C. Whitney – In this fascinating book of presidential profiles you will meet the 42 men who have shaped the Presidencyand the course of our country From George Washington to George W Bush here are the stories of t In this fascinating book of presidential profiles you will meet the men who have shaped the Presidencyand the course of our country From George Washington to George W Bush here The American PDF \ are the stories of their trials and triumphs their ambitions and achievements.

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  1. Farhin Farhin says:

    Short biographies of all the Presidents of America so far packed into one giant volume that was pretty much it to scare me But David C Whitney's writing was enough to win me over The undertones of american patriotism to admitting the scandals and the faults and flaws with some presidencies were written flawlessly The written execution of the short biographies were simple informative and educative I could sense pride and impartiality in the writing with every president portrayed without prejudice regardless of their actions It was like being taught by an old fashioned yet respectable and socially compatible teacher that all students come to loveI read this to gain some background knowledge for my A2 Government Politics class and I am absolutely content with what I got This was exactly what I needed to introduce myself to American Politics understanding the rich history that lay with all the presidents thus far written concisely without missing any details in a manner that allowed me to absorb the information without difficulty Just a side note I didn't read up on all the presidents Below are the names of the presidents I did read about and eventsfacts that I found of particular interest for eachGeorge Washington The first President of the United States Drew up ConstitutionAbraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation AssassinationTheodore Roosevelt Roosevelt Corollary He also prowled the streets at night to lookout for police officers that were not doing their duty At the time corruption was high in the police departmentFranklin Delano Roosevelt Cousin to Theodore Roosevelt New DealJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy New Frontier Program the Peace Corps Proposal of expansion of civil rights Appointment of younger brother Robert Kennedy as Attorney General 'Alliance for Progress' 10 year plan to develop Latin American countries Overthrowing of Fidel Castro in Cuba failed Assassination Lyndon Baines Johnson 'Great Society' social protection laws Vietnam war attempt to prevent communists overtaking South Vietnam sent ground troops Assassination of Martin Luther King Robert Kennedy during LBJ's presidencyRichard Milhous Nixon Resignation to avoid impeachment after Watergate Scandal Nixon's visit to China for trade purposes Pentagon Papers scandal top secret information about Vietnam War released Rejection of drafts by young soldiers Unbeknownst to the American public or Congress Nixon promised North Vietnamese leaders 475 billion dollars if they ended the war Repetition of vetoes Congress pass law that reuires the Executive to consult with Congress before sending US troops to war Ronald Reagan Oldest President Reaganomics Biggest recession since WWII Appointment of first woman in court Sandra Day O'Connor Reagan Doctrine increase of military strength action or aid to fight Soviet backed governments in the Middle East Afghanistan Africa Central America and the Caribbean Bin Laden trained by the US to fight against Soviets in AfghanistanWilliam Jefferson Clinton Lewinsky scandal affair with intern Impeachment by House and trial by SenateGeorge W Bush Did not win popular vote Tax cuts passed each year during first term No Child Left Behind bipartisanship Government funding for embryonic stem cell research and prohibition of government funding for abortion Withdrawal from Kyoto Protocol and International Ballistic Missile Treaty Deployed National Missile Defense System American involvement in Middle East reversal of Republican policy New cabinet position of Homeland Security after 911 attacks Passing of the Patriot Act Failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Ira justification of war Assassination of Saddam Hussein Abu Ghraib prisoner torture scandal Slow response to Hurricane Katrina Scandals led to both houses of Congress to be lost to Democrats Set up Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons also known as black sites Injected large sums of taxpayer money into banks also a reversal of Rep policy of limiting Government intervention in marketsBarack Obama First black President First President to make full use of internet to raise money for campaign Barack Obama's biography was short as the revision of this book only occurred in 2009 I think I highly recommend this book to anyone from beginners to pros of American Politics It's great for History too

  2. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    I admit it history didn't interest me very much while I was in school and I've forgotten most of the little I learned I thought it was high time I learned a bit and that a high level introduction to the presidents of the United States would be a good start This book the eleventh addition fits the bill very well Of course a single volume covering all the presidents up to the current time has to cover each administration only in broad strokes Each section starts with the important dates of that president's life and political career Important decisions and policies are included along with background on those decisions For such a compact book there are also uite a few excerpts of speeches given by the presidents There are about 35 pages of condensed information at the back of the book and a portrait or photograph of each president This eleventh edition ends with the election of Barack Obama All in all this is a great book for someone who wants to brush up on US Presidents before delving deeply into any individual one or someone like me who just didn't pay enough attention to history classes

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I was hoping this book would help me understand why the US is the way it is now I should have known that uestion was much too complicated for a single book But I am much closer to understanding The book is well written The back is full of lots of interesting lists It's a great resource The biggest thing I learned is that each of these presidents were mere humans trying to do their best with the situation they found themselves in My opinions of all the presidents were raised by reading their stories especially James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson My vote for the worst president through 2009 when this edition was published Warren G Harding He had no opinions of his own and went with the crowd every time My vote for the best president Abraham Lincoln He had a strong sense of right and wrong He had incredible benevolence for the south despite their bad choices The south would have been much better off had he lived to finish his second term

  4. Steve Steve says:

    With my recent crusade to study the lives of our American presidents I picked up this copy of The American Presidents by David C Whitney to refresh my general knowledge of the succession of our leaders from the beginning of our nationThis particular edition published in 1969 only leads up to President Nixon however the latest re publication extends to ObamaI enjoyed this book for the purpose that it served me and recommend it as an excellent accompaniment to one's American history resources though I would consider it mostly a reference book not necessarily a cover to cover read

  5. Lindsey Sparks Lindsey Sparks says:

    Good overview of the presidents and for the most part it was unbiased I was surprised by how much I learned about George HW Bush I felt like I knew that time period since I was alive and watched the news with my parents but there was a lot that went over my head as a kid and that I never learned in school since it was the present and not history This book made me dislike Teddy Roosevelt almost as much as I dislike FDR and enforced my love of Silent Cal I veto everything Coolidge

  6. Jim Jim says:

    Gives a short overview of each of the presidents Covers their rise to the presidency highlights what they did while in office and tells about their lives after they left the White House Does not go into much depth but does give a concise bit of data about each president

  7. Brenda Brenda says:

    The first half of this book pre 1900's era Presidents was very interesting but my interest started flagging the recent the Presidents became Getting through Nixon Reagan and all the rest was torture But I did it

  8. Dave Dave says:

    It took me forever to read this book but it was a good overview of the lives of our US Presidents up until William Jefferson Clinton It is not an entertaining book but an excellent reference if someone is interested in POTUS

  9. Dan Dan says:

    Just enough information about every president up to Reagan to remain interesting yet light

  10. Chase Parsley Chase Parsley says:

    This collection is a definite diamond in the rough Each president is written about in entertaining prose and the analysis is clear A great book to have lying around the house for reference

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