Cabin Nights ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Cabin Nights ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Cabin Nights ➦ [Ebook] ➡ Cabin Nights By Ashley John ➱ – Oxford University student Ben thinks a skiing holiday in the French Alps is his idea of hell so when his best friend Jonny suggests they spend Christmas there he isn’t impressed Taking to the slopes Oxford University student Ben thinks a skiing holiday in the French Alps is his idea of hell so when his best friend Jonny suggests they spend Christmas there he isn’t impressed Taking to the slopes like Bambi on ice Ben isn't having much luck until charming bearded beauty Cal comes crashing towards him in a flurry of snow at fifty miles an hour From the moment Cal offers to help Ben get back on his skis the attraction is instant and Ben is convinced that a man as perfect as Cal is out of his league Womanizer Jonny wastes no time asking out a girl he meets on the slopes and he makes her promise to bring along a friend to keep Ben occupied that night in the Après Ski Bar When that friend turns out to be Cal he's given the opportunity of a lifetime to wine and dine with a man of model like beauty with a charismatic personality to match When Cal invites Ben back to his Cabin they find themselves trapped in an extreme whiteout and with the men forced to spend the Christmas holidays together they uickly find they are doing than roasting marshmallows next to the warm and inviting fire Contains gay sex scenes between an Oxford University Student and a sexy bearded cabin dweller.

10 thoughts on “Cabin Nights

  1. *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time says:

    35 StarsAnother pretty good holiday read This was a new to me author Nothing wowing but an easy entertaining read

  2. Tara♥ {MindforBooks} Tara♥ {MindforBooks} says:

    THAT COVERI'm just going to buy this and spend all my time looking at that cover Until then though let me show you some of my favorite beardsRickiScroobBillyJosephJosh And beautiful ColbyThanks Susan for pointing this out to me I'm such a cover ho

  3. Bev Bev says:

    Well I have to give this young British MALE author some credit here and yes I DO believe he's male After the panning I gave to both BOSS and Shelter in terms of the extremely poor beta reading and complete lack of an editor I was dreading reading Cabin Nights to be honest but something good seems to have happened with this little Christmassy CrackerThere is no mention of an editor and the joyriders masuerading as his beta readers seem to have done a bunk too thank goodness but this work is a great improvement on the last two offerings from him Yes OK there were a few niggles and obviously Faulty Towers should be FAWLTY Towers but in all fairness this was a really nice and festive Xmas read with plenty of snow lots of pine trees an isolated cabin in the alpine forest and a hot American for Ben to keep warm with Yes Jonny the friend was a bit of a 'hooray Henry' but he wasn't nasty with it Have to say I'm not that thrilled with beards especially those like the one the guy on the cover is sporting which is like a rhododendron bush Blackadder again BUT I'm willing to change my mind 425 stars from me and great job Ashley

  4. Ashley John Ashley John says:

    IT'S LIVEGrab your copy for 99c

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Sometimes you come across a book that makes you feel absolutely nothingWhen thinking back I can hardly remember anything about this book and I read it yesterday I found neither Ben nor Cal to have much of a personality They just wereI was so incredibly bored for most of the storyWell at least there were a lot of sex scenes didn’t make the book better thoughI can’t give this 2 stars because it’s not that it was a bad book it just didn’t do anything for me

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with this story It had a total meet cute a sexy free spirited mountain man and a snowed in cabin at Christmas I should be a happy girl right now and yet I don't really feel much of anything The story just didn't pull any emotion from me at all and in about 3 days I'll have completely forgotten Cabin Nights and its characters

  7. Lisa Cullinan Lisa Cullinan says:

    Cabin Nights is one of the sweetest romantic and dreamy Christmas stories that I've ever read I swear this story would be the perfect made for TV Christmas movie In this novella we meet Ben An Oxford Univ student who has no right to be out on the slopes proves just that as he slams into Cal and gets knocked out only not by the collision but by the hot bearded wall of muscle himself Ben Is Smitten They spend much time together at Cal's cabin and get to know one another as they're snowed in; it wouldn't have mattered if they were or not as these two were captivated by each other Their stories of Christmas past the aroma of food cooking in Cal's oven the warmth of the roaring fire hot toddie's and snowball fights along with heartfelt lovemaking made ME not want to ever leave their cabin But Ben's Christmas holiday Is almost over so will that be the end for the two of them? C'mon this is a feel good Christmas story Would Santa do that to us? Ashley John makes his characters so believable and genuine that you can't help but fall in love with every one of them Cal and Ben are no exception The places and situations in all of his books are so vividly described that you feel consumed by them as you immerse yourself in the pages Where Ashley goes he takes you along for the ride Believe me Cabin Nights is where you want to be Five Snow Angel stars for me

  8. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    Super cute how nice to find a good holiday story that isn't over before it starts I like the cover but I do wish the guy wasn't giving the murder eyes

  9. Denise H. Denise H. says:

    re read Nov 2016 Oxford student Ben reluctantly went skiing with his friend for Christmas He meets a burly bearded man when they crash into each other on the slope and later spend the evening talking laughing and drinking Cal is a wanderer always moving his life is a freelance job jumping adventure He takes Ben to his own cabin the next afternoon and when the white out hits they are trapped for a few days This turns out to be the BEST thing that has ever happened to Ben and Cal because each man has never had this kind of connection with another They spend days and nights spent cooking having super MM sex deep conversation and finding true love After the storm Ben must return to finish school and then the next Christmas at his parents home there's a knock on the door This amazing tale is full of magic romance acceptance emotion Christmas fun and friendshipHighly recommend this lovely well written story ENJOY everyone

  10. Tess Tess says:

    325 starsLoved the swiss alps setting but the story and romance just didn't completely come together for me

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